1 Beginning

    Milan who was going home after his assassination on the CEO of Macrosoft sees a lady who was going to get raped but before he knew it his body moved on its own and ran toward the people trying to **** the lady with the intent to kill

    When the guys saw him running up to him they smirked and thought 'this idiot fell for it now I can't wait for those cash' but before they knew it they died all they felt was regret believing the man that hired them

    When Milan finished killing them he took the girl to the police station but what he didn't expect was to get stabbed by the girl who was laughing at him

    Girl: "Hahaha how stupid are you to fell for that"

    Milan: "I should have just left you alone"

    ???: "Yes you should have hahaha"

    Milan: "Xiao why did you do this I trusted you we were partners for 4 years of killing"

    Xiao: "you trusted me but I didn't and I never considered you as my partnered"

    Milan: "hahaha maybe I should have just killed you from the beginning"

    Xiao: "well why don't you regret in your next life and it was fun being with you for the last 4 year even though i was mostly acting"

    Milan: "yes it has but I promise you I will kill you if we meet in the afterlife"

    Xiao: "well good Luck now bye"

    Milan got shot and died

    He woke up in a dark place and he remembered getting killed by his own trusted friend, he starts to look around and sees only darkness

    ???: "Hello Milan"

    Milan: "I'm guessing your god because after all I did die"

    God: "yes your right"

    Milan: "so what's going to happen? Am I going to go to hell for killing many people?

    God: "fortunately your not going to hell because you were my site of entertainment so I'm going to reincarnate you into a world of your choice with 10 wishes"

    Milan: "What do you mean entertainment I suffered so much in my life but it's useless thinking back because I'm dead after all"

    Milan: "well my first wish is a system, my 2nd wish is for unlimited system points, my 3rd wish is for instant mastery, 4th I wish to look like Itachi from Naruto, and 5th I wish for immortality, and could I use my wish after I am reincarnated"

    God: "well your 1st wish is acceptable, but your 2nd wish is not the maximum SP you can wish for us 1 Billion SP, your 3rd is acceptable to, 4th is the easiest one while I can only make you not die from age and look young forever for the 5th wish and yes you can use your wish so chose which world you are going to be reborn in"


    Guys I don't know which world he's going to go in out of the 5 and type it in the comment section

    1. Boku no hero academia

    2.one piece

    3.Tales of demon and god

    4.fairy tail

    5. (Your choice in the comment section)
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