2 Starting ou

    Milan : "I chose to be reincarnate in One piece"

    God: "are you not going to chose who you will be reborn as?"

    Milan: "no I am gonna be myself"

    God: "ahaha well here you go"

    Milan: "well thanks for giving me this opportunity"

    God: "No problem, it was you that entertained me so it is my pleasure and I will be watching"

    A man came out through a portal after Milan gets reincarnated

    ???: "hahaha well thank you for reincarnating him"

    God: "ahaha my friend pray no need to thank me after all we are friends so I would reincarnate your son no matter what he did"

    Pray: "Haha yes we are friend, well I have to go I'll see you in a few million years"

    God: "you to my friend"

    When they finished talking Milan was in the womb of Cruise she was not very beautiful but still better then average, and she had flat chest but her husband Nicola always loved her even if she was not beautiful, they lived in a island that was isolated

    All Milan could see was darkness again

    [synchronizing with host's body and soul]






    [synchronizing complete]

    [welcome host to the Fantasy System]

    Milan was so happy that he gotten a fantasy system so it means he can travel to other worlds

    Milan: "oh yea system am I still at gods place?"

    [no you are in your mothers womb]

    Milan: "oh make sense, System what can you do?"

    [Host my function are Status, Shop, Lottery(locked), Map,???,???,???]

    Milan: "ok a lot seems useless but I'll figure it out in the future ok system open status"

    [Name : ???(Milan)

    Race : Human, ???

    All Talent : Mortal

    Bloodline : ???


    HP : 20

    MP : 400

    EXP : 0

    Power ranking : None

    Soul Level : None

    DF : None

    Str : 1

    Agi: 1

    Int : 80

    Will : 120

    Def : 1

    Vit : 2

    Stats point : 0

    Skills : None

    Inventory : Beginner gift pack 1x, God Gift Pack 1x

    System Point : 1,000,000,000 (1B)

    System Lvl : 1

    Wishes left : 5 ]

    Milan: "hmm pretty good but why is my stats so low except will and int"

    [because you are still not born and still a baby]

    Milan: "make sense so who's my parent and where am I"

    [your parent is Cruise and Nicola and your in a island that is isolated]

    Milan: "Wha I never heard of them in the anime"

    [they were in the anime, they were a friend of Gold D Roger]

    Milan: "wow but how are we gonna eat if we are isolated"

    [they survive by eating beast]

    Milan: "make sense, what can I do while I'm in my mothers womb?"

    [you can buy talent,skill,bloodline,cultivation book,use your wish, and Open the gift pack]

    Milan: "ok open the gift pack also I was wondering why does my race and bloodline have question mark"

    [Host is to weak to know but if you get stronger it will reveal itself]

    [opening beginner gift pack]

    You have gained {Demon king bloodline}{Tier 10 EXP Pill 100x}{10,000 SP}{Immortal talent for Magic}

    [opening God gift pack]

    You have gain {Tier 5 EXP pill 1x}{God talent to all}{immortal body}{Supreme Foundation cultivation method}{Supreme Cultivation Method}{10,000,000 SP}


    Next chapter in a few hours
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