3 Powerful paren

    Milan: "System can you explain the reward I got"

    [Demon King Bloodline : A bloodline from the demon king of Seven deadly sins world.

    Gains massive boost to all stats 1000+(suppressed it's actually more)

    [Tier 10 EXP Pill : Gain 100 EXP]

    [Immortal talent for magic>God Talent to all :Boost cultivating speed talent by 100x]

    [tier 5 EXP Pill : Gain 100,000,000 EXP]

    [Immortal Body : A Body that never ages and always stay young and also grants massive def. 1000+]

    [Supreme foundation cultivation Method : A cultivation method for the foundation it's able to get the user to Supreme Stage]

    [Supreme Cultivation Method : A Cultivation Method that has the potential to get the user to Supreme stage]

    [System suggest to not use Demon king bloodline, EXP Pill until you are 5 years old or it will damage your foundation but you can use immortal body at 2 years old]

    Milan: "ok but can I use the others?"


    Milan: "System do you have a name, it's weird calling you System all the time"

    [I don't have a name but Host can name me]

    Milan: "Ok from now on your name shall be Liz]

    [System renaming to Liz]

    Milan: "oh yea System when am I getting born"

    [In a 10 Minute 45 Second]

    ???: "Cruisee are you ok"

    Cruise: "Geez Nicola stop worrying to much Ahhh"

    Nicola: "Ahaha I'm sorry"

    Cruise: " it's ok AHH"

    Nicola: "Push Wife Push"

    Cruise: "AHH can't you see I already am"

    Nicola Scratches his head in embarrassment

    <11 minute later>

    Nicola: "ah wife look at our baby boy isn't he cute"

    Cruise: "Yes he is"

    Nicola: "what shall his name be?"

    Cruise: "Why don't you name him dear"

    Nicola: "Ahaha you know I'm bad at naming"

    Cruise: "ok his name shall be Yami D Silver(Yami is the family name while Silver is his name, I know it's weird name)

    While they were talking, Milan or his new name Silver was fully awake and thinking about his new name

    After a while he was happy with the name but he never knew his family was a D

    Silver: "Hey Liz integrate the cultivation methods"

    [Integrating Supreme Foundation Cultivation, and Supreme Cultivation Method]

    [Integrate complete]

    Silver: "Liz can you also integrate the Talent"

    [Host I suggest not to yet as you could have higher potential while doing it while training because it gives a 5x training boost and god talent already gives 100x so it would make it 500x faster if you do it]

    Silver: "Ok I guess I'll listen to you Liz also don't call me host anymore, call me Silver now"

    Silver: "Oh yea System can let me see my parent status"

    [Name : Yami D Nicola

    Race : Human

    Bloodline : The D(Sky Tier)

    Magic Talent : Earth

    Physics Talent : Sky

    Spiritual Talent : Sky

    HP :8500

    MP : 250

    Power Ranking : Black Gold 4 ( 1 Admiral Level)

    Soul Level : Sky

    DF : None

    Str : 999(Max stats for sky talent)

    Agi : 879

    Int : 50

    Will : 100

    Def : 999(Max)

    Vit : 850

    Skill :

    Haki : Kenbunshoku(Tier 7 also maximum)

    Haoshoku(Tier 7-Upgradable)

    Busoshoku(Tier 8-Same Tier as Gramp)



    ...(to lazy to write more lol)


    [Name : Yami D Cruise

    Race : Human, Devil (3%)

    Bloodline : The D, Devil(Heaven)(Sealed)

    All Talent : Sky

    HP : 9990

    MP : 300

    Power Ranking : Legend 1(2 Admiral Lvl)

    Soul Level : Sky

    DF : None

    Str : 999

    Int : 60

    Will : 999

    Def : 999

    Vit : 999

    Skill : Haki :

    Kenbunshoku(Tier 7 also maximum)

    Haoshoku(Tier 5-Upgradable)

    Busoshoku(Tier 7-Same as Jack)




    Silver: "OMG Liz they are so powerful but why is it stuck at 999 on some of those"

    [Its because of world law they must have higher talent for it to be higher, just like your power will be restricted to Immortal while being here but don't worry immortal is the highest being here]

    Silver: "I'll train really hard Liz"

    [Lets worry about that in the future as you are a baby right now]


    Don't worry Silver will be overpowered but I keep my promise so I will make it at least 20-100 chapters before going to another world
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