5 Time skip

    Ok guys the vote is done and there is more yes then no so I'll make a h-scene when mc is 14+


    Silver: "Ok Liz show my status"


    [Name : Yami D Silver

    Race : Human, ???

    Bloodline:The D, ???

    All talent : God

    Lvl : 1

    HP : 20

    MP : 400

    Exp : 0

    Power Ranking : None

    Soul Level : None

    DF : None

    Str : 1

    Agi : 1

    Int : 80

    Will : 120

    Def : 1

    Vit : 2

    Sp(stats point) : 0

    Skill : None

    Inv : Tier 10 Exp pill 100x, Tier 5 pill 1x, Demon King bloodline, Immortal Body Integration

    System point changed to fantasy point : 1B

    System Lvl : 1

    Wish Left : 5 ]

    Silver : "Wow I'm already powerful as a baby, and Liz can I buy immortal talent for my parent"

    [It will cost you 100M Fantasy Point and it will be a pill so you have to give it to them, Are you sure?]

    Silver : "Ahh my Fantasy point, But since I can't give it to them as I am a baby right now and want to stay low until i am 5 years old, Liz remind me to buy it when I integrate my immortal body"

    [Reminder set : Remind Silver to buy immortal talent for his parent when he integrates Immortal Body]

    Silver : "Thanks, oh yea Liz can I see the shop"

    [Yes Silver what category would you like]




    Cultivation Method



    Silver : "Ok Liz, can I buy skills and integrate it will I'm still a baby?"

    [Yes you can buy skills while you are still a baby]

    Silver : "ok, I wish to buy unlimited blade works, gate of Babylon, and some skill that makes you fast"

    [Ok here are the skill

    Unlimited Blade works - 80M

    Gate of Babylon - 100M

    God speed - 1M

    Instant Transmission - 5M

    Time flash - 100M ]

    Silver : "ok buy Unlimited Blade Works, Gate of Babylon, Time flash and can you explain time flash"

    [ Time Flash : Movement speed that travels you anywhere even in another galaxy in 0.000001 second]

    Silver : "Oh now it's worth 100M but how much does the movement skill that moves you to another world instant"

    [ This is the skill

    Instant Move : Move instant anywhere in the Fantasy world - 10B ]

    Silver : "Ehh it's so expensive"

    [of course it is, it can move anywhere to anime world]

    Silver : "Well I'll try it in the future, Liz do you have a auto-Pilot because I don't wanna act like a baby"

    [Function : Auto-Pilot Unlocked]

    Silver : "Ok auto-pilot for me until I am 2 years old and make sure to make myself stronger"

    [Ok, starting auto-pilot]

    Silver : "ok"

    <2 years later>

    During those 2 years, silver asked his father if he could train him but he said if our main character silver could do 1000 push up he will train him

    Our Main character tried to do it but he couldn't as he was still a baby, Since it's been 2 years Silver regained his memories or his self back from auto-pilot

    Silver : "Ahh my head, Liz what is happening"

    [Your getting the memories from the auto-pilot]

    Silver : "Ok Liz show me my stats"

    [Name : Yami D Silver

    Race : Human, ???

    Bloodline : The D, ???

    All talent : God

    Lvl : 11

    HP : 680

    MP : 500

    Exp : 17023

    Power Ranking : Bronze

    Soul Level : None ( haven't started)

    Str : 66

    Agi : 79

    Int : 100

    Will : 140

    Def : 75

    Vit : 68

    Sp : 100( 10 per lvl)

    Skill :

    Hand to hand combat : Tier 9

    Sword Master : Tier 7 (Same as mihawk but he has no experience)

    Pain resistance : Level 5 (Some skill will have levels the maximum is 20)

    Stamina regeneration : Level 4

    Unlimited Blade works

    Gate of Babylon

    Inv : Tier 10 Exp pill 100x, Tier 5 pill 1x, Demon King bloodline, Immortal Body Integration

    System point changed to fantasy point : 720M

    System Lvl : 1

    Wish Left : 5 ]


    1 chapter a day or more but I will focus on 1 chapter cause I'm kinda lazy
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