6 Hidden Ques

    Cruise : "Are you okay son, I heard you screaming"

    Silver : "Ah yes mom, I just had a headache"

    Cruise : "Ok just don't worry me to much"

    Silver : "I won't mom"

    Nicola : "Son it's time for training"

    Silver : "Coming dad"

    Nicola : "Ok son you have learned many things from me so the next thing I'll be teaching you is Haki, but you cannot learn it as your body can not handle it so I want you to train your body for the next year"

    Silver : "Ok dad"

    Nicola : "Ok body training starts tomorrow so get some rest"

    Silver : "Ok dad"

    Silver runs to his room and ask Liz if he could integrate the immortal body now

    [yes you can integrate it as you have a stronger body now]

    Silver : "Ok Liz integrate the immortal body"

    [It will be painful, are you sure?"

    Silver : "Ok integrate it Liz"



    Silver : 'Ahhhh it hurts so much, Liz why is it hurting so much"

    [The first time hurts a little]


    Silver : 'Ahhh you call this little? It's so painful and why is it so slow'

    [Because it's a immortal tier, the higher the tier the longer it is]


    Silver : 'Is there a way to turn down the pain?'

    [Yes upgrade your pain resistance]

    Silver : 'Ok how much does it cost to max it'


    [10B FP for max level]

    Silver : 'What how is it so expensive'

    [It is max level and it's equal to tier 1, if it wasn't for this situation it would have cost 10x more]

    Silver : 'Ok use 200M to upgrade it'


    [Upgrading Pain resistance level 5 to pain resistance level 10]

    Silver : "Only enough for 5 level huh"

    [It would have been enough for 2 level if it was not 10x cheaper]


    Silver : "What how much does it cost per level"

    [It depends on how high the level is]

    Silver : "How am I gonna get that much FP to max it out then"


    [Quest or kill Strong being]

    Silver : "Ok tell me how much something gives it I kill it"






    Black Gold(1-5)-10M




    God tier 3 (1-5)100T

    God tier 2 (1-5)1Qa

    God tier 1 (1-10)10Qa

    True God (1-5)100Qa

    God King (1-20)1Qn

    Supreme God (1-10)10Qn



    ???(???)-??? ]


    Silver : "Is there even any immortal here"

    [Yea there is 1 but it will be weak as it has no intelligence]

    Silver : "Oh wow, Ahhh"


    Silver : "Ahhh why did the pain increase"

    [Because it's getting upgraded to Golden Body(God Tier) because you completed a hidden quest]

    [Hidden Quest : Pain Pain go away

    While your experiencing pain upgrade a skill that makes you feel less pain

    Reward : Skill upgrade, 10M FP, and Lottery ticket 3x ]

    [Lottery Function Unlocked]


    Have a good day and comment what he should get in the lottery
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