7 System’s acciden


    [Integration of Golden Body complete]

    Silver : "... Hey Liz are you in charge of the quest?"

    [You do not have access to the information at my current level]

    Silver : "Ok... Well claim the quest reward and use the lottery ticket"

    [Using lottery ticket

    You have gained {Immortal growth}{Sayian Bloodline}{Katana}


    Silver : " Ok Liz explain the reward I got"

    Immortal growth : Your rate your stats grow is increased by 50x

    Saiyan bloodline : you will get stronger and you battle and able to unlock evolution that makes you stronger

    Katana : A sharp sword

    Silver : "Pretty good for my first time, Liz is there a item that gives me higher luck"

    [Yes the Lucky Potion it increases your luck by 20%]

    Silver : "Does it stack?"

    [Yes it stacks, I'm assuming your gonna use it for the lottery ticket?"

    Silver : "Oh yea Liz where is my skill upgrade card?"

    [it was automatically used for the immortal body]

    Silver : "Huh, but Liz I could not have wanted to upgrade it so how are you going to compensate me"

    [Tsk, the System god has decided to give you 100M FP as compensation]

    Silver : "Ah cool , show me my status"

    [Name : Yami D Silver

    Race : Human, ???

    Bloodline : The D, Saiyan, ???

    All talent : God

    Lvl : 11

    HP : 680

    MP : 500

    Exp : 17023

    Power Ranking : Bronze

    Soul Level : None

    Str : 66

    Agi : 79

    Int : 100

    Will : 140

    Def : 1075

    Vit : 68

    Sp : 100( 10 per lvl)

    Skill :Passive :

    Hand to hand combat : Tier 9

    Sword Master : Tier 7

    Pain resistance : Level 10

    Stamina regeneration : Level 4

    Active :

    Unlimited Blade works

    Gate of Babylon

    Inv : Tier 10 Exp pill 100x, Tier 5 pill 1x, Demon King bloodline, Katana , Immortal growth card

    fantasy point : 720M

    System Lvl : 1

    Wish left : 5


    Silver : Ok Liz will the integration of the Immortal growth be painful"

    [Yes it will hurt and it will be more painful]

    Silver : "Ahaha well I guess I'll integrate that when my pain resistance is maxed"

    [I was joking it's not gonna be painful]

    Silver : ".... Well what are you waiting for integrate it"

    [Integrating Immortal Growth]




    Silver : "Ahh Liz I thought you said it will not be painful even though it was not"

    [I accidentally did that I'm sorry I was to focus on Integrating that I accidentally hurt you, I'll compensate you with a Tier 11 Exp Pill]

    Silver : "Sure it was 'Accident' and I never heard of a tier 11 only tier 10 and below and explain the pill to me]

    [Its a extra tier

    Tier 11 Exp Pill : Gives the user 1 Exp


    Silver : "Are you kidding me how is that a compensation it can't even help me at all"

    [It can help you after all Exp is still Exp and it was a minor 'accident', beside it didn't even hurt at all]

    Silver : "Ahhh my arm it so painful 'Ahaha I should get better compensation'"

    [😑 I can read your mind and your not even hurting so stop faking]

    Silver : "Tsk fine it didn't hurt anyway, Ok I'm going to sleep"

    Silver was so focus onto his system that he didn't notice there was a beautiful maiden spying on him


    Sorry for late chap i didn't have WiFi to upload it totally not because I was lazy
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