8 Training begins

    [Time to wake up for your training]

    While Liz was reminding Silver about his training from his father. he was still fully asleep. A man with silver eyes and dark hair that is like darkness came in silvers room with a wooden sword

    Nicola : "Wake up its time for your training"

    Even with his father waking him up he is still asleep, his father got annoyed and got some cold water then poured it onto silver

    Silver : "Ahh dad why did you do that for"

    His father was surprised that his own son forgot his training that he told him

    Nicola : "Don't you remember what I said yesterday"

    Silver was trying to remember what his father said but he was kinda lazy so he just said he didn't remember

    But what he didn't know was that his father worked on his training item the whole night so he didn't get to sleep so he was angry and decided to increase how harm the training will be

    Nicola : "It's training, how could you forget"

    Silver finally remembered and ask why Liz didn't wake him up in his mind and Liz replied with

    [Deducting 100000 Points for blaming something on me]

    Silver was confused how did he blame it on his own system not worrying about he point as he had a lot

    Silver : 'How did I blame it on you?'

    Liz got annoyed but just replied with

    [I did try to wake you up but someone was still fully asleep unless you want me to pour lava on you]

    Silver sweat drop at Liz replies so he tried to pretend he didn't hear it

    Silver : "Ahaha dad how could I forget I was just sleepy so I didn't know"

    Nicola : "Fine get ready, after your done come outside and train"

    Nicola didn't change his mind on increasing the training and was thinking how could he make it harder while silver felt a shiver down his spine

    Silver went to go get ready

    <10 Minute later>

    Silver was done and was a little excited to train so he ran outside but what he saw made him want to go back in time to when he was dead

    Silver saw weights that are from 100 pound to 100 Metric Ton(1 MT = 2204 pound I think) but that wasn't what he worried about

    His most worries was the ape that look so ugly that put the most ugly man alive to shame he was really scared of what is going to happen but he was snapped back to reality by his father and he asked

    Silver : "Father is the ape really necessary for the ape"

    His father replied with

    Nicola : "Yes you may be strong but you have no battle experience other then sparring with me from time to time"

    When Nicola said that he asked Silver how many pound can he lift and silver replied with

    Silver : "I think I can lift about 100 Pound"( As to why a 2 years old is so strong, it's anime logic)

    Nicola passed silver 700 pound and put 2 on his shoulder 2 on leg and 1 in his mouth and 2 on his hand

    Silver : "Ah father I can't lift this much"

    Nicola replied with no pain no gain and left and told silver until he can lift it properly or until sundown he can come in the house

    Silver was angry because he is literally lifting 7x of how much he could lift normally

    Silver : 'Ahh Liz is there something that could help me'

    [yes there is but you have Immortal growth with god talent in physics]

    Silver forgot he had those thing and thanked System for reminding him

    [There is new quest would you like to see it]

    Silver was confuse as to why there would be a quest at this time so he just said yes

    [Name : No pain no gain

    Lift 700 pound properly by Sunday and impress your father

    Reward : lottery ticket 5x, ??? ]


    Just wanted to add extra word as if I didn't add this it would have been exactly 666 word so I added more words :D
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