9 Finishing day 1

    Silver knew he would not complete the quest with just his talent so he had to ask anything that could help

    [Yes there is

    Training Potion : Triples your gain from training and 2x less effort ]

    Silver was so excited that he decided to buy it but he forgot to ask the price

    [Ok purchasing training potion]

    [Deducting 10M FP]

    [Purchase complete the potion is in your inventory now]

    Silver was dumbfounded why how much point it costed him so he just asked how did it cost so much as it didn't much much boost

    [It cost a lot because you already have a huge boost with your god talent and immortal growth]

    [And I was thinking of using 100M FP to level myself up]

    Silver was confuse as to why the system needed levels as he thought the system was already perfect so he asked if there is anything to gain

    [Yes there is many gains

    1. 1M FP

    2.Skills more detailed

    3.Access to more information

    4.Training Zone

    5.25% Increase point from quest

    Silver was thirsty from the 25% increase so he immediately said yes and Liz leveled up

    [Leveling up takes 3 hour so keep training while I'm gone]

    Silver was excited for the leveling up so much that he forgot how much time passed and when he snapped out it has already been 2 hour and 50 minute

    Nicola came out of the house to check on his son and he was dumbfounded and proud of his son

    What he saw was his son was getting used to it a little but not entirely

    <10 minute later>

    [Level Up is finished]

    Silver got excited again but what Liz said next made him think he is dumb

    [Why haven't you used the training potion yet?]

    Silver was thinking 'Oh shoot I forgot' but then he remember Liz didn't tell him if he had access to inventory so he asked why she didn't tell him that and she replied with

    [You simply didn't ask and I never said the inventory or other function is not working I only said I will be leveling up and it will take 3 hour]

    Silver just changed the subject and said use the potion

    <4 hour later>

    When 4 hour had passed he finally was able to lift all the 700 pound on his body and went in to tell his father but when he tried to go inside he was blocked by a ape

    He didn't know why the ape was blocking him so he said move and thought why am I even talking to a ape right now

    When he finished thinking the ape swinged it's arm at silver and silver ducked but barely then he saw the piece of paper on the apes chest that said I know you were finishing early so I had a partner for you to spar and good luck because he is the weakest out of all the app you saw this morning

    Silver had a angry expression at his dad for letting the ape fight him when he just finished and sad at the same time that this thing was the weakest one

    While he was battling the ape he forgot to collect the quest reward so while he is about to win Liz told him he finished his quest and needs to collect it and he stopped his movement and listened to Liz but he let his guard down and the ape hit him right in the chest and he was sent flying

    [Ahaha that was funny do you need any healing potion? Oh never mind I forgot you had the golden body so I doubt you are hurt from that]

    Silver wanted to just get another system but he was in a battle right now so he knocked out the ape before collecting the reward

    [Quest completed

    Name : no pain no gain

    Complete the 700 pound training before sunset and make your father proud

    Reward :Lottery ticket 5x, ??? ]


    What shall the secret reward be
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