10 Time chamber

    Silver : " Ok Liz claim the reward"

    [Claiming Lottery ticket 5x and Booster 10 minute]

    Silver was excited at his booster but didn't know what it was so he asked Liz

    [Booster 10 Minute

    Allows you to double your power or something every 10 second, you will have 10 minute to use it ]

    [You are very lucky to get that as the chance of getting it is almost 0.01]

    Silver laughed at Liz and bragged about his awesome luck and Liz got annoyed and silver stoped laughing as it did not want Liz to take his FP

    After he finished claiming his reward and doing the extra stuff he came inside and his father looked at him and asked did you beat it?

    Silver : "Ahaha can't you see my awesomeness I defeated it"

    Nicola was proud that his son that is barely 2 years old could defeat a ape that even vice-Admirals have troubles with

    After silver finished his bragging his father told him to go eat dinner and sleep which Silver happily did and when he saw the food he had stars in his eyes his mother cruise had made him his favorite food which is Kigali(Big spicy chicken)

    He started devouring it and asked Liz again if he could boost anything he wants even her level

    [You can boost anything except the system level and wishes]

    Silver almost founded a loophole to get inf but Liz told him he can't do it which makes him sad but remembers he can boost Fantasy point he got happy again and asked Liz to use booster

    [Booster activated]

    Silver : "Ok Liz keep boosting the Fantasy point until the time runs out

    [Affirmative boosting Fantasy point for 10 minute

    710M FP > 1420M FP

    1420M > 2840M

    2840M > 5680M


    8.185742682709e20(100 Quintillion I think)

    Silver : "Yess now I literally can buy everything in the store

    [Your wrong about that, Tier 2 cost 1 Septillion while tier 1 is 100 Septillion for the skills and overlord item cost 100x more then Tier 1 skill]

    Silver was about to cry as he didn't even gain much from that but thought he did but if other people heard him they would cough blood as 100 Quintillion is so much that they could be able to destroy universe easily

    As silver was trying not to cry he forgot one thing that can help that most a time chamber

    Silver : "Liz how much does a time chamber cost"

    [Depends on which one]

    Silver : "Ok show me"

    [Name : Hellish training time chamber : Time ratio of 100:1 you will train for 100 year in there which is equal to 1 year outside

    10M FP

    Name : True Time training chamber : Only 1 hour will pass after you train for 1000 years in here

    1B FP

    Silver was excited but he didn't forget to ask Liz if he will get old from it

    [No you will not get old no matter what only 1 hour for your body will pass so your mind or spiritual realm will be a thousand years old but your body and age will be 2]


    oof I don't got many ideas
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