11 Overpowered

    Silver : "Ok Liz how much does the True time training chamber cost"

    [It cost 10B do you wish to buy it]

    Silver immediately said yes and it was cheap to him as he had 100Qn

    [Buying TTTC]

    [Deducting 10B FP]

    Silver : "Ok Liz use it"

    [I suggest getting spiritual god soul cultivation]

    Silver asked why as he had supreme cultivation method

    [It can only get your power ranking to Supreme and not soul level]

    Silver : "Ok buy it Liz"

    [Deducting 100B FP for Spiritual God Soul cultivation Method]

    Silver was dumbfounded at the price and asked why it was so expensive and all he got was a angry reply

    [Its a fricking god level method and it is the best out of all the god level soul method]

    Silver : "Ok use the tttc now"

    Silvers enters the portal to a new realm that he doesn't know so he started cultivating there but the thing was he didn't know how to

    [you just have to imagine the cultivation, and do you wish to auto cultivate or do it yourself]

    Silver : "Ok use auto cultivation"

    [Auto cultivating]

    [Gained 10000 EXP and 10 Soul Level]

    [Gained 10000 EXP and 10 Soul Level]

    [Gained 10000 EXP and 10 Soul Level]

    [Gained 10000 EXP and 10 Soul Level]

    [Gained 10000 EXP and 10 Soul Level]

    [Gained 10000 EXP and 10 Soul Level]

    Silver was bored he asked if he auto pilot

    [Yes you can auto pilot but you need to tell me when to end]

    Silver : "Ok start now and end when it's about 5 hour left until I get out"

    [Auto piloting]

    While silver was auto piloted he forgot that the one above all was watching him so Xiao decided to help him by giving him 10x exp and soul boost

    <999 Years 19 hours later>

    Silver woke up and many notifications went inside his head and it took serveral Minute before it end

    And he got the final notification

    [3.15Qa exp Gained]

    [3.15T Soul Level gained]

    [I recommend getting a gravity seal or spiritual seal to lower your soul level as it can destroy the world with just a thought]

    Silver : "Ok show me the spiritual seal"

    [True god Spiritual seal : A seal that seals soul level up to 300Qa

    Immortal spiritual seal : A seal that seals soul level up to 1T

    Heavenly spiritual seal : A seal that seals soul level up to 100M

    That is all ]

    Silver : "Ok buy the true god spiritual seal"

    [Buying True god spiritual seal

    Deducting 1T FP]

    Silver just ingored the price as it was nothing and don't want to get Liz angry again about how dumb he is

    <5 hour later>

    As the time finished silver stopped cultivating and checked how much he gained

    [ 1.8B Exp gained ]

    [ 1.8M Soul Level gained]

    He was surprised as it was 10x of what he gets at the beginning but he just ingored it and thought checked his stats

    Name : Yami D Silver

    Race : Human, ???

    Age : 2 (1002)

    Bloodline : The D, Saiyan, ???

    All talent : God

    Lvl : 394(Suppressed)

    HP : 680

    MP : 500

    Exp : 1700282738059

    Power Ranking : Bronze

    Soul Level : 300T

    Str : 66

    Agi : 79

    Int : 100

    Will : 140

    Def : 1075

    Vit : 68

    Sp : 3,930

    Skill :Passive :

    Hand to hand combat : Tier 9

    Sword Master : Tier 7

    Pain resistance : Level 10

    Stamina regeneration : Level 4

    Active :

    Unlimited Blade works

    Gate of Babylon

    Inv : Tier 10 Exp pill 100x, Tier 5 pill 1x, Demon King bloodline, Katana

    fantasy point : 100Qn

    System Lvl : 2

    Wish left : 5


    Silver looked at his level with a O shape face and asked Liz how did he have 100x of what he is suppose to

    [You have god talent in spiritual as for the exp I cannot tell you but I can tell you that you gained 10x for exp]


    Sorry for late chapter

    I was to busy playing ROBLOX lol
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