12 Annoyed God

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    As silver was looking at his new status and thinking he was very op, Liz snapped him out of it and said

    [you are unable to even use all of your stats point as your body cannot handle it, you only used the tttc for soul Level and not your body so you cannot use your full power]

    Silver got sad at what Liz said but remembered his parent would think he was taken over because of his increase in power so much it's 10x stronger then the unknown person

    [You can get used to the power of you keep using it but you won't be able to bring out all of it so you can slowly lift the spiritual seal or you can stay at the same and not lift it at all]

    [With how much spiritual or soul level you have it would take 100 of years, fastest would be a year]

    Silver didn't want to wait that long to fully use his power so he asked if there is anything that can make him adapt faster

    [Yes train your body while using your power]

    [You also gained 5 new skill from having a lot of soul level]

    [Spiritual Lock : Lock a persons soul in one place for 100,000 years. only works on opponent that had 10x less soul then you

    Spiritual Destruction : Cause destruction to a soul realm of your target. It cause them to have 0 int

    Soul steal : Steal your targets soul level. you need to have a higher soul tier and higher soul level

    Spiritual healing : Heals the target's mind and make it 5x more purer

    Soul eye : able to see people's soul level

    That is all the skill you have gained and a new stats appeared it's called soul tier right now you are God rank]

    Silver : "So cool so how many people have god tier soul"

    [Error error the one above all has made your soul Supreme has you are a reincarnater and the one that was reincarnated by him]

    Silver was confused as to why God or above all was helping him but he remembered that God told him he will be watching and thought 'Ohh is that the explanation for the exp multiplier

    [Message from God : I've see that your improving it's been boring watching you and I hope you grow up fast also make sure to thank me later for that soul tier it used 0.0001 of my power]

    Silver : "Whatttt it's only 0.0001 of his power and it's to make me Supreme but why not just make it above all"

    [Message from God : 0.0001 of my power is enough to make you 1,000,000x stronger right now so don't think it's not a lot]

    Silver had a O shape face right now as he just heard it could make him 1,000,000 times stronger but just shoved it off as he didn't believe him

    God got annoyed by this so he gave him a quest to apologize

    [Name : Apologize to God

    Desc : Kowtow to god and apologize

    Reward : ???

    Failure : Limbo

    Silver got scared and sweat drop was coming from his face


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