13 Summoning

    Silver : 'Dang it I have to kowtow but he did reincarnate me and it also has a reward'

    Silver kowtows

    God : "Good and here is the thing I came here to give you, someone has taking a liking to you so he wishes to give you this"

    [you have obtain Dimension move]

    Silver : "is that what I think it is"

    [Yes it could move you into any dimension including your old world earth but in earth you cannot reveal your identity, not like you can as you look like itachi and is handsome]

    Silver : "Yess I can now go into other anime but I'll leave that for later and ill travel when I'm 12-13"(in 20-30 chapter)

    God : "Ok I'll be leaving now and make sure to have some action later on"

    Silver : "ok and thanks for the gift"

    God : "No worries it was not from me anyway ahahhahha"

    Silver : "Oh yea Liz do I still get my reward for the quest"


    Reward : Summoning ticket 1x

    Do you wish to claim it

    Silver : "Yes"

    [Claimed Summoning ticket 1x

    Summoning Function unlocked]

    Silver : "Ok Liz can you buy a lucky potion"

    [Which one

    2x lucky potion : Multiple your luck by 2

    20M FP

    4x lucky potion : Multiple your luck by 4

    40M FP

    8x lucky potion : Multiple your luck by 8

    80M FP

    10x lucky potion : Multiple your luck by 10

    100M FP

    It is not stackable]

    Silver was thinking which one he should buy but just went with the 10x cause 100m was not a lot for him

    Silver : "Ok Liz use the potion and summoning ticket"

    [Lucky potion used

    Summoning ticket used]

    Silver sees a spinning wheel with many names that could not be counted fully

    [congratulation you have received Kaguya(from naruto)]

    [Congratulation you have received chakra]

    Silver was so happy he unlocked chakra and got a legendary character

    ??? :"Huh where am I"

    Silver was surprised she don't know he asked the system is she teleported from naruto

    [No she is a copy version of kaguya from naruto but she had the memory of the original kugaya but since she is from the system she is also the original ]

    Silver : "Ohhh, Kaguya this world is Called one piece"

    Kaguya : "And who are you?"

    Kaguya starts doing a hand sign to attack silver but before she could finish she feel down and could not move her body

    Silver : "Liz what's happening"

    [She is not able to move because she tried to attack you]

    Silver : "Can you turn that off I will get her to not attack me myself"

    [Ok turning it off]

    Kaguya was able to get up and thought it was silver who did it and didn't try to attack because she thought silver was stronger and old only in his young form

    Silver : "It's ok I mean no harm, the reason why you got hurt is that you tried to hurt me but don't worry I turned it off and by who I am is I am your summoner I summoned you to be my partner"

    Kaguya was confused when he said turned off but blushed when he said partner

    Silver saw her blushing and think back about what he said that made her blush and he was about to blush to but kept his calm and said

    Silver : "I meant partner for adventure"

    Kaguya heard what he said and kinda got disappointed and silver saw that so he said again

    Silver : "But that can change depending on what you do"
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