14 Harem member

    Kaguya blushes from what he said and remembered that he look like a 2 year old but feels he's not at the same time

    Kaguya : "You look so young yet you don't feel young"

    Silver was confused at what she said but then he remembered that he is 1000 years old in mind and 2 years old in body

    Silver : "Oh I forgot to tell you I am 1000 years old in mind but 2 years old in body"

    Kaguya was confused as to how he did it and thought of something and asked

    Kaguya : "Were you 1000 years old in your past life but reborned and now your 2 years old but not actually 2 years old"

    Silver : "Well that's one way to put it but in my past life I was not 1000 years old I was actually 24 as to how I am 1000 years old it's because I entered a time chamber so I train my mind there for 1000 years and my body only aged 1 hour"

    Kaguya was amazed and impress that he had a time chamber and thought silver was really strong to be able to do that.

    She was not wrong he is strong in mind but not in body yet but he can still take many hit as he has the golden body

    Silver : 'Oh yea Liz is there a space I can put her in I don't want my parent to think I have a girlfriend that is way older then me or something'

    [Yes there is a summoning space only for summon companion]

    Silver : 'Ok' "Ok Kaguya I'll put you in my space for now as I don't know how to introduce you to my parent"

    Kaguya : "Yes young master"

    Silver : "Drop the young master and just call me silver from now on as we are partners now and not servant and master"

    Kaguya was about to tear as no one was that nice to her but just keep trying to looking calm as she does not want silver to noticed that she was happy he was nice to her

    Kaguya : "Ok young ma-Silver I'll be in your care now"

    Kaguya enters the summoning portal to the space

    Silver : 'Hmm Kaguya was pretty cute'

    [You forgot to tell her she will be your 2nd member to your harem]

    Silver blushed at what Liz said but he tried to look calm and then he remembered Liz said 2nd and got confused so he asked who is the first

    [Me of course the moment I was your system I became a part of your harem]

    Silver was impress at her boldness but remember she don't have a body

    [You can create me a body with material you found or buy from the shop]

    Silver was kinda lazy but he wanted to find his own material as he wanted to make it special and not need the Liz help

    Liz was feeling happy that silver was thinking of getting material on his own


    I am handsome I'm just saying
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