15 Time skip and flashback

    <8 years later>

    Silver : "Its been 8 year since I summoned you huh"

    Kaguya : "Yes it has been"

    In the past 8 years silver and Kaguya became a couple even though he is young they haven't done any deed yet as silver is not of that age

    During the 8 year he trained every single day until when he was 6 he surpassed his father and his father figured out that silver was holding back immensely

    Silver didn't have anything to say so he just went with BS and just said it was due to my hard work but it was actually Liz or the shop but Liz is the system and shop is part of Liz so it's technically Liz

    Silver learned many new skills and his power ranking is like no other even the great red dragon of domination would have trouble fighting against silver not including his soul level


    Silver unlocked or rather made his own form when a dragon attacked them and his mother got hurt when he say her getting hurt he was angry at the dragon for hurting her he had so much anger toward the dragon that he made his own form

    Though he didn't notice it at that time as he was lost due to anger, his father and mother was looking at silver as if he was a monster, what silver looked like was 5 feet tall Dark purple eyes and he had 4 dragon wing on each side on his back his muscles were big and looked like steel

    The dragon felt chills and death for the first time it's been on the island it could only regret picking the fight

    When silver was still in his Nameless form he made a dragon slayer magic

    Silver : "Extinction Dragon slayer magic : Roar of the extinction dragon"

    When silver used his roar everything that the flame came in touch with was gone not even ashes remained

    His parent were dumbfounded by this power and cruise had the power to eat any flame but felt that if she tried to eat this one her soul would be burned

    Silver regained consciousness after he killed the dragon he was worried about his parent but he saw his parent looking at him as if he was a monster but also caring

    Silver knew he had many things to explain to them but the next word they said made silver really happy

    Nicola : "Son no matter what your secret is you will always be my son even if you are god or demon it would not change"

    Cruise : "Yes we will always be your parent no matter what happens or what you become we will always support you when you are lost just remember us and that you have a home here"

    Nicola : "Now that I know your holding back I'll increase your training 10 fold"

    Silver didn't change his expression he was still happy he didn't care about the training as he could take on 100 fold

    <Flash back end>

    Also during theses 8 years he summoned 5 other people, he made a relationship with 4 of them but 1 of them refuses to date him as she was stubborn and didn't want to admit that silver was a perfect man

    She had a tragic past her friends and family betrayed her but when she was about to die she saw a handsome guy

    God : "I seen your past and your memories what you are doing here is to help someone in his adventure to become a god but also more then that"

    ??? : "What is the catch"

    God : "You can not betray him and will do everything he says but I doubt he will order you around"

    ??? : "Ok that seems fair if I have another chance but could you let me take vengeance first"

    God : "I cannot but you can tell the man I am sending you to or rather he is summoning you"

    ??? : "Huh why would he summon me"

    God : "He don't get to chose who he summons"

    ??? : "Ahh I see but what name will I go with?"

    God : "That is not for me to decide but your new master"

    As god said that she glowed and disappeared

    ??? : "Ah it seems like it was a success"


    What should the 4 summons be but the extra one will be named by me
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