16 I don’t know what to name this

    Silver : "I am silver and what is your name?"

    ??? : "my name will be decided by you"

    Silver : "Ahh I see then your name shall be Akame Osborn"

    When silver gave her a name, white light started surrounding her and a crest on her forehead appeared it looked like a dragon that is at the top of the food chain colliding with the sun

    Silver told Akame that she will be his partner for his adventure to be at the top of every universe

    Silver : "Ok Liz use the other 4 summoning ticket"






    That is the summoning character you received]

    Silver : "Liz why haven't I receive any male even though I'm happy with the female"

    [Males will not be allowed in your harem even if you swing that way we will not let you]

    Silver : "It's not like that ok"

    [Just don't ask for male summoning]

    Silver : "Don't worry I won't after all I am satisfied with cute girls"

    While silver was talking to Liz the 4 girls were staring at him then at each other and asked how they got here and they all said

    Kuroka : "I don't know"

    Ultear : "I don't know"

    Fubuki : "I don't know"

    While esdeath was just quiet and stared at silver to which silver felt

    Silver : "Ah I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself I am Silver your summoner"

    Kuroka was the first to ask question when she tried to call his name but instead she pronounced master

    Kuroka : "Ok master how did you summon us and why"

    Ultear : "Yes I would also like to know that"

    Esdeath and fubuki was just standing there waiting for silvers answer

    Silver : "I summon you guys by my partner as for why it's because I would like you to be my partner to the top of the food chain"

    Esdeath couldn't take it anymore and tried to attack silver but before she could do anything silver said

    Silver : "Don't try to attack me as I am stronger and with just a thought I could kill you"

    Esdeath could feel he was not lieing so she stopped her attack and ask what he meant by partner

    Silver : "It's simple you could just be my friends or more then friends for this"

    The girls blushed at what he said and just went quiet

    Silver : "Ok I will be putting you back in my space until I set sail in a few years"

    The girls just went into his space quietly

    Silver : "Ok Liz show me my status"

    Name : Yami D Silver

    Race : Human, Demon King , ???(0.1 unlocked)

    Age : 10 (1010)

    Bloodline : The D, Saiyan, ???

    All talent : God

    Lvl : 477(Heavily suppressed)

    HP :15000

    MP : 10000

    Exp : 17002827380593

    Power Ranking : Bronze

    Soul Level : 600T

    Str :2738 (suppressed)

    Agi : 2948 (suppressed)

    Int : 2000 (suppressed)

    Will : 1500 (suppressed)

    Def : 1500 (suppressed)

    Vit : 3548 (suppressed)

    Sp : 0

    Skill : Passive :

    Hand to hand combat : Tier 7

    Sword Master : Tier 6

    Pain resistance : Level 14

    Stamina regeneration : Level 9

    Soul eye

    Active :

    All haki : Tier 7

    Spiritual healing

    Spiritual destruction

    Soul steal

    Spiritual lock

    Dragon slayer

    Dragon Force

    Unlimited Blade works

    Gate of Babylon

    Inv : Katana, Lottery ticket 2x

    fantasy point : 98Qn

    System Lvl : 3

    Wish left : 5

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