18 Setting sail

    <Few days later>

    It is the day where silver is setting sail

    His parent really missed him and is sad that he will leave

    Nicola : "Son before you leave me and your mother have a gift for you"

    Cruise : "Yes you will take theses gift with you no matter what and make sure to treasure it"

    Silver was happy that his parent got him a gift before he leaves, but he is sad that he had to leave them right now

    Silver : "Don't worry mom and dad I'll always treasure it"

    Nicola : "Good Son, The gift I got for you is a sword that is a growth type it will always get stronger with you so it will always be beside you"

    Silver was about to cry when his father got him a gift that could be tier 1 in the future but right now he was happy that his father could get such amazing item and hoped they could go with him to new worlds

    Silver : "Thanks father I will treasure it with my life"

    Nicola : "No problem son but I think your mothers gift is much better then mine"

    Silver : "Ahaha don't worry I will love both of your gift it's the love that counts"

    Silvers parent hearing him say that started to tear up that their son is mature

    Cruise : "Ok my gift for you is a ring, it's no normal ring it boost your memory by 200% so you do not forget about us when you become strong"

    Silver : "Don't worry mom even without that ring I would always remember you guys no matter what because I will always love you guys"

    Cruise & Nicola : "You brat that's what we should be saying to you"

    Cruise : "Oh son that ring can also bind people to you I got that ring specific for you because I saw you with some girl, you didn't even tell us about them"

    Nicola hearing this was surprised, he didn't think there was anyone else on this island while silver gets embarrassed

    Cruise : "That ring can bind your girls and they will be faithful it's not that I'm not trusting them but if there is even a chance of them betraying you then it will make my heart sad"

    Silver teared up and cried on his moms chest his dad just sigh and get the stuff ready for him

    <A few minutes later>

    Silver was on his boat which is the size of sunny(Luffy's ship if you didn't know)

    Silver : "Mom and dad bye I will come visit when I become really famous"

    Cruise : "Yes be careful and not to trusting there is many bad man out there that could use you"

    Nicola : "Ahaha not that they can after all my son is really strong that I am no match for him I bet he could take on many admirals"

    Silver just laugh at his dad and starts to leave


    What timeline should he be in?
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