19 Sudden attack

    Silver was about to sail out but when he didn't know what timeline he was in as he was to busy training with his parent

    Silver : "Oh yea Liz what timeline are we in?"

    [We are are at the timeline when Luffy if fighting crocodile]

    Silver : "ok sail to there"(A:N : I forgot what the place is called I was to busy doing something else)

    While Luffy was going there he didn't notice a rabbit on his ship that his dad sent as a spy and help silver when he is lonely and be his partner(A:N : I love rabbits so I decided to make it silvers partner not like dating only partners for adventure)

    Silver was thinking 'If I didn't have Liz I would have been lost'

    Silver was thinking that because after all their island is isolated so it must be hard to get there

    As to how silver is sailing without him doing it, it's because Liz is controlling the ship

    Silver decided to make some food because he was hungry and he was able to make great food his mother cruise made 'good food' but he and his father would eat their own food but he still eats his mothers cooking sometime as she made it with love but before that

    Silver : "Ok come out girls"

    Ultear : "Finally you summon us out"

    Akame : "Yes I agree"

    Esdeath : "... why only summon on now we have been waiting forever"

    Fubuki was just silent she liked strong people while Kuroka was just trying to kiss silver as he had grown more handsome

    Silver : "Ok let's stop the reason why I summon you now is because I am setting sail on my own and my mother saw you guys when I last summon you and I'm cooking so I was asking if you girls be interested in my cooking"

    The girls smiled but if you look at their eyes you could see stars the last time they tried his cooking was a year after he summoned them so they nodded and just wait for the food

    Silver was dumbfounded at them when they sat quietly waiting for food but he just had a smile because he would knew that everyone likes food especially girls so that's why he started cooking good

    <20 minute later>

    Silver was cooking but suddenly his ship was shaking he first thought of white beard because of his devil fruit but quickly changed his mind as white beard was not a person to randomly attacked

    So he went outside to check what is happening and he saw a marine ship

    ??? : "Who are you and where are you going"

    Silver : "As for who I am you should introduce yourself first and I am going to alabasta but you know you shouldn't shoot cannons at my ship"

    ??? : "Hmm you dare not know me a celestial dragon as for why I am shooting at your ship, it's because it's in my way but seeing those beauties on your ship I might consider to spare you if you hand them over"


    Sorry for late chap or not late chapter

    My WiFi turn off when I was about to upload it

    My WiFi is trash it shuts down like literally everyday but I never imagine it shutting down for a few minute at this time

    And what do you guys think he should do to the celestial dragon he would at least get a high bounty because akoji is on the ship
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