20 Eternal Torture

    Silver had a angry expression because the celestial dragon dared to ask for his 'partner' so he decided to kill him

    Silver : "You dare demand my partners I'll kill you"

    The girls felt heart warmed by this

    After silver said that he released a killing intent that everyone on the marine ship passed out except for the celestial dragon because silver didn't want him to pass out instead he wanted to give him a slow death but he saw another person barely standing

    From the look of it he was aokiji, Aokiji knew the celestial dragon Fudged up(A:N : I don't cuss)

    Then he saw silver starring at him straight in the eyes he felt chills down his spine but it disappeared after he changed his direction and he clearly saw it directed toward the celestial dragon

    The celestial dragon was so scared he peed himself when silver looked at him but then he remembered a admiral was on his ship

    C.D : "You dared knock out my soldier, I am a celestial dragon, Aokiji kill him and I want his partner in my bed after your done"

    Aokiji knew he couldn't settle it peaceful after what he just said but he still tried

    Aokiji : "Sir could you spare us"

    Silver decided to spare Aokiji as he was a good man in the anime but if he decided to intervene he would just kill him

    The celestial dragon got dumbfounded at what Aokiji said

    C.D : "What are you doing he is just a Kid"

    Aokiji got annoyed what he said and noticed silver got more angry

    Aokiji : "Sir please ignore this man"

    The celestial dragon couldn't take it anymore and said

    C.D : "I'll tell on you and I will get you executed for this Aokiji"

    Silver was just starring at them while they were speaking since he decided to kill the celestial dragon he would not change his mind but he didn't know What to do until his girls spoke

    Esdeath : "Dear how about I freeze him slowly"

    Fubuki : "No that's not enough he should be tortured"

    Ultear : "Yes I agree with fubuki"

    Kuroka : "I will just support the one that is the cruelest"

    Akame : "..... I don't like his kind so I wish him for a slow death anything would do"

    Silver was thinking about what they said and decided to use eternal flame


    Eternal flame : A flame that is hotter then true fire it would burn for eternity and will cause unimaginable pain but the target will never die until he could no longer feel pain


    Silver : "For what you said I will use a skill on you that would cause unimaginable pain but I will spare you Aokiji as you were a good man"

    After silver said that his hand beginning heating up and a flame appeared it was so hot the girls around him felt it but not a lot of it as the flame would only hurt its target, the flame slowly went to the celestial dragon and when he felt it near him the celestial dragon begged

    C.D : "Please spare me I will give you money, I'll give you women please spare me I'll give you anything"

    Silver ignored him and just went on to alabasta

    While he was sailing, Aokiji was starring at the celestial dragon in pity as he felt the heat from it but he didn't even felt 1% of the heat that the celestial dragon is feeling

    Aokiji tried everything he could to extinguish the flame but nothing worked


    I didn't want to kill Aokiji as he let Robin go many times and Robin would be one of his harem member so....
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