22 Peoples real personality

    After a few minute Aokiji just stopped trying to extinguish the flame and just told the marine to put his body safe in the ship

    He was just looking at the back of silver in the ship while he was sailing

    Aokiji knew silver was going on the bounty for killing a celestial dragon but he will try to persuade Sengoku to not because silver was not a person marine could afford to offend

    Ring ring someone was calling, Aokiji knew he had to report

    ??? : "Did you guys find anything"

    Aokiji : "No Sengoku but there was a mysteries man coming from the direction with 4 beautiful women but I sensed another in his kitchen"

    Sengoku knew what Aokiji meant so he decided to ask how the guy was

    Aokiji : "He is fine, but ..."

    Sengoku was relieved when he heard the guy was fine because he thought silver was innocent which he was until today but when he heard Aokiji said but he thought his girls were taken but he wanted to make sure so he asked

    Sengoku : "But what?"

    Aokiji didn't want to say it but he knew he had to

    Aokiji : "He killed the celestial dragon for lusting at his women but he called them partners"

    Sengoku knew the world government was going to tell him to put a huge bounty on the man that killed the celestial dragon but he remembered Aokiji was a admiral he asked Aokiji why he didn't protect the celestial dragon

    Aokiji : "It's not that I didn't want to it's that I couldn't, I could not even move when he released conquerer haki, and he had a strange devil fruit of flame that might even be hotter then akainu because no matter what I did I could not extinguish the flame"

    Sengoku now know that silver was not a man the marine could afford to offend as even Aokiji's ice could not stop it, and even he did something to akainu's lava

    Sengoku : "I will try to not put a bounty on that man but if he goes killing another celestial dragon we might have no choice"

    While they were talking Silver reached alabasta, he didn't know the way so he asked around for direction when someone finally tell him if he gives them water

    Silver : "Sure old man do you have a bucket"

    The old man was surprised and thought the young man was joking around as it didn't look like he had water on him that is enough to fill a bucket but he decided to play with him and got a big bucket he wanted to see the kid apologize when he saw what happen

    Silver : "Ok Esdeath you should be able to make water right"

    Esdeath : "Yes as ice is also water so I should be able to make it"

    Esdeath then summon water that filled the the whole town and everyone one thought it finally was raining but they saw Esdeath summoning water they went over to also ask for water but what silver said surprised them

    Silver : "Why should we help you?, what can you give us"

    The girls wondered why silver changed personality from nice to not nice but just shaked it off as they knew he has a reason

    Random person : "Kid get out of here we are not talking to you"

    Random thug : "We are not asking you"

    When the thug said that people were surprised but they agreed if she had the ability to make water they should use her to help them

    The girls frowned when the people said that

    Silver : "They are my girls and I think you guys might be forgetting something"

    The girls blushed at what he said including Akame but Kaguya was still in the kitchen so she didn't hear

    Random thug : "Oh what is that? Ahaha"

    Silver : "Do you guys think we are weak? My partner is able to summon water yet you guys think low of us"

    The people remembered that weak people could not summon water if they are weak


    What should Silver do

    1. just give them water

    2.Kill them all

    3.Only kill corrupted people

    4.I don't know you chose
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