23 Bounty

    Silver wanted to kill them all for what they said but he knew it was only the corrupted people even if he was ruthless he would still be nice to people that have no intention of hurting him or someone close to him

    ??? : "Sir I ask for forgiveness for theses foolish youth"

    Silver : "Why should I forgive them?"

    ??? : "I am the mayor of this town and because this is the territory of crocodile"

    Silver : "I can forgive people that have no intention of hurting me or someone close but I will kill all the corrupted one"

    The mayor thought silver was just acting tough in front of the girls, he didn't expect silver to say those so he just went with what he first thought but he still wanted to believe he could do it

    Mayor : "I am sorry sir but I am still the mayor and I can't let you even if they are corrupted, so I ask you to please leave"

    The girls got angry at what he said and tried to kill him when silver stopped them

    Silver also got a little angry what he said so he released his killing intent, when the mayor felt his killing intent his face went pale he didn't expect silver to be telling the truth

    The mayor was also happy that silver was gonna kill the corrupted people because he couldn't as people believe they were not bad

    So he did nothing and just went quiet, silver took this as a yes

    Silver : "Ok girls can you gather the corrupted people"

    The girls nodded and went hunting in the town, some people near silver got beheaded

    As silver was waiting for them to be finish, Kaguya came out with a big plate

    The food on the place was a sea king that he encountered before he killed the celestial dragon

    In the past 8 years Kaguya liked the food silver cooked so he decided to learn cooking so she can make good food

    <In another place>

    Sengoku : "I think it is not wise for us to put a bounty on that man as he is stronger then a admiral"

    Elder 1 : "are you sure it's just Aokiji ignoring to save the celestial dragon?, It doesn't matter if we offend him after all we have something that could wipe him out"

    Elder 2 : "Yes I agree"

    Sengoku could not refuse and only tell his thought to him

    Sengoku : *sigh* "Ok I'll put a bounty on him"

    Sengoku just ended the call after that

    Sengoku called in Akainu and Garp as they were at the base

    Sengoku : "Look at this"

    <10 minute later>

    Garp : "Ahaha I don't think he is someone we could offend, from what I felt he didn't use 1% of his full conquerer haki, let's not even talk about his flame"

    Akainu knew what Garp meant

    Akainu : "Oh are you saying his flame is hotter then my magma?"

    Garp : "Ahaha we never know as we never seen it in person"

    Sengoku : "Ok enough what I call you guys here for is what to give him a bounty of"

    Akainu : "I think 600 Million as he killed a celestial dragon and his conquerer haki"

    Garp wanted to laugh as Akainu didn't even mention about his flame, he was to arrogant that his flame is hotter but Garp could feel a certainty that silvers flame could burn magma itself he felt that even the world could be burn

    Sengoku : "Ok 600 million it is"

    <Back to Main character>

    After all the corrupted people were killed the girls came back to him

    But the first thing they did was ran to the kitchen as they smelled something good

    Silver just laughed at them he stopped when he saw a newspaper form a bird, the bird came down and gave him the newspaper and silver decided to give the bird a fish he caught while he was waiting for the girls to finish

    The bird just wanted to leave but after he saw the fish he immediately ate it

    What silver didn't know was that the fish was a rare fish that can only be sold to the celestial dragon as it was very rare

    The bird flew away after it finished eating

    Silver just started reading the news paper and a smile appeared on his face

    The newspapers had a bounty on it

    On the paper was a black hair man with eyes black as darkness he was also very handsome



    Do not engage him if you are not a admiral he killed a celestial dragon and his conquerer haki is to strong do not engage at all if you are below admiral strength
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