26 Weird way is more effective

    They were looking at the food like it was a treasure but they didn't dare go eat it

    Kaguya and Akame was just testing them to see if they were actually serious so Kaguya got he plate closer to them

    The people really wanted to eat it but they held it in as it was a gift to silver

    Mayor : "Ok guys get the gifts ready"

    The mayor took out a sword when the 2 girls saw it they jumped back a little because they could feel that the sword is able to kill them easily

    The people look confused as to why they jumped back but they saw them looking at the sword

    Akame : "Hm are you trying to kill us?"

    Kaguya was ready to kill them when she heard

    Mayor : "Wait wait wait I think it's a misunderstanding, we are not trying to kill you and we wouldn't even be able to, this sword is a gift that we will give to your captain"

    Kaguya and Akame had a relieve expression but they didn't let their guard down

    Akame : "Ok that is acceptable"

    Akame : "Ok everyone get ready I'm going to go wake silver up"

    Kaguya just waited outside of the ship, the people was having sweat drop from their head because they could clearly feel her killing intent

    But the killing intent was stopped

    Kaguya : "I will not kill you guys because you guys are apologizing but make no mistake if I see you with bad intention you will be dead but not with Normal means I will torture you"

    The people just calmed down as they didn't have any intention of hurting silver

    Kaguya went with Akame into the ship

    While she put the food into her dimension

    Akame was waking Silver up but no matter what she did he would not wake up she started to get annoyed so she just woke up the girls first

    Akame : "Fubiki, Ultear, Esdeath, and kuroka wake up"

    Fubuki was the first to wake up and she remembered she was in bed with silver and blushed she quickly got out of bed

    Ultear was the 2nd but just woke up normally as she wasn't embarrassed from being with silver anymore

    Kuroka was the 3rd she wasn't even embarrassed at all

    Esdeath was last but she just kissed silver on the forehead when she woke up

    The girls got jealous including Akame but she held it in and pretend she looked annoyed

    The other girls knew about Akame's feeling but didn't tell silver and they want silver to go for Akame himself because they didn't know if Akame actually loved him or just embarrassed so they kept quiet they wanted to ask Akame but every time they asked this question she just stright up said no

    Even though she loves silver she would not asked him and just waited for silver to ask her instead

    Akame : "Ok girls can you help me wake up Silver he won't wake up"

    Fubuki : "I might know what to do"

    Fubuki gets on top of silver, the other had a blush and a confused face until fubuki touched his down there

    Silver quickly woke up and saw fubuki smiling at him so he just smiled back

    Fubuki : "See I told you he wake up"

    The girl just had a blush and didn't say anything for a while 10 minute


    Spoiler : silver will ask Akame to be his girl during the party

    Next chapter at 9pm
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