27 Party

    Silver broke the silence and said

    Silver : "So what do you need"

    He said in a tired voice

    Akame : "We got a surprise for you"

    Silver heard We and spread his observation haki and saw the people outside their ship he smiled

    When Akame saw his smile she knew he saw it while the girls were confused

    While a blushing girl was standing at the corner which was Kaguya even if they were close she would still be embarrassed

    Silver : "Kaguya why are you always quiet"

    Kaguya : "I am not always quiet I just don't talk a lot with people I do not know here"

    Silver : "Ah I see well let's go to the party"

    Silver didn't want to ask what the party was for because he wanted a surprise

    He came outside and he saw the mayor holding something which he saw as a sword

    Silver : 'Liz can you show me the status of that sword'

    [You finally remembered me I see]

    Silver : "Ahaha I'm sorry I promise I'll pray attention and not forget you next time"

    [Fine the swords stats is

    Name : Kogetsu Kasanagi

    Owner : Silver D Yami

    Passive skill :

    Buff : 30% Increase stats

    Elemental : 50% immune to elements





    Active skill :

    Shinki : Increase your stats by 3x

    Cool down : 2 hour

    Kenki : Increase your stats by 10x

    Backslash : not able to move for 8 hour

    Cool down : 7 hour

    Fire control : control fire

    Water control : Control water

    Wind control : Control wind

    Earth Control : Control earth (Not the planet)





    That is all ]

    Silver was confused as to why it said the owner was him

    Silver : 'Liz when did I become the owner of it'

    [God said it was a gift to you]

    Everyone saw silver staring at the sword

    Mayor : "It seems you really like this sword young man"

    Silver : "Yes I do"

    The girls except esdeath, Akame, and Kaguya said

    "Isn't that just a trash sword?"

    Silver and the 3 girls mention up there frowned when they heard them the other girl didn't want to explain because they can't refuse what they said because it would be useless unless it's in the owner it chosen

    Silver : "It's no normal sword, it had its own will and can chose who's worthy to be wield by it"

    Silver : "I will give you 3 sea king meat if you can give me this I'll even include a 5 month worth of water"

    Everyone who heard him were shocked because the sword was a gift

    They gave the mayor a thumbs up for giving such a good item because he liked it not because he offered them the things

    The mayor already knew the sword was trash but he heard form a man in black robe that if silver holds the sword he would be stronger and it would be from useless to a true sword

    He didn't believe the man until silver arrived

    Mayor : "How can I take the food and water after all this is a gift"

    Silver : "I see but I'll still give you them later no matter what"

    Silver : "Also what is this party for"

    Mayor laughed and said "It's a apologizing to you for our behavior"

    Silver : "ah I see well what are we waiting for the party just started"

    Everyone laughed and they passed out beer

    When silver saw the beer he got excited because he liked beer

    Kaguya got our the food from her dimension and put it in front of silver

    Everyone wanted to try it but they didn't as it was for silver

    Silver : "What are you waiting for I can't eat all of this"

    Kaguya smiled

    Everyone thanked silver and ate

    Random guy : "Oh my god this is heavenly"

    Random guy 1 : "I wish my wife cook as good as this"

    Random wife 1 : "Ohh what did I hear"

    Random guy 1 : "Ahaha you know I was just joking"

    Everyone laughed and cheered while the girls had the biggest plate by themself even though 1 plate was enough to last a month

    Silver got up and went toward someone


    This chapter was a little later then the others
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