24 Ready for a gif

    After the newspaper got passed out, the town that silver was in got dumbfounded at his bounty if they knew they would have never messed with him and just ran

    But in their heart they didn't want to run because silver only killed the corrupted and left all the nice people alive he even gaved them food

    They wanted to do something for Silver they didn't know what

    Then they remembered that the girls are always with them so they wanted to ask them but it was kinda difficult because the girls didn't like them that much because of what they did even if they were not evil

    A guy came to just ask them about silver the people though they are gonna have to get a grave for the man but the next thing surprised them when the brave man said

    Brave man : "Miss can you tell us what your husband likes we wanted to apologize for what we did and give him something for giving us food and water"

    Silver was sleeping because he was tired as he didn't sleep because he was watching the girls so they didn't kill the wrong person

    So silver was sleeping right now but he is always guarded so no one could really kill him but he couldn't sense if the person has no bad intention

    Akame : "You might need Kaguya for that as silver loves good food even though he can make better but he perfers to eat kaguya's food"

    Brave man : "I see, can you ask your friend if she could cook for him, by the way how old is he? He looks so young yet so strong"

    Akame : "He should be 10 this year and 11 next month"

    The people that heard jaws were open wide they all had the same thing in their mind 'How could someone so young be so strong' even if they don't know how strong silver is they certainly know that he wasn't far behind admirals

    What they don't know is that silver is already stronger then the 4 yonko but he don't have experience so he might lose against them

    Akame : "But even though he is young he likes wine a good quality one"

    The people weren't surprised anymore and just went to ask for some wine from the best wine maker in the town

    While they were doing that Akame asked Kaguya if she could make some delicious food for the people

    Kaguya looked surprised at what Akame said and was about to say no when she heard

    Akame : "The food is going to be for silver they said they wanted to apologize and give silver something"

    What they didn't expect is that the people were going to give silver a sword as a gift even though it doesn't count as a gift as god(author) gaved the sword to the mayor to give to silver

    Mayor : "Ok everyone get the stuff ready"

    Brave man : "We just hope that the girl can cook the food for him"

    When they finished talking they saw 2 figure came out of the ship it was Kaguya and Akame, Kaguya with 5 gaint plate and it was floating in the air

    They all smelled how good the food was

    What they did next surprised the girls


    The girls are in the ship sleeping with silver, not the dirty one just sleeping so don't imagine anything weird
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