27 A spar

    Everyone was looking toward silvers way

    Silver : 'Ok I can do it'

    Silver went in front of Akame and said

    Silver : "Akame would you be my girlfriend"

    Broken plates were heard they didn't expect a 10 year old to ask out a girl much older but they knew about his strength so they didn't say anything and stayed silent

    Akame was blushing she didn't want to appear as a pedo but she loved silver even if he was still young

    Akame : "You finally ask me out, my answer is yes I would love to be your girlfriend but no dirty things until your old enough

    Everyone had a relief expression


    Silver and his girls were getting ready to leave when they saw a ship near them silver knew who's ship it was it was the straw hats

    Luffy's crew looked over to silver and when Nami and silver made eye contact she blushed and looked away

    Silver just smiled at that and went toward them

    His girls just stayed where they were

    Silver : "Hi I am called silver, what is your guys name?"

    Luffy : "I am Luffy and I'm gonna be the pirate king"

    Nami : "I am Nami it's a pleasure to meet you"

    Silver : "The pleasure is mine"

    Zoro : "I'm Zoro"

    The first thing Zoro saw was the sword on silvers waist

    Zoro : "You look like a swordsman how about we go for a spar"

    Nami : "Is that all you think about?"

    Usopp was the only one who didn't introduce himself because he recognized silver from the newspaper

    Usopp : "Guys I don't think this is a good idea let's just go"

    Luffy : "What's the matter?"

    Usopp didn't want to say anything because silver was looking at him

    Silver was just waiting for Usopp to introduce himself even though he already knows him

    Usopp mustered his courage and said

    Usopp : "He's the one in the newspaper yesterday"

    Nami and Zoro were shocked while Luffy was just confused

    Nami and Zoro : "He's the one with the 600,000,000 bounty"

    Luffy finally remembered and said

    Luffy : "Ohh your strong to be able to get 600M bounty fight me"

    Silver : "I'm sorry but I already agreed to spar with Zoro first"

    Silver : "Ok Zoro let's go to that empty space"

    Zoro followed silver and when they got to a open space Zoro draws his sword and silver did the same

    The girls were just watching them while they had drinks in their hand and Usopp and Nami were scared

    Luffy was just eating beside the girls but the girls didn't mind

    Zoro was the first to rush with a attack but silver just blocked it with his finger but he started to use his sword because he didn't want to disrespect Zoro that much

    Silver : "Ok here I come Zoro"

    Silver released 1% of his killing intent

    Nami and Usopp felt something and got even more scared while Zoro just brushed it off and continued the fight

    The killing intent didn't effect Luffy and silvers girls

    Zoro : "Tiger Hunt"

    Silver blocked it and chopped Zoro in the neck and he passed out

    Silver : "Ok that should be enough for now
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