29 Sanji

    Sanji and chopper in the ship was dumbfounded at silvers power and how he easily took out Zoro but Sanji just said

    Sanji : "I could have defeated him faster"

    While sanji was saying that Chopper just had stars in his eye while looking at silver

    Usopp was in the ship hiding

    Silver just laughed at what sanji said and asked Sanji "Do you want to have a go?"

    Chopper was looking toward them fighting but Sanji sweatdropped and tried to make a excuse when Nami said

    Nami : "Sanji can you go cook for us?"

    Nami saw the expression on sanji's face so she asked him

    Sanji decided to thank Nami later

    Luffy : "Wow that was awesome can I have a go"

    Silver : "Sure but let us eat first"

    They all waited for sanji to finish even though Kaguya can cook

    The girls went forward to Introduce themselves

    Fubuki : "Hi I am fubuki the 3rd wife"

    Esdeath : "The 4th wife"

    Akame : "I am Akame"

    Silver : "Soon to be wife"

    Akame blushed

    Kuroka : "2nd wife

    They all introduce themselves while Kaguya was just quiet

    Nami and the others were waiting for her to introduce herself when sanji suddenly ran out and said

    Sanji : "Ohh I smell ladies"

    The girls were staring at him with disgust

    Sanji saw that and said

    Sanji : "So how can I help you ladies"

    Nami just looked at sanji and thought 'Hehe I will not save you this time'

    Fubuki : "We are just here to introduce ourselves"

    The other girls were just quiet they didn't want to talk to sanji

    Sanji : "Oh since your here might as well stay because I'm cooking some food"

    Fubuki : "Ok we will stay to try your food"

    Sanji went back into the kitchen he couldn't even see silver staring at him

    The girls stared at fubuki because they didn't want to eat some food that would not be delicious

    Silver : "Don't worry girls he is good at cooking, I think it was on the level of Kaguya last year"

    Luffy : "Wow so can she cook better then sanji?"

    All girls : "Yes"

    Nami had a doubtful look

    <20 minutes later>

    Sanji came out "Ok the food is ready"

    Everyone grabbed a plate including Zoro

    Even Vivi woke up

    <1 hour later>

    Silver : "Ok Luffy see you guys later"

    Everyone says bye except sanji because he is scared when he tried to flirt with silvers girls during their meal silver almost chopped off his arm

    ??? : "Who are you and why are you here"

    Silver immediately knew who it was

    Silver : "Well if it isn't miss all Sunday or should I say nico robin"

    Robin : "You how did you know"

    Silver : "Well how could I not know who my future wife is"

    Robin blushed while his girls just glared at him

    Akame : "You dare to flirt in front of us and to a girl we don't even know at least introduce her to us"

    The others nodded

    Robin : "If you want to make me your wife you are going to take down crocodile first"


    Guys I won't be able to keep my promise but I'll guarantee to make 2 chapters a day

    Starts on spring break and ends when spring break end
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