3 Saiyan Baby Life

    Year 733

    It was the moment of birth, the most important moment in the life of any living being....

    "uwaah..... uwaah...uwaah" Rei cried to avoid being slapped in the ass.

    Rei heard some alien doctors talking to each other.

    Doctor 1:- it's a shame that we couldn't save his mother.

    Doctor 2:- yeah. his father is also not here. he is on a mission given by king Vegeta himself!!

    Doctor 1:- Hmm... Let's check his battle power. bring the scouter here.

    Doctor 2:- here take this. check it.

    [beep] [beep]

    Doctor 1:- what the hell. IT'S OVER 800!!!!

    Doctor 2:- he is an elite Saiyan warrior !!!!

    Doctor 1:- what the did you except his mother was also an elite Saiyan warrior.

    Doctor 2:- place him into the incubator.

    Doctor placed our Mc in the incubator . and then pressed some buttons and closed the lid and then they left.

    Rei listened to their conversation. he was shocked to hear that his mother passed away.

    Rei said in his mind:- eni how can I use my wishes from the goddess.

    [Ding!! say it in your mind]

    Rei said in his mind:- my 6th wish is that I want a power to control any person i want and make him do whatever i say

    my 7th wish is that i affinity to every element

    after wishing, Rei asked eni to open his status



    Name:- ???(rei)

    Age:- 10 minutes (80years)

    Level:- 1 (0/1000xp)

    life span:- 500 years

    battle power :- 200,000(full) 900(suppressed)

    Bloodline:- ancient Saiyan bloodline

    Physique:- dragon god physique level 13( locked)

    dragon god physique level 1 ( temporary)

    UP:- 10,000 points

    Skills:- Godlike mind ( Rank SSS) Keep user calm in every situation

    Fighting ( Rank SSS) skill of fighting

    Ki Sense (Rank SSS) (Fully Mastered) {due to instant mastery}

    Ki control (Rank SSS) (Fully Mastered)

    Rei:- Hmmm........... Eni open shop and then dragon ball world then skills and then purchase telekinesis and telepathy

    [Ding!! Opening skills and Buying]

    [Ding!! Purchased]

    Rei started practicing telekinesis and telepathy and he instant mastered it

    for 2 -3 days he just had fun with his telekinesis by picking up things and hiding it

    Rei:- Eni open quests.

    [Ding!! Quests]

    1:- Unlock your Potential from planet Namek (1500xp) (RANK B)

    2:- Use Dragon Balls From Planet Namek (500 XP) (RANK D)

    3:- Spar with God of destruction Beerus and impress him (10,000 XP) (Rank S)

    4:- Use Dragon Balls From Planet Earth (300 XP) (Rank E)

    5:- Reach Level 50 before cell arrives on Planet Earth from Future (Rank SS) (20,000 XP)
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