Year 733

    After Rei was born. he did nothing just sleep and some Fun. he didn't know what to do

    he was waiting for his body to grow so he can get out of this incubator.

    Rei Also Heard That His incubator Was Placed Near Prince Vegeta cause he was an elite Saiyan.

    He already knew that Vegeta was 1 year older than him but he didn't know that he was placed near

    *******************Time Skip*****1st Year***********************

    he did nothing on his first year just some fun. he also bought Majin Buu bloodline.

    ******************Time Skip******2nd Year*************************

    on the 2nd year, he was still placed in his incubator and he still hasn't seen his father.

    Rei thought to himself:- why that man(Rei Saiyan Father) didn't come to see me and his deceased wife. it's good anyway because I will not treat him as my father.

    *****************Time Skip******3rd Year**************************

    Rei was Still in His incubator. then he senses some doctors coming towards him. { with ki sense}

    Rei then heard doctors talking to each other.

    Doctor 1:- incubator #23 kid father still didn't came to see his son. what should we do with him his time for coming out of incubator is coming. should we report it to King Vegeta?

    Doctor 2:- I think we should. so when will we take him out of his incubator?

    Doctor 1:- according to time on the incubator, we can take him out tomorrow.

    Doctor 2:- huh... OK, I am going to report this to King Vegeta.

    with that said both Doctors left.

    Rei heard this didn't react to any of it.

    but well Rei thought to himself its been 2 years. I haven't seen my status.

    Rei Said in his Mind:- Eni open Status



    Name:- ???(rei)

    Age:- 3 years (80years)

    Level:- 1 (0/1000xp)

    life span:- ??? years (Due to Majin Buu bloodline)

    battle power :- 300,000(full) 1500(suppressed)

    Bloodline:- Ancient Saiyan bloodline, Majin Buu bloodline

    Physique:- dragon god physique level 13( locked)

    dragon god physique level 1 ( temporary)

    UP:- 1,000 points

    Skills:- Godlike mind ( Rank SSS) Keep user calm in every situation

    Fighting ( Rank SSS) skill of fighting

    Ki Sense (Rank SSS) (Fully Mastered) {due to instant mastery}

    Ki control (Rank SSS) (Fully Mastered)

    Regeneration (Rank SSS):- Heals Every body part that is destroyed in mere seconds

    ???(Majin Buu closest to completely immortal skill) (Rank S):- Immune To Aging And Any Disease

    Rei thought to himself:- haa... I will out of this **ty incubator I want to do some Fun and have a BIG HAREM!!! can't wait for tomorrow.
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