5 Meeting King Vegeta And Out of Incubator

    Rei was excited that today he was getting out of this incubator.

    suddenly he heard a Docter talking a man. he got more excited but suddenly when he saw the man

    Docter was talking to his mood fell down. that man was none other than King Vegeta.

    King Vegeta:- so where is that betrayer son. let's see if he is worthy of being alive. after that his father betrayed and never came from that easy mission

    Doctor:- huh!?! ye...yes yes King Vegeta.

    After That Doctor and King Vegeta came near Rei incubator. they saw that Rei was sleeping. { A/N:- He was not sleeping. just acting to sleep}

    King Vegeta:- so he is that betrayer son. let's check his battle power.


    {battle power:- 1534}

    King Vegeta:- huh!?!. 1534 battle power. that's good when he is out of the incubator, give him a house near the city border. he can live on his own and also add him into the list of elite Saiyans.

    alien Doctor:- o...ok.

    with that said both Doctor and King Vegeta left.

    Rei who heard this was shocking for him. but he didn't care about it that much.

    **************After Some Time*****************

    A Doctor came near his incubator and pressed some buttons. and then removed the lid.

    Rei came out of the incubator and then said:- haa... at last came out this boring incubator.

    The doctor said to him in a fearful voice:- Sir. King Vegeta Gave me an order to give you this key for your house near the city border.

    with that said Rei grabbed the key and came out of that building and he started trying to fly and he got successful in his first try and he mastered flying in mere seconds. then he came to his house by flying.

    Rei was preparing to leave to planet Namek as soon as he arrives at his house.

    but first Rei wanted to make some wishes he said in his mind:- my 8th wish is that I want a dimension where 1 hour in the real world is 5 year in dimension.

    my 9th wish is to create anything from nothing

    [Ding!!! Granted]

    Rei:-aah very nice, I think I should train myself for some time.

    Rei made some weight clothes and entered the dimension to train. what he always did was every time he felt easy with clothes he increases that weight of clothes.

    ************after 2 hours in real world*****************

    A big man around the height of 195cm with big biceps and triceps came out of a big black hole that appeared out of thin air.

    he looked so handsome that even goddess will fall for him. {A/N:- HE LOOKS LIKE THIS :-https://in.pinterest.com/pin/643944446692470764/ }

    that big man was none other than our mc Rei.

    Rei was still wearing weighted clothes so he decided to remove those clothes then wear some cool clothes he decided to wear clothes like Vegito. he made the clothes he wore it.

    after he wore the clothes and said in his mind and asked ENI to open Status.



    Name:- ???(rei)

    Age:- 13 years (80years)

    Level:- 10 (500/1000000xp)

    life span:- ??? years (Due to Majin Buu bloodline)

    battle power :- 6,000,000(full) 12,500(suppressed)

    Bloodline:- Ancient Saiyan bloodline, Majin Buu bloodline

    Physique:- dragon god physique level 13( locked)

    dragon god physique level 1 ( temporary)

    UP:- 10,000 points

    Skills:- Godlike mind ( Rank SSS) Keep user calm in every situation

    Fighting ( Rank SSS) skill of fighting

    Ki Sense (Rank SSS) (Fully Mastered) {due to instant mastery}

    Ki control (Rank SSS) (Fully Mastered)

    Regeneration (Rank SSS):- Heals Every body part that is destroyed in mere seconds

    ??? (Majin Buu closest to completely immortal skill) (Rank S):- Immune To Aging And Any Disease)

    Flying (Rank SSS) (Fully Mastered)

    Rei:- huh!! my BP increased that much. let's see my quest again Eni open quests.

    [Ding!! Quests]

    1:- Unlock your Potential from planet Namek (1500xp) (RANK B) (150up)

    2:- Use Dragon Balls From Planet Namek (500 XP) (RANK D) (50up)

    3:- Spar with God of destruction Beerus and impress him (10,000 XP) (Rank S) (1000up)

    4:- Use Dragon Balls From Planet Earth (300 XP) (Rank E) (30up)

    5:- Reach Level 50 before cell arrives on Planet Earth from Future (Rank SS) (20,000 XP) (unlimited points)

    Rei:- I am ready I should go to Planet Namek and Planet Earth to complete the quests. come here again to meet someone special.
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