6 Planet Namek

    Rei started Planning for Planet Namek and Planet Earth.

    Rei Used his telekinesis and Mind Control and got the coordinates of Planet Namek And Planet Earth.

    He Then teleported to Planet Namek. He arrived at Planet Namek in mere seconds.

    *****Guru House*******

    Nail:- A Being is approaching here at very fast speed. we have to protect our Great elder.

    With that said Rei approached Guru House. When he reached the house He saw a namekian Guarding the house. that Namekian was none other than Nail.

    Nail:- what are you doing here Evil saiyan get out of this --

    Suddenly He heard a voice from the house. saying that.

    ???:- Nail lets him come inside he will not do any harm to us.

    Nail:- huh!?! Ok Great Elder.

    With that Rei entered the big house then he saw a Big Namekian sitting on a chair. he was none other than Guru Great Elder of Namekians

    Rei:- Greeting!! Elder. my name is Rei

    Guru:- huu.. so why are you on this planet?

    Rei:- i heard from some one that you have a magic ability to unlock our hidden potential? Can you pls Bring out my Hidden Potential And i want the dragon balls.

    Guru:- i can do that but you have promise that whenever we are in danger. you have to protect us.

    Rei:- Ok deal !

    with that Guru placed his hand on Rei head. he was trying to read memories of Rei.

    [Ding!! Blocking memory Reading Skill]

    [Ding!! Showing Fake memories]

    When Guru saw Rei Fake memories he was happy that Rei was not a bad guy. so he started unlocking Rei potential.

    Rei started Fleeing hot. he felt that his power was increasing. he let his power flow through is body.

    his battle power started increasing

    10 million

    12 million

    15 million

    17 million

    and it stopped on 20 million

    everyone who felt this power got on there knees. everyone was terrified by feeling Rei Strength.

    Guru:- i used up all my magic. still couldn't even bring out 1% of potential. that truly terrifying.

    Rei:- huh!?!

    with that guru again started talking

    Guru:- Nail?

    Nail:- yes great elder

    Guru:- Help Rei gather dragon balls

    Nail:- Ok great elder.

    with that Nail helped our MC gather dragon balls. Rei asked Nail to bring out porunga and ask him to fulfill my wishes. Nail just nodded

    Nail:- {come out Porunga} (in namekian language)

    with that a ugly dragon come out of nowhere and said in namekian language

    {State your wishes}

    Rei came near Nail and asked to tell these wishes to Porunga :-

    1:- i want every fighting skill,magic techniques ever thing that can useful to me in fight of all the universe 6 and 7

    2:- i want namekian bloodline

    3:- i want  coordinates of all the planet on universe 6 and 7


    with that our mc got surge of information in his mind.

    he learned every fighting technique like kaioken , kai kai , kamehameha etc in his mind.

    he now also know every planet coordinate in universe 6 and 7

    with that Rei said bye to Guru and left for the Planet Earth
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