7 Planet Earth

    After Rei Left Planet Namek. he teleported to Planet Earth.

    When Rei suddenly teleported to planet earth. Kami of Earth and Mr.popo noticed him.

    Rei's ki was not suppressed. When Rei suddenly felt someone was watching him he turned his towards from where Kami was watching him.

    When Kami saw that Rei was looking towards him. Kami of earth started sweating and Kami said in his mind:- what a terrifying power. his ki sense is on another level.

    suddenly Rei teleported near the face of Kami. Kami got scared and fell down on the ground.

    Rei suddenly started speaking and said:- Hello there!! my name is Rei.

    Kami:- He-hello. I am kami of this planet. I want to ask you a question. can I ask?

    Rei:-  Yeah Sure!!

    Kami:- So why are you here?

    Rei:- hoo... straight to the point. well, no worry. I am here because I want dragon balls of this planet and also ultra divine water. also don,t worry I promise that I will not do any harm to this planet.

    Kami:- how can we believe you? we don,t have any trust in you that you will keep your promise.

    Rei:- huh!?! so a mere Namekian is not trusting my words.

    Kami:- huh!!?! how do you know I'm a Namekian?

    Rei:- I know everything about you and your home planet. I just came from your home planet.

    Kami:- huh!!! Did you destroy my home planet!!!?

    Rei:- no. I didn't. what do think I am a maniac!?!. I promised them that if any threat will come on them I will protect them.

    Kami:- huh? if my home planet trusted you I will also trust you. I can help you get ultra divine water.

    but dragon balls you have to find it on your own.

    Rei:- no problem. just help me get ultra divine water. I'll find the dragon balls.

    Kami just nodded then asked Rei to follow him to Korin Tower.

    When Korin saw kami coming towards his tower he was surprised to see coming towards his tower. he was also surprised to see the power of Rei.

    kami and Rei came near korin and then they started talking.

    Kami:- Hello there !! korin.

    Korin:- hello !! kami. who is this strong fellow beside you? with his power, he alone can destroy this planet in a flick of a finger not leaving a speck of dust behind.

    Kami:- umm... this is Rei. he is here to drink the ultra divine water.

    Korin:- huh!?! you know that na? whoever drinks that holy water dies a horrible death.

    suddenly Rei started speaking and said:- I know that. that holy water can do nothing to me. you no need to worry.

    Korin:- OK as you wish!

    after that Korin left to get holy water. kami also left to his lookout after saying bye to me and korin.

    After some time korin came with a bottle of holy water.

    Korin came to him and gave him holy water.

    after that Rei started drinking that ultra divine water. he felt a warmth inside his body. his power started increasing.

    his BP start increasing fast

    22 million

    25 million

    27 million

    and it ended on 30 million
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