-4 Names

    Write as many names for the mc pre-reincarnation and another for post reincarnation

    I have some slightly realistic ideas to make the mc's starting point better than Luciel (original mc) so you'll be (hopefully) happily surprised.

    I'll begin writing with a method similar to the original with the first volume focusing on the mc's life (probably like 4-5 chapters max) and then the process before his reincarnation near metaroni (including my strengthening surprise idea) so it'll be at most 10 chapters then I'll go back to the original plot in the first 2-3 arcs/volumes where the first dragon is found.

    Anyway if you find some spelling mistakes I'm sorry I'm writing this on my phone's app so =P.

    I haven't really finished the reading the original up until now (I'm at the point where he's planning to head to the empire so I may or may not go into a week hiatus if I reach that point (hopefully I'll be motivated af when writing (on all the drugs too but shh it's out secret) so I'll  have written quite a large amount)) and I couldn't find a fan-fic on this so here we are.

    Back to the main topic I won't make this some extreme 18+ ** trip for the mc like a certain author did (check an author called Seion for that or if you're like me and really like the way he writes and the plot) but if I do find a way to introduce a romantic interest (Lumina or the priestess sisters or whatever else) I'll take a page out of another novel (once a human now a parasite I think, great novel) and just imply that they have sum fuk as a certain bird says.

    I don't know if this'll be a harem or not (equally possible) so I'll probably make a poll when we get to that bridge, other than that within 4 hours (hopefully) the first chapter will hopefully be up and will be focused on his life moments before reincarnation while the next 2-4 chapters will be his family life and how he gets completely cut off from everyone and why he is reincarnated instead of Luciel.

    Hopefully I'll be writing long 1k-3k chapters but if I'm being realistic it'll probably be around 500+ so yeet.

    Other than that pls I have bad a bad naming sense (look at my username ffs) so if you don't want to read the adventures of, I don't **ing know Satazel then pls I need help.
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