2 - Meeting God

    Finally realising that he had met an untimely death, Swartal tried to look around to find any clue as to what he would do now.

    {O unfortunate soul. I reincarnated you} a voice cut through the silence of the void. Swartal visibly confused began searching for the source of the voice, "Um excuse me can you tell me what's going on?" he asked finding a slight amount of happiness after discovering that he wouldn't be completely lonely there and seeing a blurry thin human shape coloured green and brown for a split second.

    {O unfortunate soul you will be reincarnated on a planet called Galadria. It is made up of water and earth, similar to your original world (Zoinks, like I thought he would be freaked out a little more)} the voice continued. {There is a large difference between your original Earth and Galadria, the greatest difference would be the existence of magic and skills. View your status by saying <status open> in your mind or out loud}.

    "Ok then. [status open] Woah!"

    Name: Swartal

    Age: 15

    Job: Undefined

    Lvl: 1

    Hp: 160                Mp: 0

    Str: 15                  Int: 25

    End: 50                MgAtk:0

    Dex: 15                 MgR: 0

    Agi: 10                  Sp:200




    -Trials of Gaia: Constant misfortune, no talent, overshadowed by everyone for a lifetime (in return the effects reverse when the next life begins. Random skill is acquired every 10 years. +10 Sp per year for first life)

    <Proficiency appraisal> acquired.

    <Great luck> acquired.

    A light blue floating board appeared in front of Swartal, looking shocked and hoping that he wasn't dreaming he began to glance over his status as the voice of God (assumed by Swartal) continued. {You have an hour to use the Sp that I will give you now. I already decided your age and race like I have for the other 9 unfortunate souls before you and none of you 10 will have family names as you don't have families in Galadria. I will transmit the fundamental knowledge of Galadria into your brain now, be warned your status will change and you will lose some memories in the process.}

    "Wait I want to ask you a question about the title I hav-AAARGH" Swartal felt like he was getting beaten repeatedly on his head by a baseball bat as knowledge on races, existing countries, continents, the common language, level system, job system, Sp system, climate and currency was being burnt into his brain. When the pain subsided he resentfully glared around him, before another window suddenly opened before him.

    <God of destiny's blessing> obtained (Sp acquisition increase)

    Unable to remember what he was about to ask he decided to observe his status again. [status open] he quickly thought.

    Name: Undefined

    Age: 15

    Job: Undefined

    Lvl: 1

    Hp: 200                Mp: 50

    Str: 20                  Int: 20

    End: 20                MgAtk: 20

    Dex: 20                MgR: 20

    Agi: 20                 Sp: 300


    - Proficiency appraisal

    - Great luck


    - Altered destiny (+10 all stats)

    - God of destiny's blessing (Sp acquisition increase)

    Feeling alarmed that he couldn't find his name in both his memories or his status, he remembered that he had less than an hour to use his Sp and choose a job. He ventured into designing his body, again becoming surprises when he didn't remember what he looked like. Thinking that he would have time to sort out his feelings when he got reincarnated he began toying with the "avatar" that appeared before him. After spending half an hour designing his face to be a slightly handsome one (based on the abnormal people in his memories) with snow white hair and large dark blue, almost black eyes and be 185cm tall. Thinking that his hair and eye colour was a slightly uncommon combination but not unheard of, he shifted his focus onto gaining skills.

    "Um Mr.God of destiny, if the hour ends before I finish choosing my skills what will happen? Also can you tell me where I will be reincarnated?" he asked the void.

    {If the hour ends any and all Sp you have will be stripped, and you will be reincarnated near a town with weak monsters spread out around the town}

    Getting shocked by the God's first statement he began focusing on a way to fight if he ran into any monsters.

    Through process of elimination he decided to gain <Taijutsu> for 5 Sp believing that he wouldn't be lucky enough to find a random weapon near him when he reincarnates, that completely ignoring the chance that the weapon near him would be the one he can use and the possibility of guards deciding he is a thief due to having a weapon they recognise. Looking for a way to attack from a distance, his eyes lock onto the list of magic skills. Checking his remaining Sp he began to weigh which aptitudes he wanted. The 4 basic magic attributes of fire, water, wind and earth each needed 10 Sp; holy magic which was effective against undead and demons plus was able to heal cost 20 Sp; lightning magic cost 30 Sp; light and dark magic cost 50 Sp each; finally an unusual magic called space-time magic cost a whopping 100 Sp and magic control for 5 Sp. Believing that he wouldn't be able to buy all the attributes he bought all of them except space-time magic, he glances down at his skill list before finding the 2 skills he was planning to buy already there. Having a slight recollection of 2 notifications about acquiring the skills without any further hesitation he bought space-time magic and using the last of his Sp. "Can you tell me how much time is left of the hour?" he asked the God.

    {You have around 10 minutes left.}

    Thinking that he needed only 2 minutes to think of a name he began questioning the God on jobs before discovering that the only job that could use healing magic and that the healer job can be advanced to multiple others like paladin or sage (Author: I'm either going to make him also a sage or give him a new job like combat healer or something).

    Quickly weighing his options he decided that being able to heal himself would be extremely important,  the young man chose healer as his job.

    Asking the God on how much time remains, he quickly uses the last 3 minutes to think of a name.
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