3 - Reincarnation

    Noticing that his new world would be extremely dangerous, he quickly decided to aim to be the strongest of the new world. As he finalised his thoughts on his goal in his new life a name popped up into his mind, based on the most iconic magical creatures that are usually depicted as the strongest. The soul of the unfortunate young man chose to be named Draig in this new world to always remember his goal.

    Feeling that he had only little time before his reincarnation, the newly named Draig glanced over his status one final time.

    Name: Draig

    Age: 15

    Job: Healer I                     Lvl: 1

    Hp: 200                             Mp: 50

    Str: 20                               Int: 20

    End: 20                             MgAtk: 20

    Dex: 20                             MgR: 20

    Agi: 20                              Sp: 0

    <Magic aptitude>

    - Fire                                - Water

    - Earth                             - Wind

    - Light                              - Dark

    - Lightning                      - Holy

    - Space-Time


    - Proficiency appraisal

    - Taijutsu  I                        - Great luck

    - Magic power control I


    - Altered destiny (All stats +10)

    - God of destiny's blessing (Sp acquisition increase)

    Feeling satisfied with his decision on his skills (especially with the knowledge that he can still gain skills with or without Sp), Draig tried passing his last 2 minutes (according to the God) by asking any questions he had during his old life.

    "Hey God?"


    "Can you tell me why I was so unfortunate during my life?"

    {What?? If I remember correctly, your destiny was to be the pride of your parents, idol of your younger siblings and a goal for all young women around you. You would eventually marry an extremely beautiful and influential woman who would be the first person you date though.}

    "Are you sure you're talking about the correct person? I was scorned by my first love and only girlfriend, both my siblings looked upon me with disgust since both overshadowed me academically and physically while my parents always felt dissatisfaction and disappointment towards me for not being the golden child they wanted.

    If anything I wonder why they wanted me to be the best physically and mentally since my younger brother was an olympic-gold-medalist grade athlete while my sister had multiple PhDs at the age of 18."

    {Wait does the word "trials of Gaia" ring any bells?}

    "Not really but I remember some weird old lady telling me to try hard in sone sort of trial when I was 5."

    { At what age did your luck start to deteriorate?}

    The God sounded panicked because he knew that something had went wrong.

    "I think a little after I met the old lady. Why?"

    Feeling regret at choosing this man to reincarnate and giving him his blessing the God began trying to find a soul to replace him. Just as he was going to return Draig to the cycle of reincarnation and find a new soul, Draig disappeared from the space, the god knew that it was too late and felt like giving Draig his blessing due to his admiration towards his tenacity was a mistake.

    In Draig's place 2 lights appeared. Bowing quickly the god of destiny turned to one of the lights. The other light looked confused before feeling chills because of what he heard.

    (God of destiny = GofD chief god of Galadria is called Kuraiya btw)

    GofD - {Gaia welcome to my domain. What has caused you to grace my presence today?}

    Gaia - {I came to stop you from returning, I believe his name is Draig now, Draig's soul to the cycle of reincarnation when I heard you begin to question him.}

    Kuraiya - {I greet the ancient one. If I may ask, why did you want Draig to leave Earth?}

    Gaia - {That child would have a happier life if he was in your world Kuraiya along with many reasons, but my main reason is that while he doesn't remember he helped me find my way 15 years ago when he was just a child. I'm surprised he remembered meeting me, anyway both of you have nothing to worry about now both of you go back your bet has been resolved!}

    Both gods decided to leave to not anger the ancient goddess after leaving a hurried farewell.

    Gaia now alone spoke out into the void.

    {I wish you luck in your journey Swartal, no Draig the child who shall become the strongest!}


    Opening his eyes Draig though to himself.

    [If you're going to cut off then don't start talking at all, damnit! Well this is either a flag or just a mystery that I'll never find out. *sigh* hakuna mattata as a certain pig meerkat duo say I guess]

    Looking around him Draig saw meadows surrounding him with a single walled city a slight distance away from him towards the north. Deciding to head in that direction, Draig check what he possessed. Finding 3 silver coins in his hand and the clothes on his back to be his only possessions, Draig let out another sigh and began to jog towards the city.

    The weather was pleasant and there was a road so Draig felt great jogging towards the city. Keeping his eyes peeled for any monsters Draig continued his jog blissfully unaware that he had gained a new blessing.

    •hidden• <Blessing of gaia> obtained (resistance to mental, spiritual and physical damage increase. Regeneration rate increase. Magic density increase).

    Continuing his jog until around 500 meters away from the walls, he began searching for the gates and thinking of a way to enter without any identification papers. Quickly deciding on his story after seeing a flag far away, he began waking towards the gate soldier holding a spear. When he was a short distance away from the soldier, the soldier spoke.

    Soldier - "Show me your identification papers."

    Draig then responded based on the story he decided for himself on the way.
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