4 - Metaroni and the healers guild

    Draig began telling his story in a inauspicious way.

    Draig - "Sadly I lost my identification papers a week ago when a monster hoard attacked my village. I was the last survivor because I was forced to live away from the other villagers since I'm an orphan and my parents were outsiders.

    I've spent the last week roaming from village to village trying to find a place to live and 2 days ago on my 15th birthday I got a healer job with holy magic affinity so I decided to come to a big city to work at a healer's academy."

    Soldier - "The healer's academy? Please wait a moment."

    Feeling worried but not showing it on his face, Draig anxiously waited for the soldier while looking around to see the safest path to run If worse comes to worse. While Draig was looking around the soldier returned with a beautiful woman, with a dignified atmosphere, clear blonde hair that reached past her shoulders, light blue eyes and wearing a pure white robe. Feeling shock at her beauty, Draig was momentarily dazed but didn't show it on his face before snapping out of it. The woman then asked with a bell like voice.

    Woman - "Are you the applicant to the healer's academy?"

    Draig - "Yes, I am. I heard that I can learn to be a healer at a city since both my job and aptitude would let me use healing magic." he replied calmly.

    Woman - "Please follow me so that we can get your healer's guild identification papers."

    Quickly thanking the soldier, Draig tried to chase after the woman after attempting to pay the toll.

    Soldier- "Oh! Healers are not required to pay tolls anywhere except the empire young man." the soldier said while smiling wryly. Draig then bowed slightly to the guard as thanks before hurrying towards the woman, as he pondered on who she was.

    Walking the cobblestone road he caught up to the woman before saying his thanks and asking why there was no toll for healers. The woman quickly explained that this was because the healer's guild was based in this country and that those who can use healing magic were important in any country, she moved on to explain that you will be jailed if you lie about holy magic aptitude.

    Continuing on the road before finally stopping in front of a large building that she said was "Saint Schull's church Metaroni branch's healer's guild." surprising him with how she could say that in one breath without stuttering or stopping.

    Entering at the same time the woman said.

    Receptionist - "Welcome to the healer's guild."

    Feeling slightly happy Draig responded with a slight bow and a "thank you".

    "Lumina-sama, how may I help you?" a bewitching woman from behind the counter said. Feeling slightly worried because he didn't show the woman, Lumina enough respect after hearing the woman whom he assumed to be a receptionist called her "-sama" Draig heard Lumina talk again.

    Lumina - "This child wants to join the healer's guild, so I would like you to confirm his aptitude and register him."

    Receptionist - "Ok then. Welcome again to the guild, I need you to fill in these papers so that you can register as s healer." she said as she led him to a separate counter with a different receptionist.

    Handing over the parchment and a pen Draig glanced over what he needs to fill before asking.

    Draig - "My village burned down recently, and because the villagers shunned me can I just fill in the birthplace as village or do I just leave it empty?"

    Receptionist- "Nani? Oh, *cough* well if you don't know it should be fine"

    [Hol up what was the first thing she said!? And did she look at me with anger just now!?] Draig thought before he decided to pin it on his imagination, and quickly filled in his name race and age.

    The receptionist disappeared behind the counter with the parchment Draig handed over, before returning with a card and asking me to channel my magic power into the card.

    Feeling happy for deciding to get the skill <magic power control> because it made him aware of how to use magic , Draig followed the receptionist's instructions and the card flashed before the words

    |Healer's guild Metaroni branch affiliate G rank healer Draig|

    Handing the card back the receptionist disappeared again behind the counter while the first receptionist explained that they were recording him so that he can use it in any branch around the world, when she saw Draig visibly confused.

    Returning with Draig's card, the receptionist passed the card to him Draig asked them where he could learn healing magic.

    Lumina - "What do you mean?" she said in an intimidating tone

    Draig - "I was shunned by my village because my parents are outsiders and there was no healer at my village, so I have no knowledge of healing magic" he replied thinking that the tone was uncalled for and responding calmly, albeit slightly annoyed.

    Sighing Lumina explained the three courses for learning to Draig. Draig compared the three methods together.

    Sparta: he would be stressed out all the time, but that wouldn't be something extremely new to him and he can learn it quickly. He would memorise the spells and chant them from day to night until his mana runs out with breaks to sleep eat and use the toilet.

    Loan: go a specific school to teach magic but he would have to pay 10 gold coins when he finishes his course and it would take a couple years.

    Finally groundwork: he would spend years in a clinic doing chores but be allowed to watch the healers perform magic and be tutored by them every now and the.

    Thinking about what he wanted to do he discarded the second option due to his history with student loans, then discarded the third method due to it taking too long.

    Finding his resolve, Draig looked up and said

    Draig - "I want to do the 'Sparta' course please." while bowing slightly.

    When he looked back up he saw the face of two demons and began to regret slightly.
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