5 - Training holy magic

    Looking up momentarily, Draig saw Lumina and the receptionist ominously smiling at each other and could swear that he saw a demonic mask floating behind their heads. Wiping his eyes quickly, Draig straightened up before looking at them again but like a lie there was no ominous smiles or demonic masks.

    Receptionist - "Lumina-sama, please leave training young Draig here to us."

    Lumina - "Very well, I leave this to you. Draig I'm expecting great things from you, don't disappoint me." Lumina said while smiling at Draig.

    Draig - "Thank you for everything, I don't plan to disappoint you Lumina-sama." Draig replied confidently.

    Laughing lightly Lumina continued following both Draig and the receptionist with her eyes before calling out to Draig.

    Lumina - "No need for '-sama', I hope to meet again, healer Draig."

    Draig looking back whilst smiling answered.

    Draig - "Then I'll see you in the future, Lumina." bowing slightly he chased after the receptionist.

    The receptionist was standing in front of a door, tucked away in a corner, that was hard to notice unless you already know it was there. Apologising quickly for making the receptionist wait, Draig began to wonder where he would do his 'Sparta' training.

    Receptionist - "Please practice using the spell books in this room. Every morning and evening we will bring you a meal. Assuming you have never experienced magic power depletion, I recommend you practicing on the bed inside the room because the effects cause you to feel sluggish and tired. When you wake up continue practicing, until you gain the <Holy magic I> skill you will repeat this process."

    Saying that the receptionist turned around and began to walk back to the counter. Saying a quick thanks, Draig entered his new home(cell) for the time being.

    Looking around after closing the door behind him, Draig saw a bed in the corner of the room with a single book on top of a desk and noticed a door on the far side of the room. Walking towards the door he found it leading to a very medieval looking toilet, some unknown rough material was beside it and Draig felt slightly sad about there not being a bathtub but he would just use a wet towel.

    After examining his new abode, Draig noticed that there were no windows and felt a bad premonition. Shrugging the feeling off, he sat down on the bed and began reading the book. Reading the basic process to learning magic, Draig felt happy knowing he could skip the first 3 steps due to already having

    <Magic power control I> and decided to try chanting the level 1 spell of holy magic while holding an image of healing like the book told him.

    Draig - "Well here goes nothing •O lord, with my magic power as provision, let me recover this person, Heal•


    Nothing happened.

    [Well I never expected it to work first try anyway, but I definitely felt something move. Anyway let's keep trying. Wait! Don't I have Proficiency appraisal? I'll check my progress.]

    A window appeared before Draig when he willed himself to see his Proficiency at holy magic.

    - Holy magic


    [Hmm, it'll take approximately 40 more tries. I don't know how long I get knocked out after my magic is depleted and it looks like it uses 5 magic power after each cast so I can use this 9 more times before I find out.]

    (An: I'm just going to call it mana from now on cause ffs is it tedious and confusing since it's already mana in the status)

    Finalising his thoughts, Draig decided to try casting without the image. Checking again he found that he lost 5 mana, but the proficiency rose by only 0.5. Thinking that he just wasted an attempt, Draig continued to cast with the image firm in his mind now.

    After 8 more attempts he noticed that his mana had recovered by 1, but that was just buried in his mind due to the uncomfortable feeling he got because of mana depletion. He felt giddy for some reason but also felt a powerful headache and really drowsy, if he was forced to describe what he felt he would say that it felt like he had the worst hangover possible but be extremely drunk at the same time just without any satisfaction from being drunk.

    Deciding that he should take a short break, Draig's mana had risen to 5 and he started to feel much better. Thinking that maybe he should try to increase his mana control, since according to the book the better you control your mana the less mana is lost in the process of casting thus making it take longer for him to feel this bad.

    Deciding on this he began manipulating his mana around his body, unaware that the mana was slowly depleting again. When he had started feeling mana depletion again, Draig heard someone knock the door and he sluggishly answered the door.

    Standing outside the door holding a tray of food was the receptionist that led him to the room, she looked concerned the moment he opened the door.

    Receptionist - "Draig, I'm here to bring you your food - wait why are you so pale! Are you alright?"

    Draig - "I'm fine, miss um can you tell me your name I forgot to ask earlier."

    Receptionist - "Oh did I not introduce myself, sorry my name is Kururu pleasure to meet you."

    Draig - "Likewise, but I may be pale because I just exhausted my mana. Mana depletion feels horrible, now I know why it's called 'Sparta'!"

    Receptionist - "Fufufu, yes people usually avoid this course because of that. Anyway don't do anything unreasonable because it would be a shame if you die, also this branch's reputation will be tarnished. After you finish your meal please put the tray with your tableware outside your room , see you tomorrow morning Draig."

    The receptionist turned around and left just as suddenly as she appeared, feeling slight concern over what she said about dying Draig sat down to eat, unaware if the slight blush she had while leaving. After his meal, Draig decided to start chanting again until mana depletion where he decided that it was enough for the day and decided to sleep.
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