2 Eyes, Spell & Ron

    "I'm not really in the mood for this right now," said Harry in a gloomy tone.

    [Ding! Host?]

    "My mother and I just died, dammit! You want me to be happy about that?"

    [Ding! Host is still alive. Life and death are part of the natural cycle. Death is not the end.]

    "I'm grieving the separation with someone I love!" said Harry angrily. "You want me to not even grieve? **** you, system!"

    [Ding! Host is entitled to grieve as much as Host wishes. Host must also remember to take steps towards Host's future whether Host likes it or not. The world will not stop just so Host can grieve. All must continue moving forward.]

    Harry was quiet. He knew the system was right. Yet he still mourned the death of his mother. His eyes blurred and tears rolled down his cheeks. Seconds turned into minutes.

    He suddenly clenched his teeth and wiped his tears. "System, open the gift pack."

    [Ding! Opening beginner gift pack ... opened.

    Sharingan x1

    Flipendo x1

    Heaven's Path Divine Art Fighter 1-dan

    Forging Breath Manual x1

    System Credit - x5000]

    "What the **** is this s**t?" exclaimed Harry, standing you in shock. "Except for the Flippendo spell, none of the others are from the Harry Potter world!!"

    [Ding! System is known as the Dimension System. Almost all abilities and skills of other Dimensions are available for Host to obtain through the system.]

    "Then does that mean I'll be able to travel to otter realms too?" asked Harry, started to get excited.

    [Ding! As long as as Host has reached the peak of this world.]

    "Then what about my old world? Can I return there?" asked Harry with a hopeful tone.

    [Ding! Host has already died in his old world. It's not possible for Host to return to his old world.]

    "Oh,"  muttered Harry, getting gloomy.

    [Ding! Does host wish to learn new abilities and skills?]

    "Yes, let's learn the Sharingan first and then Flipendo," said Harry, his eyes starting to gleam.

    [Ding! Sharingan learned

    Sharingan: Level: 1 (1 tomoe), Exp (0/500)

    Flipendo learned]

    Harry's eyes suddenly became itchy as he received the notification as if there was ants crawling within them and caused him to hiss with discomfort. However, this did not last long as information about the Knockback-jinx soon flooded his mind.

    Harry relished at the new knowledge. In his previous life, he was famous at school as a book-worm as he almost always had a book at hand to read. He was very fond of new knowledge and welcomed it like a sponge absorbing water.

    He opened his eyes when the feeling of irritation went away and found his vision to be enhanced by leaps and bounds. Harry was able to see details of his surroundings with more clarity. He turned around and looked at his reflection at the carriage window. What started back at him was a scrawny face with messy black hair and red eyes. His eyes had a circle with a tomoe on it.

    Harry took out his wand to try out the new spell he just learned but was interrupted by a growl that came from his stomach and a feeling of tiredness.

    [Ding! It is recommended for Host to stop supplying the Sharingan as Host's magic reserves are currently too low.]

    "How do I do that?" asked Harry.

    [Ding! Simply will it and imagine cutting off a water supply to your eyes.]

    Harry did as was asked and the feeling of tiredness receded. His eyesight was less sharp but was still vastly improved compared to before his Sharingan was activated. He took of his round glasses and put it aside after folding it.

    "Wait, don't I need Chakra for the Sharingan?" asked Harry.

    [Ding! Chakra is a form of energy like magic in this world. The system had slightly altered the properties of the Sharingan to use magic like it would Chakra.]

    Just then the door of his compartment slid open and a red haired boy stood.

    "Hello, is that seat taken?" asked the boy, pointing at the seat opposite Harry. "Everywhere else is full."

    "No, take it if you want," said Harry, waving his hand.

    "Thanks," said the red head. "By the way, I never introduced myself even though we met earlier. I'm Ron Weasly."

    "Harry Potter," replied Harry.

    "Are you really?" asked Ron excitedly. "My brothers were saying you were Harry Potter but I thought they were just joking."

    Harry simply pulled up his hair covering his forehead to reveal a lightning shaped scar. Ron's eyes shot wide open.

    "Bloody hell, you really are Harry Potter," exclaimed Ron. "I heard you lived with muggles. What were they like?"

    "Like any other human beings," replied Harry, shrugging his shoulders. "Only without magic."

    "You know, you're a lot more laid back than I thought you'd be," said Ron, surprised.

    "I'm really not, I've had a lot happen to me in the last couple of hours than I would like to," said Harry, shifting his eyes.

    Harry slouched back against his seat with a gloomy look. Ron looked at him with a confused look and was about to say something when the door to their compartment slid open and middle aged woman said with a smile, "Anything off the cart, dears?"

    Harry's eyes lit up and he energetically jumped off his seat. "I'll take four of everything you've got."

    The woman was surprised at his enthusiasm and big order but still complied and gave Harry his order and collected her payment. Ron was shocked at how much Harry had ordered and looked at the variety of food with a look of envy.

    "Just how much do you eat?" asked Ron, his eyes not leaving the delicacies.

    "Normally a lot, but I don't know about today," replied Harry truthfully. "Dig in with me."

    "Are you sure?" asked Ron nervously.

    "Less talking and more eating you freckle faced red head," said Harry, slightly annoyed.

    "Then don't mind if I do," said Ron happily.

    The duo began eating like they have been starved for days. As the minutes slowly turned into hours, the food slowly tricked down and what was left in their place was wraps and packaging. When they started opening the chocolate frogs, Ron was the only one who showed great enthusiasm. Harry could never understand what was so great about collecting cards and only focused on the food. Very soon, both boys were stuffed you the point they could not even take another bite.

    "I can't believe there's someone my age who could eat more than me," said Ron with a sheepish smile plastered on his face.

    "I'm surprised too," said Harry, standing while he stretched his hands above his head. "I didn't think this body could handle so much food."
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