3 Hermione & Fighting?

    Harry wanted to talk with the system but he didn't want to do it in front of Ron. Harry always found Ron annoying in the books. He had a lot of talent and the potential to become really strong but Ron was always doubting himself and had this low self-esteem what with having high achieving siblings. It had led to the rise in his jealousy for Harry in the books that led their friendship falling apart in their fourth year during the Triwizard Tournament and during the events in the Deathly Hallows.

    Even in his past life, Harry was an only child so he could not put himself in Ron's shoes. But Harry had a firm belief in hard work that was instilled in him by his mother. He wanted Ron to overcome his inferiority-complex but he didn't feel like baby-sitting the red head. Harry himself was in turmoil from the loss of his mother. Maybe he could help this freckled faced idiot to gain confidence in himself but that is something to think about at another time.

    Harry remembered from reading light novels from his previous life that those with systems could talk mentally, therefore, he wanted to try that.

    "System?" thought Harry.

    [Ding! Host?]

    "Wow, so that really works," thought Harry excitedly. "I want to ask about the system points I was awarded. Is that for purchasing items?"

    [Ding! Host is correct. System has a shop function that can be unlocked when Host completes a mission for it.]

    "I see, so system has a mission function too," thought Harry, grinning happily. "Let me guess, that mission hasn't been issued yet."

    [Ding! Host is correct. Missions are only issued when Host meets certain conditions.]

    "I see, well I explore your functions when we get to Hogwarts. By the way, can you protect my memories from being seen? I don't want others to know I'm from another world. I most definitely don't the Sorting Hat to know since chances are high it might notify Dumbledore."

    [Ding! Host needs not worry. I can block any mind invaders from gaining knowledge about anything they should not; mainly your original world and the system.]

    "Harry, what are you doing?" asked Ron, looking at Harry with a weird expression.

    "Stretching, it helps me get rid of the stuffed feeling from overeating," replied Harry.

    Just then, the compartment door opened and Harry came face to face with a bushy brown haired girl. Harry was shocked. Not due to the sudden appearance of the surprised girl but from how she looked

    "Oh my god!" screamed Harry in his head. "The book ****ing LIED! She. Is. HOT!! I mean for an eleven year old girl! Just imagine when she's older!"

    "What are you doing?" asked the girl in a bossy tone.

    "Yep the personality matches," thought Harry. "Stretching."

    "Well, alright," said the girl. "Have you seen a toad? A boy called Neville lost his."

    "No, I haven't," replied Harry shaking his head. "But they'll find it so you don't need to worry. Why don't you come in? Have you eaten yet?"

    "I've had lunch but I am feeling a little peckish," said the girl walking into the compartment.

    "We still have food left untouched," said Harry, offering the seat next to himself.

    "Thank you, I'm Hermione Granger by the way," Hermione introduced herself.

    "I'm Harry Potter, a pleasure to meet you," said Harry with a smile.

    "Are you really?" said Hermione. "I know all about you. I've had some extra reading and you have been mentioned in quite a few books. By the way, do you know what house you'll be in? I hope I'll be in Gryffindor but Ravenclaw wouldn't be so bad either. Well, you'd best change into your robes. We will be arriving in Hogwarts soon."

    Ron was stunned at the speed the girl was talking and felt annoyed at being ignored. He looked at the smiling Harry and gave him a confused look.

    "You're quite the mouthful, aren't you?" said a gloomy Ron.

    "Sorry, I didn't notice you, did you say something?" said Hermione.

    Harry looked at Ron with a glare. "Stupid red-head. There's no way I'm letting you have this Bella," thought Harry. "She's right. Let's change."

    Harry and Ron took their time to change into their uniform. Hermione was staring at Harry as if she was trying to find something. Harry noticed and didn't say anything as he continued changing. When he finished, he returned Hermione's stare, causing her to slightly blush.

    "What's wrong?" asked Harry.

    "I don't know, you have this strange vibe about you," replied Hermione.

    "Could it be because I'm the MC?" asked Harry, cupping his chin.

    "MC of what?" asked Ron.

    "The MC of my life," smirked Harry.

    The compartment doors opened again but this time there were three boys standing by the door.

    "Is it true?" asked the middle pale-faced boy. "They're saying all the train that Ha-!"

    "Flipendo! Flipendo! Flipendo!"

    The three boys were struck by an invisible force and were knocked back into the train corridor. They collided with the train window and were knocked out immediately.

    "Whoah! I didn't know Flipendo was that strong!" thought Harry, his wand still pointing towards the door. "That had the same effect as a Stupify. I'll have to ask the system later."

    "Harry, what did you do?" shrieked Hermione. "We'll get into trouble for fighting!"

    "Fighting?" said Harry with an innocent face. "Who was fighting? Were you fighting, Ron? Hermione?"

    "I saw no-one fighting," said Ron, grinning from ear to ear as he shut the compartment door.

    "See? No fighting, no trouble."

    Hermione opened her mouth and was about to say something when a voice echoed throughout the train as it began to slow down. "Hogwarts Express will be shortly at Hogwarts. Please leave your luggage on the train and it will be take to the school separately. You are advised to take your seats."

    "Look, we are advised to take our seats," said Harry, smirking madly. "We don't want to get into trouble now do we?"
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