5 Erratic Emotions

    Harry took off the Sorting Hat and was about make his way to the Gryffindior table when he noticed the most pecular sight. Silence. Pure and complete silence. Harry looked at the student and the only thing that stared back at him were shocked expressions. The amount of detail that registered in his mind greatly surprised him. It was like looking things in HD. Harry turned his head and looked at Professor McGonagall and noticed another highly detailed shocked expression.

    "Mr. Potter, your eyes," said Professor McGonagall with a trembling voice.

    "Oh **, I must have accidentally activated my Sharingan," thought Harry. "That explains the HD vision."

    "Ah yes, my eyes become like this every now and then," said Harry, deactivating his Sharingan. "Nothing to worry about."

    "I see," said Professor McGonagall, showing a hint of a nervous smile.

    Harry began walking towards the Gryffindor table that have been the quietest they had ever been. "What's the matter, you lot? You're not happy to have me? Want me to join Slytherine hahaha?"

    "Oh, hell no!" roared the Gryffindor table. "Welcome to Gryffindor, Harry. It's not every day we get a famous name."

    "Hahahaha, now that's a welcome, hahahah," said Harry, laughing. He sat down next Hermione and noticed her looking at him with eyes full of curiosity.

    "You like what you're seeing, beautiful?" asked Harry with a teasing smile.

    Hermione suddenly blushed and looked away, making Harry laugh more.

    "Look at what we -!"

    " -have here. Little -!"

    " -Harry thinks he's -!"

    " -got game."

    Harry turned his head to see the Weasley twins grinning like fools.

    "Ladies, please," said Harry, sitting up with a slight arrogant look, very much like how Sasuke Uchiha did in Naruto. "I have more game in my pinky finger than you will ever have in your whole lives."

    Everyone who heard Harry's reply had their jaws drop. But non had it worse than Fred & George Weasley. Suddenly Ron burst into a mad laughter.

    "Hahahaha ... you two ... got owned .... hahahaha!" roared the boy sitting next to the twins in laughter.

    "Silence, please," said Professor McGonagall in her usual strict tone.

    The rest of the Sorting Ceremony carried on as per canon style. After Dumbledore's speech, the food magically appeared and everyone began eating. Ron had come to sit next to Harry to which he acted like the red head did not even exist. Harry and Ron ate like starved children, which greatly shocked and amused the students around the table. Hermione looked at the two boys wolfing down the food, she was slightly repulsed at Ron's bad table manners, but was pleasantly surprised at Harry's graceful style of eating. From picking up his cutlery to choosing his food to placing it in his mouth and chewing, all movementa were fluid and graceful and at that moment he appeared like a noble.

    Hermione looked more closely at the black haired boy sitting gracefully next to him, eating. She looked at his black hair, the style of which had been changed somehow and she didn't know when he had managed to magically change it. She like the neat haircut and it looked really good on him.

    The she looked at his face. When Hermione first met Harry at the train, she saw was surprised to see a sense of maturity he had that was beyond his age. Now, after spending a bit more with him, Hermione found that the feeling of maturity she had sensed was stronger that made the aura around him more defined, albeit still faint. Every time she looked at Harry's eyes, she could clearly see that he was grieving. It did not take a genius to figure that out. Harry also looked lost and out of place. All in all, the feeling she got from him was that he was strong-willed and very mature with a cunning mind. That coupled with what she had seen in his eyes, Hermione concluded that he was having something like an identity crises.

    "I hope you sort out whatever that's bothering you, Harry," whispered Hermione in Harry's ears.

    Harry looked around in surprise to find Hermione with a determined look. "Where did that come from?" he thought.

    She smiled at him and continued eating.

    "What a surprise," thought Harry. "I didn't know she could read people. Or am I really that easy to read?"

    The dinner continued and everyone chatted away happily. Harry was once again surprised at how much he could eat.

    After everyone had their fill of the good food, Harry and everyone one else were lead to their dorm rooms. After the long train journey, everyone was tired and went straight to bed. They would have classes the next day.

    Harry sat on his bed imitating a meditative pose and closed his eyes. He didn't have to wait long before his dorm mates fell asleep.

    "System," called out Harry in his head. "I believe some questions are owed."

    [Ding! What questions does Host have?]

    "First, why did you bind with me?"

    [Ding! Because Host's soul was compatible with the system.]

    "Second, how did I die?"

    [Ding! Access Denied! Host has insufficient authorization!]

    "Insufficient authorisation? When will my authorization be sufficient?"

    [Ding! When Host reaches the peak of this world!]

    "Who made you?"

    [Ding! Access Denied! Insufficient authorization!]

    "Why could I eat so much?"

    [Ding! Due to the merging of Host's soul with your current body!]

    "When is the merging process going to finish?"

    [Ding! The merging finished when Host was being sorted into your house!]

    "So that's why my Sharingan got activated."

    [Ding! Host needs to come to terms with his new identity! Host's growth will be impeded if Host fails! System reminds Host that Host no longer have the World's protection the old Harry Potter had!]

    "What do you mean?"

    [Ding! World's Protection goes by the name of Plot Armour in Host's old world!]

    "So why do I needed you?" asked Harry.

    [Ding! To offer Host the protection and power!]

    "**** you and your protection!" roared Harry in his head, his face twisting in anger. "You bring me to a ****ing new world and tell me that my mother and I have already died!! You expect me to live the life of a buffoon who had confidence issues?! **** you!! I AM HARRY POTTER OF MY WORLD!! I MAY BE IN THIS WORLD BUT I WILL LIVE MY LIFE AS I SEE FIT!!! Go find another sucker to take you in!"

    [Ding! Host needs to calm down!]

    "I will NOT calm down! You are you not giving me the answers I want! And I will not play your stupid game! I will become the peak existence of this world myself! I will not rely on a tool like you! For all I know, you could have killed me to bring me to this world! Get out of my head, soul or body - whatever you have bound yourself to!"

    [Ding! Host will regret his decision!]

    "I will not! I did not have you in my previous life nor did I need you! I will not have you in this life nor will I need! And take back the Sharingan! I don't want them!"

    Harry was panting from anger. Never in his whole life had he been so angry. The pent-up emotions that he had been holding back had finally started to released. There was silence. The thing that could be heard were the rapid breathing of Harry and the slight snores of his roommates.

    One minute ... two minutes ... three minutes ... five minutes ...

    And then, finally ...

    [Ding! As System is part of Host now, it is impossible to diffuse with Host without killing Host as Host and System has become merged together. However, since Host has expressed his strong desire to reject the System, System will undergo shut down. Host's Sharingan will remain and will continue to evolve. Two basic function of System will remain active. That is Scan where Host's information will be presented to Host in a numerical format and Inventory where Host can store items. System will only turn online should Host wishes!]

    Following the System's speech, silence followed. Harry kept his eyes closed and a habit he had developed in his past life took over.

    Sitting on his bed, Harry crossed his legs and continued sitting in a meditative state. His mind slowly calmed and cleared. His breathing stabilised and became deep. Inhale ... exhale ... inhale ... exhale ...

    "Right ... Let's think ...," thought Harry. "I don't know how or why, but I've died in my old world. I've come to Harry Potter and have taken over his body. Not only that, but I seem to have also gained his memories. But the more important part here is my future.

    I need to make my own path and walk it. Even though I'm me and not this world's Harry, I still have to deal with Voldemort. I have until the last match of the Triwizard Tournament to find a way to kill his soul part that is in me. But that is only if I plan on letting Peter Pettigrew to escape. But that is something I don't plan on doing. Which means I can predict what's going to happen accurately for the next three years and I will mostly have control over the events. After that, I would have changed the timeline too much for me to accurately predict the future.

    But I'll deal with that later. For now let's keep meditating and gain more control over my emotions. They have been really erratic all day."
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