9 Influence & Authority

    "He's not as dead as everyone thinks he is," continued Harry. "I can feel him through the connection I've got with him. I honestly don't know if my current powers are thanks to the connection I've got with him or if it's just my innate talent. What I do know is when he tried to kill me as a baby, a part of him was given to me, though I don't know if he knows it. Sometimes I see distorted images and hear voices. But that's not something I have control over. There's also this intense craving I have for knowledge. Bottom line is that I've got these powers. There's one thing that I do know, he's not going to keep lying low. He's going to find a way to return and I'll need to find him. I need my powers to mature enough for when he does return so I can finish what he's started. I have no desire to simply wait for him to come and kill me no do I have any desire to leave things to luck. You know him and I need to fight it out. You understand his powers better than anyone. You know my talent is in no way inferior to his and it simply needs to be nurtured. I understand you don't want another Voldemort and believe me when I say I am not going to become another him. What we desire are fundamentally different."

    "And what is it that you desire, Harry?" asked Dumbledore, looking at Harry straight into his eyes.

    "I desire for a family, Professor," replied Harry, smiling sadly. "A home. It's something I have desired and longed for my whole life. And for that desire to come true, I would even gladly give away all my powers and live my life as a muggle."

    Dumbledore was shocked once more. For a wizard, losing his magical powers was the worst thing that can happen to them. And there was no wizard that would casually say what Harry had just declared. This made him even more curious.

    "If you still don't believe me, I will lower my mental barrier enough for you to see and understand that this is are my truest desire from the dept of my heart," said Harry in complete confidence.

    Dumbledore stared at Harry's green eyes for a long time as if searching for something. Harry returned Dumbledore's look. This contributed for a few minutes and there was nothing but silence.

    "Very well, Harry," said Dumbledore, finally breaking the silence. "What is it that you need from me?"

    "For outside of Hogwarts, your authority and influence over the Ministry of Magic," said Harry.

    "What for?" asked Dumbledore his curiosity growing.

    "I have a strong feeling that Voldemort will be making his return very soon though I don't know how soon. If I was Voldemort, I wouldn't be showing myself to them until I rebuilt my army. Not everyone are like you and I who are already expecting his return as they believe him to be dead. I don't want to have to deal with ignorant baboons who are in denial. Use your influence over the ministry to strengthen them. Also, there will be some traitors that needs to be weeded out."

    Dumbledore was again surprised at foresight Harry had and fell into contemplation. The boy was right. Something needed to be done with the ministry.

    "Who is the Minister for Magic right now?" asked Harry.

    "It's Cornelius Fudge," replied McGonagall.

    "Urgh, I already don't like him. He sound like the weak-willed paranoid type."

    "I will see what I can do with the Ministry," said Dumbledore with a smile. "What do you need from me at Hogwarts. Surely you might have already thought about it already."

    "First, I need to be excused from the bedtime rules first years have to follow. Second, I need proper training in the magic from you as you are the only one who is strong enough to face Voldemort on equal grounds. Third, I need permission to fully access of the library and that includes any restricted section. I need the permission to come directly from you and in writing. Fourthly, I need something that can extend the twenty-four hour time I have. I'm sure there are some time-related artefacts that can do that. Lastly, I would like advanced lessons from the Professors. And the excuse of exercising fairness to students, that went went down the drain when I got targeted by Voldemort and the fact that I have to fight him. As for the families of students protesting against you for offering me personal lessons if they found out, firstly they won't find out unless either me, yourself or Professor McGonagall spills the bean. Even if they found out, just say you're giving me detention for bad behaviour."

    Dumbledore raised his eyebrow and was just left speechless. McGonagall's jaw had simply dropped and did not know what to say. Both Professors had expected some of the requests but personal tailoured lessons from the Headmaster and the Professors? That was simply asking for too much.

    "Oh, I don't need personal lessons from all teachers," said Harry quickly. "Just from Professors McGonagall, Flitwick, Snape and of course yourself."

    "You are excused from bedtime rules," said Dumbledore, chucking. "I hope it's for not wanting to lose points for your house."

    "Of course," said Harry in a serious tone. "And for walks under the moonlight."

    "I can apply for a Time-Turner for you as long as a proper log of it's usage is submitted. I would need a list of the books that you need from the restricted section if I'm to give you permission to read them. As for receiving customised teachings from the other Professors, you will have to convince them yourself as it's not my place to decide. And lastly, for receiving personal training from me, I'll have to decline. I want to see your progress  first and if I'm satisfied, I will consider it."

    "That is already enough for now," said Harry, getting up. "Your declining of personally teaching me had already been within my expectations. Now, Professors, if there's nothing else, I wish to have my lunch now. I'm starving."

    "No, you may go," said Dumbledore.

    "Right, Professor McGonagall, I can't believe you lied about not knowing Professor Dumbledore's profeciency level in wandless and chantless magic," said Harry cheekily.

    Saying that, Harry rushed out of Dumbledore's office without giving her a chance to reply. McGonagall simply sighed and turned to face Dumbledore.

    "Albus, is it alight to give him so much free reign?" asked McGonagall. "His talents are out of this world. If he receives tailored tuition from the Professors and becomes the next Dark Lord, not just the wizarding world be in chaos, but the muggle world too."

    "I understand your concerns, Minerva," said Dumbledore. "I too held the same reservations as you. But there is something that I saw Legilimency that drove that apprehension away. It was only for a brief moment but it was enough."

    "What was it, Albus?" asked McGonagall, curious.

    "It is ...!"

    ""Professor!" called out a voice, surprising both teachers.

    "Something wrong Harry?" asked Dumbledore seeing Harry's return.

    "I forgot something," said Harry. "Regarding the magic particle, am I right assume that no in the castle knows about it?"

    "Yes, you are right," replied Dumbledore, nodding his head.

    "I would associate it if it could be kept a secret," said Harry. "Since Voldemort is still around, I don't want him to find out about it."

    "Mr. Potter, surely you are not implying that the Dark Lord has infiltrated Hogwarts," asked McGonagall with a frown.

    "Why not, Professor?" asked Harry, tilting his head as he looked straight into her eyes. "Can you say for certain that it's beneath him?"

    "We would have known if he had infiltrated this school," replied McGonagall with a frown. "We are not that lax."

    "Professor, I appreciate the confidence you have in Hogwarts security. But this is Voldemort we are talking about. He did not become who he is without deception and manipulation. Besides, the magic particles is my discovery. Surely I have enough rights over it to decide who I reveal it to."

    "Very well, Harry. You're right. This is your discovery and have every right to decide on who you reveal it to. We will keep it a secret," said Dumbledore, cutting off McGonagall. "Anything else?"

    "No, that's all, Professor" said Harry. "I'll be going now."

    Without waiting for a response, he walked away quickly, finally leaving Dumbledore's office. The corner of Dumbledore's eyes twitched.

    "That's the second time he's done that," said Dumbledore with displeasure. "Does he have a grudge against me or something?"

    Outside of Dumbledore's office, Harry smirked. "Hn. Watch yourself, old man. Acting cool in front of me isn't going to be so easy. Hehehehe."
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