12 Flying, Potions & Decisions First Half

    Harry arrived in the Gryffindor Common Room and quickly ate with Hermione and went to sleep. Hermione, on the other hand, waited for Ron.

    Harry sat cross-legged in meditation as he started absorbing the mana particles, getting rid of his fatigue, although he was still mentally tired. He then lied in bed closing his eyes. "Maybe I shouldn't have snapped at Ron like that ...," he thought as he slowly drifted into sleep.

    Harry woke up the next morning once again at dawn. He got out of bed and noticed Ron lightly snoring as he slept. He went to the grounds once again and repeated his exercise routine all the way until 7.30am. He had a quick shower, changed into his uniform and made his way to the Great Hall for breakfast. Hermione and Ron was already there and upon seeing Harry, Ron got up and left.

    "I guess I really was harsh on him yesterday," thought Harry, seeing the red head walk away. "Oh well."

    "Where did you go so early in the morning?" asked Hermione as Harry sat next to her. "Ron said you weren't in bed when he woke up."

    "Training at the grounds," said Harry, getting himself a glass of orange juice.

    "Wow, you really take your Kung Fu training seriously," said Hermione. "But you still haven't said why you need it as a wizard."

    "I'll tell you one you can sense the magic in the air. Focus on sending the magic particles when meditating. It might help push away the distracting thoughts," said Harry.

    "OK," said Hermione. "What do you think Ron might chose."

    "Don't know, don't really care," said Harry. "I'm fine with whatever he chooses. I'm not his mother."

    Harry didn't say anything else and ate his breakfast in silence. After finishing, he made his way to the Quiddetch field with Hermione and saw a bunch of broomsticks. Each student stood next to a broomstick. The Gryffindors were sharing the class with the Slytherine house and Malfoy was glaring at Harry with immense hostility.

    "Watch your back, Potter," hissed Malfoy with full hatred.

    "What's wrong, duck brain?" asked Harry as he smirked at Malfoy. "You falling for me? But I'm not interested in boys."

    "Keep dreaming, Potter! I'll make you pay for what did to me in the train!"

    "Hey, stop saying misleading things, you stupid duck brain! I like girls! Besides, I don't have change to give a beggar like you. I'm sure Hogwarts has some hardship funds that could help the needy."

    "You ...!"

    "Attention everyone. On your right side you all have a broomstick. You will raise your hand over the broomstick and use the command - UP!" said Madam Hooch in a loud voice, looking at the group of first years.

    Harry stretched out his hand, placing it over the broom. He noticed a faint mana fluctuation the broom was giving off and locked onto it. After willing it to float into his hand, the broom vibrated excitedly and shot up. Catching the broom, Harry felt a strange familiarity coming over him as if reuniting with a long lost friend. He had a strong urge to mount the broom and start flying, greatly surprising him.

    "It seems after our souls merged, I also inherited original Harry's talent for flying," thought Harry. "Now let's see if Neville will still cause an accident after my stunt in Charms yesterday."

    Harry looked at Neville and saw he was clearly struggling.

    After everyone managed to summon their brooms, Madam Hooch demonstrated how to take flight.

    Harry had been waiting for this moment and looked at Neville in anticipate. He saw Neville trying to get off the ground on his broom. A nervous look could be seen on his face as he kicked off the ground hard. He quickly shot up into the air like a cork that was shot from a bottle. Losing control of his broom, Neville spun around like crazy. He lost his grip on the broom and fell on the ground with a thud and a loud CRUNCH!

    "Ouch! Now that is going to hurt like hell!" thought Harry. "Seems that he needs a bit more time to gain control of his magic."

    Madam Hooch rushed over to Neville and bent over him, checking him.

    "Broken wrist," she muttered under her breath. "Come on, boy - it's alright. Up you get."

    She then turned to face the rest of the class.

    "Anyone found to have used their brooms for flight in my absence will be out of Hogwarts before they can say 'Quidditch'!"

    The tear faced Neville who was clutching his broken wrist was escorted off with Madam Hooch who had an arm around him. No sooner had they gone out of earshot did Malfoy burst into laughter.

    "Did you see his stupid face, the great lump?" said Malfoy causing the other Slytherine's to join in the laughter.

    "Hey Slug-breath, did you forget how you got raped in the train?" asked Harry laughing. "Or you want a reminder?"

    Ron and Hermione laughed when they remembered the train scene.

    Malfoy's face was immediately filled with rage. "Don't get too happy for a lucky shot, Potter!"

    "Worry not, Malfoy, my 'shots' are never lucky!" said Harry with an sly smirk. "They're filled with immense skill and stamina! Maybe you could ask "Mummy Malfoy" to verify. Although I doubt "Daddy Malfoy" will be pleased, but I'm sure we can keep a secret."

    "What are you talking about?" asked Malfoy through gritted teeth.

    "Oh, Malfoy, it seems like you're not mature enough to know," sighed Harry, shaking his head. "Well, no matter."

    Some of the students caught on to Harry's joke and some of the boys were laughing where some of the girls blushed. Hermione glared at Harry with a red face.

    Harry mounted his broom again and was about to fly off when he was stopped by Hermione. "Harry, no! You heard what Madam Hooch said! You'll be expelled!"

    "You're so cute when you blush, Hermione," said Harry. "But worry not, girl, they won't get rid of me that easily."

    Not waiting for a response, Harry shot off the ground. The wind started blowing at him, causing his robe to flutter behind him and rejoiced at the feeling. His adrenaline started coursing through him, causing him to further enjoy the feeling.

    Harry could feel the mana fluctuation coming off from the broom as he inserted more of his mana into the broom. His control over the broom was getting stronger and stronger and Harry sensed something that he assumed was the core of the broom. He knew that as long as this core was under his control, there would be very few who could rival him in flying.

    Harry continued to rise into the air and soon forgot everything else as he relished on the experience. This was not something that he had encountered in his past life and he was thrilled at the experience he was having right now.

    Harry looked towards the castle and closed his eyes as he spread out his consciousness. He could faintly sense various number mana fluctuations of varying degree of strength. He then opened his eyes and looked at the Gryffindor tower and located McGonagall's room. He activated his Sharingan and could make out her silhouette with a much higher clarity than without it.

    Harry smiled as he willed his broom to speed towards her office. He found that he move the broom with just a simple thought as he was connected with the broom's core.

    As he reached the window like a bullet, McGonagall looked up and her face immediately distorted into a horrified expression. Upon reaching her office window, Harry immediately dived down and flew back towards the Quidditch grounds in a speedy zig-zag pattern.

    When he landed again, everyone looked at him with shocked faces.

    "Well, slug-breath? You think the great Malfoy pureblood do something like that?" asked Harry with a smirk.

    Malfoy's face twitched and looked as if he was fed a pile of dung.

    Everyone cheered for him and even the Slytherines weren't exempted.

    "That was some fancy flying, Potter," said a sweet voice.

    Harry turned and looked at the source of the voice. Saying that he was stunned at the sight was an understatement. What he saw was a blonde eleven years old girl with clear blue eyes. She was a ravishing beauty and at just eleven years of age. One can only imagine her level of beauty once she fully matures. A ripple course through Harry's heart as he took in the sight that was the Slytherine girl.

    "You are?" asked Harry, his eyes locked on the girl.

    "Daphne Greengrass," said the girl with the most radiant smile.

    Bhoom! A bomb exploded in Harry's head. "Dammit! How can a beauty like her remain in the shadows of the story," thought Harry. "Wait, Daphne Greengrass? Then she's the sister of Malfoy's future wife."

    "A pleasure, Miss Greengrass!" said Harry, slightly nodding his head. "Are you sure you want to associate with me? Just look at your friend, Parkinson. She's already staring daggers."

    "I do what I want and it's not her business who I want to befriend," said Daphne in a serious tone.

    "Really? And why do you want to befriend me?" asked Harry, tilting his head slightly.

    "Because you're interesting," replied Daphne, her smile returning.

    "And not because I'm the famous Harry Potter?" asked Harry.

    "That too, but mainly because you're interesting," replied Daphne. "You're fun to be around. I've noticed how Granger has been around you. And today's class confirmed it."

    "Harry Potter!" called out a stern voice just when Harry was about to continue his conversation with Daphne.

    Everyone turned around to see McGonagall striding over to them. "Come with me."

    "Good luck getting expelled, Potter!" sneered Malfoy.

    "You still around, slug-breath?" asked Harry with a smile as he followed McGonagall.

    Everything happened as per canon. McGonagall took Harry to see the Gryffindor Quidditch team captain, Oliver Woods, making him the seeker. He was told to keep the news hidden until the match. However, he didn't really care as he was alright with being high-profile.

    When he went to the Great Hall for lunch, Harry found Hermione and told her that he was selected for the Quidditch team, she was both happy and excited. He didn't see Ron with her but he figured the red-head must still be thinking about his decision and didn't bother too much about him. He didn't want another Peter Pettigrew to appear as he knew the reason for the fights between the original Harry and Ron in the story was caused over Ron's jealousy. Harry felt that if Ron had some achievements of his own, that jealousy might disappear. However, regardless of whatever Ron decided, Harry wouldn't lose any sleep over it as he had bigger priorities to take care of.

    While they were busy eating, a familiar voice sounded in his ears. "Hello, Potter. Mind if I join you?"

    Harry turned his head to see Daphne Greengrass standing beside him with her hands behind her.

    "You don't want to eat lunch with the rest of your Slytherine friends?" asked Hermione curiously.

    "I want to have lunch with Potter," said Daphne. "I hope we can become friends as well despite being from different houses. You have a problem with that, Granger?"

    "You are a Slytherine," said Hermione with a frown.

    "That automatically makes me bad?" asked Daphne with displeasure.

    "Girls, enough. Daphne, sit down," said Harry. Daphne sat down on Harry's other side, much to Hermione's annoyance.

    They finished their lunch and made their way together to the dungeons for their Potions class with Snape. When the trio arrived at the dungeons and entered the Potions classroom, members of both houses were shocked at the sight: a Gryffindor being friendly with a Slytherine. This had never happened before as both houses had been at odds with each other.

    Harry ignored them all as he took a seat with the two bellas on his either side. He noticed Ron sitting next to Dean Thomas, but he left him be.

    A few minutes after all the students had taken their seats, the classroom door flung open and Snape entered. He walked over to his desk and stood next to it.

    "There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class. As such, I don't expect many of you to understand the subtle science and exact art that is potion making," said Snape with a stoic face. "However, for those select few who possess the predisposition, I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame and brew glory and even put a stopper in death," said Snape in his usual tone.

    When Harry saw Snape, he strangely found this potions master's presence very likeable. It was probably the control this broody man had over his mind and emotions. Harry understood Snape's character from the storyline and had developed a deep respect for his brilliant mind. Harry found that this man known as Severus Snape was someone worth befriending and would do everything in his power to prevent his death.

    "Maybe, some of you have come to Hogwarts in position of abilities so formidable, you feel confident enough not to focus," snapped  Snape, noticing Harry's lack of focus. "Mr. Potter, our new celebrity. Tell me, what would you get if you mixed Asphodel to an infusion of Wormwood?"

    "Powdered root of Asphodel is added to an infusion of Wormwood to brew the very powerful sleeping position known as the Draught of Living Death," replied Harry with a smirk of his own.

    "What is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane?"

    "Nothing. They are one and the same and also goes by the name Acronite. It is very useful when dealing with werewolves and an extremely strong sedative that can also be used in brewing the Awakening Potion."

    "Where would you look if I asked you to find me a Bezoar?"

    "A Bezoar is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat and acts as an antidote from most poisons with a  Basilisk's venom being one notable exception. It is due to this that a Bezoar is most commonly used in the preparation of Antidotes to Common Poisons. The Bezoar is usually made of hair, plant fibre or similar indigestable matter that stays in the gut of an animal and forms a hard ball or "stone". The word Bezoar originates from the Persian word Pâdzahr which literally means "Protection from Poisons"."

    There was pin drop silence. Hermione furiously began taking notes. She did not know about the use of Wolfsbane in the making of the Awakening Potion nor did she know about about the use of Bezoar and the origin of its name.

    Harry noticed the twitching on the corner of Snape's eyes and smiled. It really wasn't easy to get this kind of reaction from someone like Snape and he enjoyed it very much.

    "Looks like you have done some reading, Mr. Potter, five points to Gryffindor," said Snape. "However, simply knowing the theory alone will not mean much if you cannot apply it in practice."

    There was another shock that rippled around the classroom. Even Harry was shocked. It has to be said that it was history was made today. Snape, the man who favoured non but his own house just awarded points to Gryffindor, the very house he had been bashing for numerous years. All of the students from Gryffindor had new-found respect for Harry and everyone from Slytherine, with the exception of Daphne, marked Harry as their number one enemy as if he had killed one of their loved ones.
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