16 Winged Unicorn

    "I'm going to go in first," said Harry. "Wait for thirty seconds before following me. Make sure you keep an eye out so we don't get caught."

    "I can't believe we're doing this, Harry," said Hermione with a face filled with worry.

    "Stop worrying so much, Granger," said Daphne.

    "Yeah, Hermione. Excitement is part of life," said Harry with a grin. "I'll see you on the other side."

    Harry hoisted himself onto the hole headfirst, pushing himself forward. He slid down on what felt like stone for a considerable distance before landing on a cold, damp earth. He stood up, took out his wand and muttered, "Lumos!"

    Harry found himself on narrow, earthy passageway. He stepped aside from hole and waited. Very soon, Daphne came tumbling down, followed by Daphne, Hermione and then Ron. Once all of them were gathered, they set off. The passage was just as it was described in the book, twisting and turning like the burrow of a huge rabbit. Holding his wand out in front of him, Harry led the others onwards. After about an hour of stumbling forward, the passage began to rise.

    Harry could hear the others panting, but more so, Daphne. "It seems I need to train her a bit," thought Harry.

    Not long after, Harry and the others came to the foot of worn stone steps that rose above him. Silently, the four of them climbed up countless steps, all the while looking up under the light of Harry's wand. Without warning, what appeared to be a trapdoor came into sight. After waiting for a few minutes for everyone to catch their breaths, Harry focused his ears on the trapdoor. When he couldn't hear any noise above him, he pushed the trapdoor slowly open and looked over the edge and then climbed out.

    When all four of them had climbed out of the trapdoor, Harry replaced it very quietly. They looked around and found themselves in a cellar that was full of wooden crates and boxes.

    Slowly creeping towards the wooden staircase, Harry and the others could now hear voices as well as the tinkle of a bell with the opening and shutting of a door.

    Quickly and silently, Harry and the others reached the for at the top of the stairs and opened it. Peering outside, he found a bald man standing behind the counter of Honeydukes. Harry closed the door and looked at his three companions who were nervously looking at him.

    "The owner of this store is just outside this door," whispered Harry. "I'm going cast a spell on him to temporarily blind him so he doesn't see us sneak out. As soon as I cast the spell, I want you three to quickly and silently follow me. Ron, you come out last and close the door behind us."

    "Harry, be careful," whispered Hermione nervously.

    Harry nodded and took out his wand, pointing it at bald man, whispering, "Obscuro! Tarantallegra!"

    As soon as he cast the spell, Harry ducked, crept sideways, and then straightened up, followed by Daphne, Hermione and the Ron.

    The customers in Honeydukes were all busy laughing at the bald man behind the counter who was dancing blindly and knocking himself at the counter to pay attention to the four students who silently snuck out of the store.

    When Harry and the others stepped out of Honeydukes, they started exploring Hogsmeade and they absolutely loved it; the little thatched cottages and shops going on and on as far as they could see. There weren't as many people on the streets as Harry was expecting, but he didn't pay it two minds. After asking around for directions, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Daphne made their way to Zonko's Joke Shop.

    "We will return to Honeydukes later, but first, we owe Zonko's a visit," said Harry with a sly visit.

    "That was so exciting," said Daphne, slightly breathless.

    "I was so nervous my heart was going to pop out," said Hermione.

    "Don't worry, Hermione," said Harry in a comforting voice. "If it ever does, I'll give you mine, hahaha."

    Daphne shot Harry a quick glare, but it was missed by him.

    "You're never going to stop, are you?" asked Hermione, with a tint of blush.

    "Nope," said Harry, as he stopped in front of another shop.

    "I can't believe I'm standing in front of Zonko's!" said Ron in an excited voice.

    "Believe it, Ron," said Harry, pushing the door open. "Hogsmeade is going to be our regular visiting place. Choose what you want guys, today's my treat. But don't go overboard."

    After about an hour, Harry and the others went back on the streets and went back to Honeydukes to buy their share of sweets.

    After their splurge in the sweet-shop, the four of them made their way to the Three Broomsticks. By now it was three in the afternoon and all four students were hungry beyond measure, especially so for Harry and Ron who were big eaters.

    After a few minutes, they pushed the inn's door open and entered. The Three Broomsticks was not as busy as the other shops, however, that was to be expected as it was now three in the afternoon and lunch time was already over. Also, since it was not evening yet, there were not that many customers that who usually came for a drink.

    Harry and the others placed their orders and paid before finding a table in a corner. Ron could not stop staring at the pretty Madam Rosmerta causing everyone to laugh.

    "I think Ron here is in love with a certain pretty someone," teased Daphne with a smile.

    "It seems his preferences lies with older ladies," said Harry with a smirk. "Why not ask her out on a date, Ron?"

    "Shut it, you two!" said a red-faced Ron in embarrassment.

    "Someone caught your eyes, boy?" asked Madam Rosmerta as she brought their orders over. "Who's the lucky pretty lady?"

    "I think she's caught more than his eyes, Miss Rosmerta," said Harry, his sly grin getting bigger. "But his attempts will remain futile, unfortunately."

    "Ah, a one sided love," sighed Madam Rosmerta. "One of the most painful ways of falling in love. But don't worry, my young red-head, you'll eventually find someone who will appreciate your love."

    Having finished placing the food on the table, Madam Rosmerta left. The faces of Harry, Daphne and Ron were all red. For Harry and Daphne, it was from holding in their laughter; as for Ron, it was from embarrassment.

    "HAHAHAHAHA!" roared Harry and Daphne in laughter. They simply could not hold it in any longer. This caused even Hermione to burst out in laughter. Ron was so embarrassed that he could die any minute.

    "Poor Ron ... hahaha ... getting rejected by ... hahaha ... his crush when she didn't even ... hahaha ... know," said Harry in the midst of his laughter.

    "There there, Ron, like she said, you'll eventually find someone, hahaha," said Daphne in a failed attempt to comfort him.

    "You guys are the worst," said Ron tearfully.

    "All right, enough with the laughing," said Harry after having his share of laughter. "Let's eat before the food gets cold."

    Harry and the others slowly enjoyed their food. By the time they finished, it was already six o'clock and the inn were slowly getting packed. After gulping down their last bite, they started making their way back to the Honeydukes sweet shop.

    The sweet shop's owner was busy serving a customer behind the counter and the four students had to wait for a while before they had the opportunity to sneak back into the cellar. Very quietly, they slid through the trapdoor and made their way back towards Hogwarts.

    "Harry, I just remembered ... what were those spells you cast on the Honeydukes owner," asked Hermione suddenly when they were halfway down the passageway.

    "You want to learn them?" asked Harry.

    'Of course I do," replied Hermione.

    "Me too, Harry," said Daphne.

    "Me three," chimes in Ron.

    "I'll teach it to you guys when we get back to Hogwarts," said Harry as he lead the way. "But make sure you keep it a secret."

    Once everyone was back in Hogwarts, Harry, Ron and Hermione parted ways with Daphne after Harry taught them all the two spells he had used earlier that day. He told them to practice it on their own until they had them mastered. Daphne asked him if he knew more spells he could teach her, to which he answered, "I only know a few more but I will only teach you if do well in your studies."

    She happily went back to the Slytherine Common Room and Harry, Ron and Hermione all went back to the Gryffindor Common Room. In the busy Common Room, Fred and George approached Harry, beaming with excitement.

    "Harry, do you have a minute?" asked Fred.

    "Sure, let's go to our dorm room," replied Harry with a smile. He had a very good idea what they wanted to talk about.

    "Speak your mind guys," said Harry, sitting on his bed.

    Fred and George looked at Ron and Hermione,  to which Harry said, "It's OK, they know about the training."

    "Harry, we want to join you in your morning training!" said George.

    "You two finished Phase One already?" asked Harry, surprised.

    "It wasn't easy, but yes! Just about an hour ago!" said Fred excitedly.

    "We spent the entire day on it!" said George.

    "Harry, you got them doing the training, too?" asked Ron.

    "Yes, they started today," replied Harry.

    "Alright, you two," said Ron excitedly as he stood in front of his two brothers. "As your senior in training, the responsibility of teaching the two of you falls on me!"

    "What are you talking about, little brother?" asked Fred.

    "You may have started before us, but you can't be so far ahead that you can teach us!" said George.

    "Fufufu, my dear Fred and George," said Ron, puffing out his chest as he smiled widely. "I'm already one full stage ahead of the two of you!"

    "What! That impossible!" exclaimed Fred and George.

    "He's right," said Harry, causing Ron to nod his head proudly. "In about a week's time, he should be ready to move to Phase Three."

    "No way," said George, his shoulders dropping. "Fred, our little brother is ahead of us in something."

    "Worry not, my trouble-mailing brothers," said Ron, putting a hand on George's shoulder. "As long as you follow my teachings properly, who knows, you might even speed ahead of me."

    "Don't be arrogant, Ron," said Harry. "Fred, George, you don't have to worry about Ron. It will do him good if you two train together with him. Phase Two isn't that hard to master. Phase Three is where things will become troublesome."

    "You only explained the first two Phases in the training plan," said George. "What's Phase Three?"

    "I'll explain that when you're all ready," said Harry. "You need to fully master Phase Two first."

    "So when do you normally train?" asked George.

    "In the morning at dawn," replied Harry. "We normally start at five thirty and train for a full two hours. I've found it's more effective to absorb mana when you combine it with physical training. It helps you grow stronger faster."

    "Physical training with mana absorption in the morning, classes during the day, and studying in the evening," said George in awe. "You three sure have your work cut out for you."

    "And now we'll be doing it too," said Fred. "We'll cut short for causing trouble, George."

    "But it's for the sake of our future," said George.

    "As long as we finish the training first -"

    "-we can still cause trouble!"

    "Unless you waste time on pointless detention," said Harry.

    "You're one to talk!" said Hermione curtly.

    "That's only if you're caught," said Harry, smiling.

    "Harry, it seems our minds work the same," said George, with a glint in his eyes.

    "Fred, George, how about you join us in going to Hogsmeade next Sunday?" asked Harry.

    "Our minds really do work the same," said Fred, grinning slyly. "Count us in."

    "Count me out," said Hermione.

    "Your words don't match with your actions today," said Ron, grinning.

    "You three did somewhere today?" asked Fred.

    "We went to Hogsmeade today," said Ron excitedly. "Harry found a secret passageway that lead to Honeydukes where we bought sweets. We ate at the Three Broomsticks and visited Zonko's."

    "The secret passageway behind the one-eyed witch?" gasped Fred and George, looking very impressed at Harry. "Harry, we underestimated you! Allow us to call you our sworn brother!"

    Both Fred and George stood up in attention in front of Harry and saluted.

    "I, Fred -!"

    "I, Georgd -!"

    " -solemnly swear that henceforth, Harry Potter is our sworn brother in our noble duties of mischief making!"

    "Fufufu, Mischief Managed, boys! Mischief Managed!" said Harry, with a glint in his eyes. "Sounds familiar?"

    Both of Fred and George's eyes bulged out, almost popping out of their sockets. "You know?"

    "Of course I know," said Harry, smiling. "I'm related to Prongs."

    "What are you three talking about?" asked Hermione.

    "Who's Prongs?" asked Ron.

    "A great man!" said Harry, Fred and George simultaneously.

    "If that's the case, Harry, then -!" said Fred.

    "Another time, Fred," said Harry, cutting Fred off. "Another time!"

    "Anything for the relative of Messer Prongs!" said Fred and George with a bow.

    With that said, Fred and George took their leaves, leaving behind a very confused Ron and Hermione. Even after many questions they posed at Harry, Harry kept silent until they finally gave up. Soon, night came and everyone started falling asleep.

    "There's no way I'm going to wait two whole years before getting my hands on the Marauder's Map," thought Harry, smiling as he drifted off to sleep.

    Harry was sitting in front of Flitwick after the Charms class had ended.

    "So what can I do for you today, Mr. Potter?" asked Flitwick.

    Harry took out his wand and pointed it to the side and said: "Expecto Patronum!'

    Out of the end of his wand burst a blinding, dazzling, silver animal. Flitwick screwed up his eyes, trying to see what it was. Once his eyes had adjusted to the bright light of the Patronus Charm, they shot open as excitement took over his face.

    "Marvelous, Mr. Potter! Absolutely Marvelous!" exclaimed Flitwick, furiously clapping his little hands. "Never in my life have I ever seen anyone mastering the Patronus Charm in a single week, that too a first year! Absolutely charming! And such a beautiful Patronus at that! Hahahaha!"

    Harry smiled as he looked at the shape his Patronus had taken: a Winged Unicorn.

    Harry had been just as astonished as Flitwick at the shape his Patronus had taken when he first managed to successfully conjure it on Saturday. It had to be noted that it was not easy. Every time he had attempted to cast the Charm, his mana reserve been instantly deleted to the point where he was left extremely exhausted and on the brink of fainting. If it had not been for his ability to absorb the Mana Particles in the air, it would have taken him weeks, if not months, to master the spell. He now understood why it had taken the original Harry such a long time to master it.

    Harry had made another amazing discovery when he was trying to master the Charm; every time he had attempted to learn a new spell, his Mana Reserves would solidify and expand in direct proportion to the complexity of the spell and he would gain a certain amount of Experience Points (or EXP) once he had checked his Status Interface. However, another discovery he had made was that repeatedly performing learned spells had offered him less of such benefits. That meant for him to constantly grow stronger, he needed to learn more varied spells. His Mana Reserve was now, according to his calculations, were stronger than most third years, but weaker than fourth years. However, when it came to dueling, he could top any first year but he would most likely struggle against the average second year. That further motivated him to continuously improve himself as the only thing that he needed was dueling experience.

    After Harry finished his classes for the day, Harry had dinner at the great Hall as usual and headed to the Study Hall of the library. He stayed there, studying with Ron, Hermione and Daphne until closing time before going to the kitchen for some food. He then made his way to the Room of Requirement alone, using his Time Turner to go back in time six hours. He stayed in the Room of Requirement until late at night before he went to bed in an extremely good mood. He finally achieved a breakthrough with his level as well as his Sharingan.

    Name: Harry Potter     |     Age: 11

    Level: 10                        |     EXP: (10/10000)

    Health Point: 500         |     Mana Point: 1000

    Vitality: 50                     |     Strength: 35

    Agility: 40                      |     Intelligence: 100

    Wisdom: 90                  |     Dexterity: 48


    Sharingan - Level 3 (3 Tomoe) - EXP: 0/3000


    - Allows user to perceive motions as well as be able to copy the motions perceived motions.

    - Allows user to predict an enemy's attack by their brief twitching of their muscles. Once combined with Mana Sense, user can percieve the Mana Arrangement of spells, allowing user instantly learn them.

    - Allows user to break free of mind control and place an enemy under an illusion where user can freely control them.

    Mana Sense - Level 8 - EXP 280/800

    Description: Able to sense Mana in the environment in a range of 8 metres. Range increases 1 metre per level.

    Regeneration - Level 4 - EXP: 90/400

    Description: Allows user to recover from fatigue at a rate of 40 Health Points per minute. Rate of recovery can be increased through active mana circulation.

    Mana Regeneration - Level 4 - EXP: 200/400.

    Description: Allows user to recover mana at a rate of 40 Mana Points per minute. Mana recovery rate can increase through active Mana Absorption.

    Charms - Mastery: Beginner (C+)

    Transfigurarion - Mastery: Beginner (C)

    Potions - Mastery: Beginner (C)

    Dark Arts - Mastery: Beginner (C-)

    Herbology - Mastery: Beginner (E-)
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