17 Divine Spiri

    The week flew by faster than a bullet and the teachers began giving out homework after homework. Harry had finished reading through the books for his subjects and learnt all the materials he was supposed to learn. With the theoretical knowledge out of the way, Harry only needed to practice the practical aspects of his subjects to fully master his magical abilities. He became very thankful for his Sharingan which made things easier for him, however, not to the point of reliance. Quidditch practice had started and he stunned everyone with his flying abilities. The whole team were even more surprised at Fred and George's improvement in their flying, to which they cast thankful glances at Harry for sharing his insights on forming a connection with the cores of their brooms. The entire team was in high morale, which greatly pleased Oliver Wood. He commented if the team played with such coordination and teamwork on their matches, the cup would be theirs for the taking.

    Harry had chosen to put off using the Dungeon Creation until he had fully mastered the first year spells as he did not know what he would be facing.

    It was now Sunday morning and Harry had just finished having breakfast when McGonagall came up to Harry.

    "Mr. Potter, a minute of your time, please?" said McGonagall in her usual stern voice.

    "Is something wrong, Professor?" asked Harry.

    He was worried that McGonagall may have somehow found out he had visited Hogsmeade last week. Although he had no plans to visit Hogsmeade again so soon, he did not want to be kept under such a heavy watch where he would not even be able to move a muscle without being found out.

    "Must there be something wrong for your Head of House to seek you out, Mr. Potter?" asked McGonagall curtly.

    "No Professor, there must not," replied Harry, looking McGonagall straight in the eye. "However, I still find it strange for a student's Head of House to seek him out for basic chitchat on a Sunday morning."

    "Very perceptive, Mr. Potter," said McGonagall. "Professor Dumbledore wishes to see you and has asked me to escort you to his office."

    "I'm guessing it has something to do with my mastering the Patronus Charm?" asked Harry, trying to dig out some information from this very strict lady.

    "You'll find out once you meet Professor Dumbledore," said McGonagall.

    "Very well," said Harry, knowing he would not be getting anymore information.

    Not long after, Harry and McGonagall were standing in front of Dumbledore who was sitting as usual behind his desk. He was peering at Harry over his half-moon spectacles with a slight smile on his lips.

    "This sly old fox is doing this on purpose," thought Harry, slightly annoyed. "I've been standing for five whole minutes and he still hasn't said anything ... hmmm? ... this shameless man! Didn't he learn anything from last time?"

    "Professor, if you keep trying to probe my mind, I might be forced to retaliate!" said Harry, activating his Sharingan.

    "Harry, your eyes!" exclaimed Dumbledore in shock, both at being found out that he was ever so discreetly using Legilimency again and the fact that his eyes had changed.

    "Don't change the subject, old man!" said Harry in an angry tone. "This is the second time you've tried to gain access into my mind! Tell me, what are you hoping to find in there? Are you trying to push me away? Because that's what it seems like to me!"

    "My apologies, Harry," apologised Dumbledore. "I simply allowed curiosity get the better of me."

    "Somehow I don't sense any sincerity in your apologies, Professor," said Harry, deactivating his Sharingan once he confirmed Dumbledore was not trying to probe his mind anymore.

    "Really, young Harry, I was simply curious about your eyes and how they changed," said Dumbledore.

    "I don't know how they change or what they even look like once they change, but I can feel a sort of strange force in both my eyes once I feel my mind being invaded," said Harry, rubbing his chin. "It happened when I was wearing the Sorting Hat and when you tried to look into my mind last time. It happened just now as well."

    "That's is very interesting, Harry," said Dumbledore, deep in thought. "It appears that the change in your eyes safeguards your mind against any mental assault. Young Harry, have you heard of Occlumency?"

    "No. What is it?" asked Harry, feigning ignorance.

    "Occlumency is the act of closing one's mind against Legilimency, the art that I just used to peer into your mind," said Dumbledore. "It is ancient, and has existed since medieval times. It can prevent a Legilimens from accessing one's thoughts and feelings, or influencing them. It's curious to know that you are so proficient in Occlumency when you don't even know about it."

    "Old man, why ask me about Occlimency?" asked Harry, maintaining his angry tone.

    "Mr. Potter, I would advice you to maintain a respectful tone when addressing the Headmaster!" said McGonagall curtly, shooting a glare at Harry.

    "Maintain a respectful tone to someone who tried to invade my mind twice?" said Harry, returning McGonagall's glare. "No, thank you very much! Where I'm from, it is considered very rude to invade someone's privacy!"

    "Harry, can we drop this matter, please?" said Dumbledore, shooting a look at McGonagall.

    "You raised it and you want me to drop it?" asked Harry, getting more angry. "Fine! But on the condition that you give permission to visit Hogsmeade on any weekend that I choose! Also, I want to be allowed to bring friends with me!"

    "Let me think about that for a little and I will get back to you," said Dumbledore with an awkward smile.

    "Hn! I would have thought being allowed to go to Hogsmeade with friends was a small compensation for trying to invade the privacy of my mind!" scoffed Harry as he folded his arms. "Never thought the great Dumbledore would -!"

    "Fine! You're allowed to go!" said Dumbledore, hoping to stop Harry's rambling with that. "But you can't take too many of your friends with you! I know you are smart enough to understand the repercussions if this knowledge spread amongst the students!"

    "Don't worry, Professor!" said Harry, smiling brightly. "I am fully aware of the repercussion if the students find out their Headmaster used Legilimency on a first year! I swear on my name, Harry Potter, that I will keep my lips tightly sealed!"

    The faces of both Dumbledore and McGonagall inatantly became dark. Both had the same thought flashing through their minds: "This kid truly makes Voldemort look like **!"

    "It wasn't just my eyes you wanted to ask about, was it?" asked Harry as he fought against laughing at Dumbledore's reaction.

    "Cough ... no," said Dumbledore with a cough. "Professor Flitwick has informed me that you have master the Patronus Charm. Could you show us what form it takes?"

    "Professor Flitwick didn't tell you?" asked Harry curiously.

    "No, he said he wanted to leave it as a surprise," replied Dumbledore.

    "Very well!" said Harry excitedly, looking forward to shocking the old man once again. "Expecto Patronum!"

    Just like before, the blinding, dazzling, silver Winged Unicorn burst out of Harry's wand as it soared through Dumbledore's office before it gracefully landed next to Harry. The Winged Unicorn looked at McGonagall and Dumbledore through its brilliant, intelligent eyes.

    "How beautiful," muttered McGonagall under her breath, her gaze fixed at the dazzling Patronus.

    "How marvellous," said Dumbledore, beaming in excitement and happiness. "I cannot believe you have such an Ancient Mythical Creature as your Patronus, Harry."

    "What do you mean, Albus?" asked McGonagall.

    She was greatly surprised and shocked at the reaction of the old wizard in front of her. It had to be noted that the old wizard before her rarely reacted to anything. However, ever since the young boy beside her had arrived to Hogwarts, Dumbledore had shown a myriad of reactions ranging from calm and collected to surprise, shocked and now immense excitation. Her curiosity in Harry had been growing at a rapid rate and was extremely keen in finding out how his future would play out. The abilities that Harry had shown in the two weeks since he had started his studies had never been seen in anyone else, including the great Dumbledore himself.

    Dumbledore looked at the Winged Unicorn in pure excitement. "Minerva, this Patronus in front of us is no ordinary Patronus. Although Mythical Creatures that have been awakened by wizards like my Patronus taking the form of a Phonix are rare, those that have been a few who have awakened Mythical Creatures like this Winged Unicorn can only be counted with one hand."

    "What does this mean, Albus?" asked McGonagall, puzzled.

    "It means, Minerva, that what our young Harry have awakened is a Divine Spirit," said Dumbledore, breathlessly. "The difference between a normal Mythical Patronus and a Divine Spirit Patronus is like the difference between heaven and earth. It is near impossible for two people to awaken the same Divine Spirit. The standards used by the Divine Spirits to choose their master are very high and is only known to the spirits alone."

    "What does the Divine Spirits represent?" asked Harry.

    "Each Divine Spirits have their own representations, Harry," said Dumbledore, barely keeping his excitement at bay. "The Winged Unicorn is a representation of purity and is the manifestation of Wisdom, Power and Fame. They are not limited by the boundaries of the physical world and are said to traverse between the Physical Realm and Spiritual Realm freely, similar to walking the shore of a beach, to having a refreshing swim in the vast ocean and back to shore for a suntan on the silky sands."

    Dumbledore sighed and leaned back on his chair, closing his eyes. Divine Spirits tend to greatly influence their masters and given enough time for their potential to reach full maturity, they will become a force to be reckoned with. With the potential Harry had shown, Dumbledore's plan and strategies for the future and against the dark forces had been forcefully changed. Any reservations he had against Harry had been cast aside.

    Dumbledore suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Harry straight in the eye. "Harry, I will now train you personally to the best of my abilities from now on. I have seen how hard working you have been in your studies these past two weeks and I am very impressed to say the least. There will be a lot of changes that will take place from now on and I want you to be mentally prepared to handle them."

    This time it was Harry's turn to look at Dumbledore with a shocked expression. Dumbledore's proclamation had been highly unexpected. However, Harry quickly recovered  and smiled as he recalled his Patronus.

    "What did old McGonagall want, Harry?" asked Ron.

    Harry was now in the library sitting on a table with Ron, Hermione and Daphne. They had their textbooks and parchments laid out on the table as they were finishing their homework. Harry had positively influenced Ron and Daphne and the two had become very studious. It was mostly apparent in Ron as he always had the habit of leaving anything related to studying for till last minute. Upon seeing the improvements the two had made in the last two weeks, Hermione's competitive spirit had been awakened like a blazing fire, pushing her to try harder to stay ahead of the two.

    "Fufufu, ladies, love me!" said Harry, opening his arms. "Admire me! Praise me! For I exceed any expectations! I am outstanding!"

    "What are talking about, you silly oaf?" asked Daphne, giggling.

    Harry took out a neatly folded parchment and placed it on the table in front of his friends. "Behold! The result of my brilliance!"

    Daphne took the parchment and carefully unfolded it. She read through it and her pretty blue eyes lit up as an excited look took over her face. She then passed the parchment over to Ron and Hermione who read it together.

    "Harry, I love you!" exclaimed Daphne as she flung herself in Harry's arms, tightly hugging him.

    Harry gasped in surprised as he hugged Daphne back. "Decided! I'm marrying this girl!"

    "Harry, this was signed by Professor Dumbledore!" said Hermione in shock. "How did you manage to get him to personally -!"

    Harry suddenly shot his hand, covering Hermione's mouth. "Hermione, do you want the whole school to find out? You have no idea what I had to go through to get this slip! Do you want him to revoke it?"

    "Sorry," whispered Hermione as Harry let go of her mouth. But how?

    "For being an outstanding individual?" said Harry, looking proud. "Or was it for becoming the youngest seeker in a century? Or was it perhaps due to helping my fellow students in their magical studies? Perhaps only Dumbledore knows? But I highly doubt he would come out with the reason."

    "Hermione, who cares for the reasons," said Ron in a hushed voice. "Now we can visit Hogsmeade without having to sneak around."

    Harry smiled at his friends an started studying with them. The reason he got the permission slip to go to Hogsmeade? Like he is going to reveal it.

    The days tricked away again and Harry became even busier than usual when Dumbledore's training was added to the mix. This left Harry so exhausted that he completely forgot to use the Dungeon Creation. He stated practicing duelling with Ron, Hermione and Daphne. At first Harry could take on all three of them, however, as they started improving, he could only keep up with two of them at the same time. They were avoiding him when it was time for their duelling sessions and Harry had a strong hunch that they were leaving him out of their practice. However, Harry didn't bother about that much since it meant he could focus on everything else.

    Halloween day finally came and Harry was starting to get impatient as he knew Quirrell would soon let a troll loose. For the past two months of studying in Hogwarts, Harry had improved drastically, both in his control over his magic as well as in his advancement in his level.

    However, once he reached Level 15, Harry found out there was no EXP bar next to his Level. When he noticed his stats increased slowly as usual, he thought that he would Level-Up once his stats passed a certain threshold.

    Harry found this quite puzzling as he always believed that he would simply level up once sufficient EXP points had been achieved. He had also noticed that every time he levelled up, he would receive two points on his attributes apiece.

    The classes for the day tricked away and soon it was time for the Halloween dinner. The entire school had been decorated in Halloween themes and many students were excitedly talking about the dinner. Harry found the entire Halloween fiasco preposterous and condemned it. In fact, he didn't like any of the religious holidays held in Britain and they included celebrating Halloween, Christmas, as well as Easter.
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