19 Blood Malediction

    Harry was lying on the infirmary bed drifting in and out of sleep. When he had first been brought into the Infirmary, Madam Pomfrey had instantly diagnosed him and had very skilfully healed his broken ribs and arms in literally no time at all. Harry had been very impressed by her skills. However, she had still kept him for the night for observations to which Harry was very glad as he was not in a state to be questioned by Ron and Hermione.

    After waking up for the umpteenth time, Harry sighed and sat on his bed in a meditative position. His entire body was hurting. Never In his life had he ever had such a dull, numbing pain spreading throughout his body.

    Harry closed his eyes and stabilised his body. He noticed the Mana Particles dancing around his body as they were being sucked inside his body. The rate that the Mana Particles was being absorbed by Harry subconsciously had tremendously risen. He did not know why or how his body had suddenly become a vacuum for Mana Particles.

    Upon checking his Mana Network, Harry found that it was no longer there. Instead of the usual complex network that existed, much like the map of the underground tube, his whole body was giving off a faint, dull glow.

    "What's going on?" thought Harry, frowning. "Normally, after absorbing this much Mana and at this speed, my Mana Reserve would have long been filled. So why ... Hmm? Could it be? No way! That's too fast!"

    Harry's eyes suddenly shot open as they showed both confusion and excitement.

    "Status Window!" muttered Harry under his breath.

    Name: Harry Potter   |     Age: 11

    Level: 16                     |     EXP: (0/160,000)

    Health Point: 15,000 |     Mana Point: 0/15,000

    Vitality: 150                |     Strength: 150

    Agility: 150                 |     Intelligence: 150

    Wisdom: 150              |     Dexterity: 150

    Attribute Points: 160

    "It really is Mana Deficiency I'm suffering from," thought Harry. "My fight with the troll must have pushed me to forcefully Level Up. And all of my attributes have been pushed up to 150. My Intelligence and Wisdom had already reached 150 points a week ago though. And the Experience Bar have returned. Sigh ... it seems that I actually needed to max out my Attributes at Level 15 before levelling up. Hmmm ... what's this Attribute Points that has suddenly appeared?"

    Harry focused his attention on the new line of information that had appeared in his Status Window. Suddenly a new panel appeared, surprising Harry.

    [Attribute Points that are awarded each time Host gains a level to distribute on an Attribute of choice. 10 Attribute Points per level.]

    "I see," muttered Harry. "The Level Up has increased my Health Point and Mana Point to an astronomical amount! This is quite ridiculous! I don't know who I compare to now! But simply going Attribute Points, I seem quite overpowered for someone my age! But this works in my favour if I'm to face Voldemort!

    Now let's have a look at my abilities. Ability Window!"


    Sharingan - Level 3 (3 Tomoe) - EXP: 1500/3000

    - Mana Sense - Beginner (C+)

    (Allows user to sense Mana in the air.)

    - Regeneration - Beginner (C+)

    (Allows user to recover recover from fatigue and light injuries at 2.5 times normal speed).

    - Mana Regeneration - Intermediate (B-)

    (Allows user to recover 500 Mana Points per minute.)

    - Mana Absorption - Rank: C

    (Mutiplies the speed of Mana Regeneration by two)

    - Mana Circulation - Rank: C

    (Multiplies the effect of Regeneration by two)

    - Physical Endurance - Rank: E+

    (Increases the body's durability, allowing for less damage to be taken.)

    - Mana Armour - Rank: C+

    (Allows user to create a coat of armour using Mana to increase both attack and defence.)

    - Increased Mana Affinity - Rank: B

    (Allows user to become more sensitive to Mana and handle it better)

    - Intermediate Mana Control - Rank: B+

    (Allows user to have better Mana control than the average wizard.)

    - Dungeon Creation - Rank: E-

    (Allows user to create an alternate dimension that only user can enter with a set number of floors in accordance to users strength. A new floor can unlocked every time user gains five levels. Current floor number: 4 Floor.)

    - Wing Chun Kung Fu - Rank: B+

    (A traditional Southern Chinese Kung fu styles in close range combat. Increases user's user's attack and speed powers. Mana strikes can be used when actively combined with Mana Infusion.)

    "Wow! That's quite the abilities I have!" exclaimed Harry. "Not bad with only two months of training time. But if I were to add the extra six hours I gain with the Time Turner, that'll bring me to almost three months! Now let's check my skills. Skills Window!"

    Charms - Mastery: Beginner (C+)

    Transfigurarion - Mastery: Beginner (C+)

    Potions - Mastery: Beginner (C+)

    Dark Arts - Mastery: Beginner (C+)

    Herbology - Mastery: Beginner (C+)

    Duelling - Mastery: Beginner (C+)

    "So my skills in all these subjects have increased to C+ Rank," said Harry. "My hard work has definitely paid off! By the end of the year, my skills should reach peak of Intermediate Level! That is good progress considering it gets harder to advance the higher the levels become!"

    "Mr. Potter? Why are you not resting?" asked a stern voice.

    "Madam Pomfrey?" said Harry in surprise. "I am resting. Did I wake you up?"

    "No, I just came to check up on you," replied Madam Pomfrey. "How are you feeling?"

    "Very hungry!" replied Harry. "I'll feel much better with some food if you have any."

    "I'll get you some from the kitchen," said Madam Pomfrey. "You truly are a reckless student, Mr. Potter! And that Headmaster of our! It is times like this where I have the urge to examine that head of his to see if he has a screw loose! Allowing first years to face a mountain troll! The nerve of that man!'

    Madam Pomfrey's figure briskly went out of sight as she kept muttering under her breath.

    "Hahaha! She might be the only staff in this school who will openly criticize Dumbledore! Hahaha!" laughed Harry.

    As he waited for the matron to return with the food, Harry return to meditation as he actively absorbed the Mana Particles. He was shocked at the speed of it. Never in the two months of starting his training had he ever absorbed the Mana Particles at such a speed. If his previous speed was like water flowing through a hole, his current Mana Absorption was like water bursting through a dam.

    After recovering from his initial shock, he was extremely pleased. This meant less time would be wasted before he could return to his usual daily affairs of studying and training.

    Harry woke up bright and early the next morning. Although he was not back to full power and his muscles were still sore, he was feeling much more energetic.

    Last night as he was meditating, Harry had discovered that his Mana Network had blended into one, covering his entire body instead of the usual Mana Network Lines he had previously. Now, he felt he could freely control the Mana in his reserves and send it to any part of his body with no obstruction. However, he had also made another discovery. The Mana Particles he was absorbing - whether passively or actively - was instantaneously being sent to nourish his bones and muscles, strengthening them and making them more compact.

    Despite the dull ache, Harry could feel his body getting stronger and stronger. He felt his body was being molded into something far more superior than before.

    After doing his usual morning stretching, Harry was examined by Madam Pomfrey and was told he could be discharge later on. She also told him to take the day off from classes to rest since his body was still sore. She would inform the Headmaster. Harry was glad he was not going to classes as he had other plans. When he had just finished having breakfast, Harry's influx of visitors started.

    Ron, Hermione, Daphne, Fred, George and Oliver Wood all came in at the same time, bombarding him with questions.

    "Harry, how are you feeling?" asked Daphne tearfully as she threw herself on his arms, much to Hermione's annoyance.

    "I'm fine, stop crying you silly girl," said Harry, rubbing the blonde girl's head. "I'm just worn out and all my entire body aches."

    "Harry! That was a very stupid thing to do!" said Hermione angrily. "Dumbledore was there! Why did you have to face that troll? You could have died!"

    "Hermione, relax," said Harry, trying to comfort her. "I didn't die and the fight with the troll helped me more than you know! So relax!"

    "Harry, I'm glad you're alright," said Oliver with a smile. "I don't know what would have happened if you were out of commission before the Quidditch against Slytherine."

    "I'm sorry, Oliver, I don't know if I'll be fit enough for tomorrow's match," said Harry, with an apologetic smile.

    "You're in luck, Harry," said Fred.

    "Yeah, Dumbledore personally had tomorrow's match extended to next week," said George.

    "Why?" asked Harry.

    "Because of you, mate," said Ron, grinning foolishly. "And the most surprising thing is, Snape didn't object."

    "Now that you mention it, Snape's Gryffindor bashing behaviour has been reducing this year," said Oliver. "I don't know why though."

    "Don't tell me you miss him bullying us?" asked Fred, looking shocked.

    "No, on the contrary, I'm actually glad," said Oliver. "If things look up, who knows, he might even treat us "fairly"!"

    "Keep dreaming, mate," said Fred, rolling his eyes. "If that happens, pig might fly."

    "When's the match been scheduled for?" asked Harry.

    "Next Saturday," replied Oliver.

    "Hmmm ... that's long enough," said Harry thoughtfully. "Oliver, how would you like the team to receive a power boost!"

    "I would like nothing more, Harry!" replied Oliver excitedly. "What do you have in mind?

    "Fred, George, teach the team Phase One, Broom Core Control," said Harry, turning to face the twins. "Oliver, listen to Fred and George! They know what to do! You guys should go now and prepare! I'll be busy this week and so will the team! Meet me at the Gryffindor Common Room on Saturday morning! Hey, Daphne, when are you going to let go of me?"

    "Ah, sorry, it was just so comfortable holding you," replied Daphne, blushing.

    "Hn!" snorted Hermione, looking more pissed.

    "Before we go, Harry, I must say you were bloody amazing facing that troll last night!" said Fred excitedly.

    "Yeah, Harry, the whole school's talking about it," said George.

    "How does the whole know?" asked Harry, bewildered.

    "A little birdy talked," said Oliver, smiling mischievously.

    Everyone looked at Daphne causing her to blush even more as she lowered her head.

    "Anyway, hope you get back in top form quick, Harry," said Oliver. "I'm sure the whole team will be more than happy to hear you're now alright. Fred, George, let's go! We have much to do, I presume."

    "You presume well, my friend," said George, grinning from ear to ear.

    "Just wait until we teach you what Harry came up with!" said Fred, following George and Oliver. "It'll knock you off your broom!"

    "Hahaha," laughed Harry. "Knocking him off his broom! So funny."

    "Hahaha, I know, right?" said Ron, catching on.

    "What are you two laughing at?" asked Hermione, pouting.

    "Inside joke, you wouldn't get it," said Ron, shrugging his shoulders.

    "Hey, Hermione, you're not going to hug me?" asked Harry, noticing an argument coming up.

    "Hn! Who wants to hug you, Potter?" asked Hermione, crossing her arms across her chest.

    "Come on, I know you want to," said Harry, with a teasing smile.

    "Nope!" said Hermione, turning her head.

    "I've been told I've got a comforting hug," said Harry, getting out of bed.

    "Harry, she doesn't want a hug," said Daphne with a slight blush. "I don't mind another hug."

    "Maybe another time," said Harry to a disappointed Daphne. "First I need to get Madam Pomfrey to discharge me. Don't you guys have a class to go to?"

    "We do, but Harry, what was that yesterday you used?" asked Daphne with curiosity.

    "A secret, Daphne," said Harry, placing a finger on his lips. "I hope you didn't tell everyone about that?"

    "No, I just told them you defeated the troll," said Daphne with a sweet smile. "I figured it might be a secret and hoped that you can teach me?"

    Harry looked at Daphne. She looked back at him maintaining her sweet and gentle smile.

    "Daphne, if I'll going to teach you ...," said Harry before trailing off.

    "Yes, I'll keep it a secret!" said Daphne, nodding her head.

    "No, I don't care, you might as well tell them," said Harry, waving his hand.

    "What!" exclaimed Daphne, looking dumbfounde.

    "You don't even know what you saw, so how are you going to explain it to anyone?" asked Harry, looking at Daphne with a poker face.

    "That ... !"

    "Exactly!" said Harry in a cold tone. "So, care to try again?"

    "I'm sorry, Harry," said Daphne in embarrassment, looking down.

    "Daphne, for a Slytherine, you're a good person, but for you to try and blackmail Harry was a BIG no-go," said Ron. "If you had just asked him, he wouldn't have refused. We're all friends, after all."

    "Seriously, that was such a bad way to blackmail him," said Hermione, rolling her eyes.

    "I'm really sorry, Harry," said Daphne, looking at Harry. "I can understand if you no longer want to be friends with me."

    "No, we can still be friends but you'll have to bear the punishment for trying to blackmail me," said Harry with an evil smile.

    "What ... what's the punishment ...?" asked Daphne as cold sweat trickled down her spine.

    "First answer this question ... why do you want to learn what I used yesterday?" asked Harry.

    "One of my ancestors was inflicted with a curse that resurfaces in one of their descendants leading them to their death," replied Daphne with a sad face. "I want to get stronger and find a way to cure the curse as there's a chance it may resurface in me."

    "Hmmm ... are you talking about Blood Malediction?" asked Harry, as he cupped his chin with his hand.

    "You know of it?" asked Daphne in surprise.

    "I read it in one of the books in the library," said Harry. "Hmmm ... I didn't know your family carried such a curse."

    "Harry, what's Blood Male-thingy?" asked Ron, confused.

    "Blood Malediction ... it's a debilitating condition that could resurface in the victim's descendants," said Harry, deep in thought. "It's a condition very similar to leukaemia where the blood cell development process is interrupted by uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. The abnormal cells stop the blood performing important functions such as fighting disease. It weakens the one suffering from it leading to a premature death."

    "Oh my god, that's terrible," said Hermione, feeling sorry for Daphne.

    "I'm sorry about that, Daphne," said Ron.

    'Hmmm ... I'll help you out to find a cure, Daphne but you still  have to face the punishment," said Harry, seriously.

    "Thank you, Harry, but ...," said Daphne.

    "No buts!" snapped Harry. "Trying to blackmail me is a big mistake! And you're so bad at it! You have a lot to learn, young lady!"

    "Harry, you're not teaching her blackmailing!" said Hermione sharply.

    "Who said anything about teaching her?" asked Harry with a stunned face.

    "Nobody said about not teaching her either, hahaha," laughed Ron.

    "Aaahhh ... the wonderful life we lead," sighed Harry with pondering gaze.

    "Quite wonderful, indeed," said a voice behind the group of friends.

    They turned around to see a smiling Dumbledore standing behind them.

    "You three seem to be late for your first lesson," said Dumbledore. "History of Magic might be quite dull but helpful nonetheless."

    "We're going right away, Professor Dumbledore," said Hermione as she shuffled away with Ron and Daphne.

    "Quite the lively group of friends you have, young Harry," said Dumbledore, turning his attention to Harry.

    "Quite so," replied Harry, returning to his bed as he smiled.

    "How are you feeling?" asked Dumbledore, sitting next to Harry.

    "My muscles ache and my magic low," said Harry. "But it's nothing some food and rest can't cure. Madam Pomfrey said she'll discharge me today after yet another round of check-ups."

    "That's good to hear. You did give me a good round of shock yesterday with that stunt of yours."

    "I would have thought you'd get used to it by now."

    "If it was anyone else, perhaps. But you're quite a different case."

    "I'm assuming you didn't just come for a friendly visit, Professor," said Harry with a knowing smile.

    "Perceptive as always, Harry," said Dumbledore, returning Harry's smile.

    "I'm not going to tell you about it, Professor," said Harry with a serious tone. "At least not yet."

    "You have a good reason for withholding that information?" asked Dumbledore, surprised as not expecting Harry's refusal.

    "Two, actually. First, I don't know much about it myself. Two, I highly doubt you're ready to tell me what I want to know."

    "And what is it that you want to know, Harry?"

    "Why was it that Voldemort wanted to kill me in the first place, why couldn't he kill me and why didn't he completely die off when he failed?" asked Harry looking at Dumbledore straight in the eye.

    There was a long silence between the Headmaster and student as they stared deeply into each other's eyes. Each was waiting for the other to speak and neither wanted to be the first to break the silence.

    "Sigh ... you're a lot calmer than you were when you first arrived, Harry," sighed Dumbledore, finally breaking the silence.

    "The fight with the troll helped me in more ways that I thought," said Harry.

    "Oh? Care to enlighten this old man?" asked Dumbledore, raising an eyebrow.

    "For starters, it helped me to calm my mind and emotions that were in turmoil since I boarded the Hogwarts Express," said Harry. "But more importantly, it helped me realise where I truly stand in my fight against Voldemort. All this time, I thought I would be fine as long as I was strong enough to fight him on my own. Oh, how wrong I was. What I'm up against isn't just just Voldemort. It's his entire army of dark forces. Otherwise, how can one man, alone, with no army to back him up cause such a widespread terror in the hearts of people who is even afraid to speak his name? Don't get me wrong, I'm not underestimating him. But to fight an army, you need an army yourself, don't you think?"

    "So what's your plans, Harry?" asked Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling.

    "Increase my influence," replied Harry confidently. "Not just in Hogwarts but also outside. My primary target is still Hogwarts since my presence is still here."

    "You're referring to the Ministry of Magic as the outside source?" asked Dumbledore.

    "Yes, that's my second target," replied Harry, nodding his head. "My third target is the general wizarding community. I need to move into the eyes of the public to win their support and what better way than through the Daily Prophet and the various different magazines to appear."

    "That's a fine goal, Harry," said Dumbledore, smiling. "But -!"

    "But not yet," said Harry, cutting off Dumbledore. "Not this year. I'm not there yet. There's an idea I have and I will move into the limelight when that idea ready to pull off."

    "Should I even bother asking what the idea is?" asked Dumbledore.

    "No, I'll tell you first when it's ready," said Harry, smiling confidently.
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