25 Wormtail Imprisoned Part One

    "It's missing a toe as well," said Harry, pointing at Scabbers' paw.

    "The only thing found was a finger," muttered Dumbledore.

    "So, you want to change him or should?" asked Harry.

    "Harry, what is going on?" asked Ron, not being able to keep quiet anymore. "What are you going to do to Scabbers?"

    "Ron, Scabbers is not Scabbers!" said Harry, looking at Ron. "He's an Animagus!"

    "How is that possible?" asked Ron. "Scabbers has been in my family for ten years! How can he be an Animagus?"

    "This vermin was the one who betrayed my parents to Voldemort ten years ago!" said Harry, looking at the rat with cold eyes. "Isn't that right, Peter Pettigrew?"

    Harry snapped his fingers and the rat was finally able to move again. It began squealing loudly and jumped off Dumbledore's desk. However, before it could reach the ground, Harry raised his hand, Mana Particles danced around it and shot at the rat. The rat never reached the ground. It was dangling on mid-air.

    "Professor, if you could do the honours," said Harry, activating his Sharingan.

    Dumbledore pointed his wand at Scabbers and a flash of blue-white light erupted from his wand. Momentarily, Scabbers was frozen in mid-air, his small black form twisting madly. Ron did not have the time to yell as the rat fell and hit the floor. There was another blinding flash of light and then - like watching a film of a growing tree on fast-forward, a head shot up from the ground. Following which, limbs started sprouting; next moment, a man was standing where Scabbers had been, cringing and wringing his hands.

    "Bloody hell, Scabbers really is an Animagus," gasped Ron, falling down in shock. "I've been sharing my bed with this THING?"

    "Harry?" said Pettigrew, looking at Harry as if shocked. "Harry -!"

    "Another word out of you, scum, and I'll burn you alive," said Harry, his voice icy cold and filled with hatred.

    Pettigrew whimpered as he flinched, cold sweat trickling down his spine.

    "Hello, Peter, long time no see," said Dumbledore, his face flushed with anger.

    "Professor -!"

    "Was I talking to a brick wall, Wormtail?" growled Harry, his Sharingan glowing brightly.

    Wormtail shivered violently as Harry's voice reached his ears. He looked around and his eyes locked with Harry's. He froze as he saw Harry's red eyes that had three commas rotating speedily around a circle. The comma shapes started changing shape into that of three scythes that were linked to each other [Obito's MS - tell me if I'm describing it wrong and I'll fix it given you have provided a better description than mine]. In the middle of each eye was the shape of a sand hourglass.

    "What are those eyes?" thought Wormtail.

    [Host, you need to calm down, your Sharingan have just changed!]

    "Changed into what?" asked Harry in his mind.

    [You have awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan.]

    "So that's why it was easier to cast it this time," thought Harry.

    Dumbledore noticed Wormtail's absent-minded state and placed a hand on his forehead. "You must have really scared him with your eyes, Harry. His mind has gone in shutdown."

    "Who are you trying to kid," said Harry, narrowing his eyes. "I've put him under an illusion."

    "You're taking this calmer than I thought," said Dumbledore, sending two communicating Patronus out of his office.

    "I'm just looking forward to what's going happen later," said Harry, turning to face a gobsmacked Ron, still sitting on the go floor. "Sigh ... Ron, get up. Let me introduce you the scum that betrayed my parents; Peter Pettigrew. He was supposed to be their best friend."

    "B-but how did he ...," muttered Ron, still shocked.

    "He betrayed my parents to Voldemort, killed a whole bunch of Muggles and blamed it on someone else," said Harry. "He's been enjoying the last ten years with your family."

    "Albus, is it true?" asked McGonagall, bolting into Dumbledore's office. "Oh my dear God, he really is alive. But does he look out of it?"

    "Harry put him under an illusion to keep him at bay," said Dumbledore. "Minerva, can you send a message to Cornelius asking him to come to Hogwarts immediately with a few Aurors. If you could also be kind enough to send word to Remus Lupin. He would want to see this."

    "Most certainly, Albus," said McGonagall.

    Just as McGonagall left, Snape came rushing in, almost knocking into Wormtail.

    "Severus," said Dumbledore in a serious tone.

    "My apologies, Headmaster," said Snape, regaining his composure. "I lost my myself for a moment there."

    "Very subtle," said Harry, quietly.

    "I still find it difficult that it was this coward that betrayed them," said Snape, looking at Wormtail as if he's about to pounce.

    "All the more reason to have made him Secret Keeper," said Harry, crossing his arms.

    "What are we waiting for?" asked Snape, looking between Harry and Dumbledore. "Let's kill him!"

    "Severus, he will be sent to Azkaban after we clear Sirius' name," said Dumbledore in a warning tone.

    "I don't see what good his release will achieve," muttered Snape. "He's naturally better off in Azkaban with this rat!"

    "Wow, you guys have that much of an enmity?" asked Harry, raising an eyebrow.

    "Hmph," harumphed Snape as he turned his head away. "What are your orders for me, Professor?"

    "Harry, with Pettigrew under an illusion, can he hear us?" asked Dumbledore, waving his hand in front of Wormtail.

    "No, he's having too much of a good time in his illusion world," said Harry, an evil smirk appearing on his face. "Just look at his expression! He's so scared right now he's about to piss himself!"

    "Good. Severus, with Pettigrew here found out, he'll be all over the press," said Dumbledore.

    "I highly doubt the Dark Lord would care about this vermin," said Snape with a disgusted look on his face.

    "It would be best if the topic of this scum being an Animagus is kept a secret," said Harry. "With us preparing for Voldemort and the Vampires, we don't need to deal with the Ministry as well. In any case, we need them on our side until we've dealt with Voldemort first."

    "You're right," said Dumbledore.

    "I'll alter his memory, then?" said Snape, looking at Dumbledore.

    "Already done that," said Harry, smiling.

    "Uhmm ... I'll just leave you guys to it, shall I?" said a nervous voice.

    Harry, Dumbledore and Snape turned around to find Ron looking at them nervously.

    "You guys are kinda scary when talking with each other," said Ron with a weak smile.

    "It's alright Ron, you can stay here," said Dumbledore. "This man has been posing as your families rat for a long time."

    "Hmmm ... Lucious Malfoy might use this as an excuse to defame Mr. Weasley if he finds out Pettigrew was living in Mr. Weasley's house all these years," said Harry.

    "We can say he came to kill you after he found out you were at Hogwarts and got apprehended," said Snape.

    "You think the Ministry will believe that?" asked Harry.

    "They will if we say he came here for revenge since Voldemort did fail to kill you," said Dumbledore.

    "Hmm ... that could pass," said Harry.

    "You're strangely taking this easy, Potter," said Snape, looking at Harry.

    "How do you mean?" asked Harry.

    "This man betrayed your mother and father resulting in their deaths," said Snape, frowning. "You're alright with simply shipping him to Azkaban?"

    "My priority right now is to get Sirius out of Azkaban," said Harry, looking Snape straight in his eye. Harry activated his Sharingan before sending a telepathic message to him: "Don't ruin my plan and don't let Dumbledore find out. I'll let you know when the time is right."

    Snape a slight nod and remained silent. Seconds turned into minutes and soon half an hour passed. McGonagall soon returned with two men following closely behind her; Cornelius Fudge and Remus Lupin.

    Harry secretly undid the illusion he had placed Wormtail under and quickly switched it with the Full Body-Bind Curse. This, however, did not go unnoticed by Dumbledore. Harry, noticed the twinkling in the old man's eyes and winked at him. Understanding Harry's intention, Dumbledore chose to not pay any heed to Harry's choice of action.

    "Cornelius, Remus, good of you to show up at such a short notice," said Dumbledore with a smile.

    "Oh my God, Dumbledore, is that who I think it is?" asked Cornelius, his voice shaking.

    "PETER!!!!" screamed Lupin at the top of his voice as he drew his wand.

    "Whoa that reaction is nothing like from the book," said Harry, clicking his finger. He had disarmed Lupin. "Mr. Lupin, I understand your anger and your desire for revenge, but we have a different priority, no?"

    "Merlin's Beard!" exclaimed Fudge. "You just used wandless magic!"

    "Surprise," said Harry, smirking.

    "Harry?" said Lupin in a shocked voice. "Is that you Harry?"

    "In the flesh and blood," said Harry. "How have you been?"

    "I've been alright, thanks," said Lupin. "You?"

    "As good as circumstances allowed," said Harry with a sigh. "But we have a rat infestation to take care of. Here's your wand back. Hold off your anger until we clear Sirius's name."

    "That's a good start," said Lupin.

    "Dumbledore, how did you come about Peter Pettigrew?" asked Fudge.

    "I did not, our young Harry did," replied Dumbledore, nodding towards Harry.

    "Harry Potter, I have to say it's a pleasure to finally meet you," said Fudge, shaking Harry's hand.

    "Can't say the same about you, though," said Harry, squeezing Fudge's hand.

    "That's a shame," winced Fudge. "And that's a strong grip you have there, Harry."

    "Mr Fudge, I don't think we're close enough to be on a first name basis," said Harry, with a smile that sent shivers down Fudge's spine. "I would appreciate it if you referred to me as Mr. Potter."

    "Right, Mr. Potter," said Fudge with an awkward smile. "Could you please explain to me how you came about Mr. Pettigrew?"

    "I have a knack for identifying an Animagi in their animal form," said Harry, sending a wink towards McGonagall.

    "You can't mean Pettigrew is an Animagi?" exclaimed Fudge. "But that's not possible! He's not even registered!"

    "How did someone like you become Prime Mister?" asked Harry in frustration.

    "I would like to know that as well," mumbled Snape.

    "Cornelius, Peter Pettigrew is an unregistered Animagi," said Dumbledore.

    "Most likely Voldemort helped him out," said Harry.

    "Don't say his name!" said Fudge, flinching.

    "Why not? He's already killed my parents and tried to kill me! Is he going to do something worse if I say his name?" asked Harry, frowning as he looked at Fudge.

    "Hmmm ... Harry's growing well," thought Dumbledore, stroking his beard. "He's already managed to release such pressure ... it proves his control over his magic."

    "No, of course not," said Fudge awkwardly. He felt really embarrassed at being scolded by a kid. To make matters worse, he felt like Dumbledore and the others might be laughing at him. "Anyway, where did you come about him?"

    "In the kitchen," said Harry. "I went there to get some food and found him in his rat form. I noticed something strange about him and brought him to Professor Dumbledore where he forced him to transform back to his human form. And now he's frozen there after I used the Full Body-Bind Curse on him."

    "That's quite an achievement, Harry," said Fudge. "But also very dangerous!"

    "It's alright, I can handle myself," said Harry. "I may not be a match for any of my teachers right now, but I can easily take someone like you or Peter Pettigrew on."

    "That's quite boastful," said Fudge, displeased.

    "Not really," said Harry, shrugging his shoulders. "I hardly feel any pressure from either of you. Which means your duelling skills are only so-so."

    "How can you recognise Animagi?" asked Fudge, trying to change the conversation. He seemed to be only embarrassing himself if he continued arguing with Harry.

    "Call it a gut feeling," said Harry with a smile as he tapped his stomach.

    "Harry, please stop teasing Cornelius," said Dumbledore, stiffling a giggle. "He's still the Prime Minister."

    "I don't know what you're talking about, Professor," said Harry, looking at Dumbledore with an innocent look.

    "Mr. Potter is right, Prime Minister," said McGonagall who was also hiding a smile. "He recognised me in my Animagus form when I had him in my first class."

    "Getting to the main point, Mr. Fudge," said Harry. "This man here betrayed my parents to Voldemort! He then blamed it on Sirius Black! After that, he's been hiding as a rat here in Hogwarts itself!"

    "That's bold statement to make, Mr. Potter," said Fudge. "Do you have any proof?"

    "Let's recall some details a little before we hear the confession from the culprit himself," said Harry. "As everyone knows, my parents chose Sirius Black as their Secret-Keeper! However, Sirius Black convinced my parents to change their Secret-Keeper to Peter Pettigrew in the last minute and keep Sirius Black as a decoy. This made great sense as someone who was as pathetic as Pettigrew would never be chosen for a role as important as a Secret-Keeper."

    "That is a good theory, Mr. Potter," said Fudge.

    "Then let me ask you, Prime Minister," said Harry. "Between Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, who would you chose to be your Secret-Keeper?"

    "I see the point you're making," said Fudge. "Now, release your spell so I could interrogate Mr. Pettigrew myself."

    Harry clicked his fingers and Wormtails figure slumped on the ground. He shuffled around before he tried to scramble towards Lupin.

    "Remus, my old friend," whimpered Wormtail.

    "How DARE you call me a friend after what you've done?" roared Lupin.

    "I - I had no choice," said Wormtail as he flinched at Lupin's outburst. "The Dark Lord had powers like no-one else. He would have killed me if I hadn't served him."

    "Wow, here I thought you might actually attempt to deny it," said Harry. "You're more of a coward than I thought."

    "Peter, did it never cross your traitorous mind that you might have to answer me one day?" asked Lupin angrily.

    "Remus, please -!" said Wormtail, starting to plead.

    "Shut it, Peter!" shouted Lupin. "If it wasn't for the fact that we need to clear Sirius' name, I would have killed you here and now!"

    "You'll be coming with me to the Ministry for a trial! Then you'll be heading for Azkaban!" said Fudge, drawing his wand.

    "You're actually going to give him a trial?" asked Harry, dumbfounded.

    "We need to get more information out of him, Harry," said Fudge.

    "Prime Minster, if he escapes from you while you further interrogate him, I sweat on my dead parents I'll be coming after you!" swore Harry.

    "Count me in on that!" said Lupin.

    "And me!" said Snape.

    "Don't forget me, Prime Minister!" said McGonagall. "I absolutely despise traitors!"

    "You'll have me chasing you down as well, Cornelius!" said Dumbledore. "Not only were James and Lily Potter my students, they were also my friends!"

    Fudge started swearing buckets.
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