26 Wormtail Imprisoned Part Two

    "Worry not, everyone!" said Fudge in an attempt to reassure everyone. "I'll personally make sure he lands in Azkaban!"

    "I'll be accompanying you to the Ministry of Magic!" said Dumbledore, casting the Full Body-Bind Curse on Wormtail. "Let's go!"

    "I'll attend the hearing as well," said Lupin, standing next to Dumbledore.

    "Hey scum!" said Harry coldly, grabbing Wormtail's jaw. "I better not find you outside of Azkaban!"

    Harry stared at Wormtail's eyes as he activated his Sharingan. He mounted a word before letting Wormtail go again.

    "Don't worry Harry, he'll never be able to escape from Azkaban," said Fudge. "Non has ever managed to escape from there. The Dementors make sure of that."

    "Again with the over familiarity," said Harry as he looked over to Fudge, having already deactivated his Sharingan. "But I'll hold you to your word!"

    "We will be off now," said Dumbledore. "Await for good news."

    Dumbledore and the others left for the Ministry of Magic while McGonagall went to her office. Harry sent Ron back to the Gryffindor Common Room telling him to send word to Mr. Weasley informing him of what happened and keep his own mouth shut after that. He want even allowed to tell Hermione, yet. He had to make sure the note was not read by anyone else and burnt. Harry lingered behind with Snape.

    "So Potter, what's this grand plan of yours?" asked Snape once they were out of earshot.

    "Professor, I need you to set up some Charms in the Shrieking Shack so no noise reaches it," said Harry. "We're going to have a guest coming soon. I also need you to cast a sensory spell so that we know once our guest arrives."

    "You ... you used Ligilimency on him?" asked Snape, surprised.

    "Not quite, I'll explain once everyone involved is present," said Harry. "I'll see you around, Professor."

    Harry and Snape then parted ways and Harry headed towards the Room of Requirement.

    "System, why am I so exhausted?" asked Harry in his mind.

    [Because you awakened your Mangekyou Sharingan and already used it twice! That drained most of your Mana and Mental Energy!]

    "I can't even properly keep my eyes open," said Harry.

    As soon as Harry slumped on the bed in the Room of Requirement, he drifted off to sleep.

    Hours later, Harry woke up, completely refreshed albeit very hungry. After grabbing food from the kitchen, he went to the Gryffindor Common Room to find Ron and Hermione.

    "Harry, where have you been?" asked Ron in a panicked voice. "We've been looking for you everywhere!"

    "I was sleeping in the Room," replied Harry. "I needed somewhere to sleep where I wouldn't be disturbed. I was really drained after what happened in Dumbledore's office."

    "You slept for a whole day?" exclaimed Ron. "You must have been more affected than I thought!"

    "Harry, what happened yesterday?" asked Hermione, worried. "Ron hasn't been saying anything no matter how many times I asked him."

    "I'll tell you everything later," said Harry, munching on his food.

    "Harry, Snape's been looking for you," said Ron.

    "I'll go find after I eat," said Harry. "Did he say where he'll be?"

    "He said you'll know where to find him," said Ron.

    "Any news from the Ministry of Magic?" asked Harry.

    "Nothing yet, but I'll expect something will be reported in the Daily Prophet in tomorrow's issue," said Ron.

    -----Shrieking Shack-----

    "Snape why have you brought us here?" asked Lupin.

    "I'm as in the dark as you are, Lupin," replied Snape. "This was Potter's request."

    "I didn't know you had becomes friends with the son of your nemesis, Snape," said Sirius.

    "I'm not doing this for that four-eyes, Black!" snapped Snape. "Potter may look like his father, but his personality takes after his mother! Not to mention his talents!"

    Lupin and Snape had long returned back with Sirius and Dumbledore to Hogwarts. As soon as they had caught up in their reunion, Snape had dragged Lupin and Sirius to the Shrieking Shack to wait for Harry.

    "Where is Harry?" asked Sirius excitedly.

    "If I knew we would not be pointlessly waiting for him!" replied Snape curtly. "I have informed Potter's red-head friend to send Potter here as soon as he found him."

    Just then, the door of the room the three men were at opened. Snape, Lupin and Sirius looked and saw no-one.

    "Hi guys," said Harry, smiling as he took his Invisibility Cloak off.

    "Harry!" exclaimed Sirius, jumping to hug him.

    "It's good to see you too, Sirius," said Harry, returning Sirius' hug. "I have missed you too, but go easy on the hugging! I'm not going anywhere!"

    "Harry, oh how much like your father you look!" said Sirius, looking at Harry from head to toe. "And how you have grown! Remus, look at his muscles and good looks! He's definitely a lady killer!"

    "We don't need another playboy when you're around Sirius," said Lupin as Snape rolled his eyes. "Harry, why did you ask us to be here?"

    "We're expecting an old "friend", Mr. Lupin," replied Harry.

    "Please, Harry, call me Remus," said Harry. "And who's this old "friend" that we need the Shrieking Shack as a meeting place."

    "Oh, someone that goes by the name of Peter Pettigrew," said Harry with a smirk. "Ring any bell?"

    "How is that possible?" asked Lupin, shocked. "I clearly saw him get taken to Azkaban!"

    "And he didn't try to put up a fight?" asked Harry giving them a knowing smile.

    "He did, but then Snape brought him back!" said Lupin.

    "And didn't you find it surprising at how docile he was after that?" asked Harry.

    "Well, he was always more of a coward than anything else," said Lupin, rubbing his chin. "Wait, how did you know?"

    "Do I take it that whatever goes on in this room is going to be kept between the four of us?" asked Harry, looking at the three men in front of him.

    "Potter, I doubt any of us would be here if we couldn't keep secrets," said Snape.

    "Oh how true those words are, Professor," said Harry. "Shadow Clone!"

    With a puff of smoke, there was a second Harry standing next to him that greatly shocked everyone. Even the normally calm Snape had a look of extreme shock on his face as he stared from one Harry to another.

    "Harry, what is this?" asked Sirius in a trembling voice.

    "This is the spell I have been working on," replied Harry. "It creates an identical clone of the caster and is create to use for Intel gathering since once the spell wears off and whatever the clone had experienced, those memories will rush back to the original. After you guys left yesterday, I sent off one clone after you guys and had it transform into Pettigrew."

    "I'm assuming that filthy rat's attempted escape was your doing, too?" asked Sirius.

    "Of course," said Harry happily. "You could never be too creative with a bit Legilimency!"

    "You know Legilimency, too?" asked Lupin.

    "Oh how shocked you would be if you knew at the things I know," said Harry, smirking.

    "I don't think my poor heart would be able to hear that much shock," said Lupin patting his chest.

    "You're wrong about one thing, Snape," said Sirius suddenly.

    "What's that?" asked Snape curtly.

    "Harry's personality," replied Sirius. "It's a combination of James and Lily's personality with a hint of cunning. I'm surprised you weren't placed in Slytherine, Harry."

    "Oh, the sorting hat considered to put me in Slytherin," said Harry, shrugging his shoulders. "But it put me in Gryffindor saying something about having more allies there."

    "It was right about that part," said Lupin.

    "I don't see what's wrong with Slytherin," said Harry. "One of my best friends is Housed in Slytherin. And she's a rare beauty with brains and heart to match."

    "You're talking about Greengrass?" asked Snape. "She is a unique girl."

    "Look at Harry, Lupin! What did I tell you? He's barely started Hogwarts and he's already li

    locking down on the ladies!" said Sirius excitedly.

    "Enough of that, Black!" snapped Snape {no pun intended}. "Potter, where's Pettigrew?"

    "He should have already been here," said Harry, looking around. "Wormtail, come out!"

    Just then a rat squeaked as it ran into the middle of the room and transformed into Peter Pettigrew. Seeing that, Harry undid the illusion he had placed Wormtail under as his eyes regains their focus.

    "Guys, do as you see fit but don't kill him and don't make him go fully retarded!" said Harry quickly. "We want the torture session to go for a long time!"

    A shiver ran down everyone's spine as they looked at Harry.

    "What! You guys don't want a go?" said Harry, smashing Wormtails head into the floor. "Seriously, I would have thought you and Snape would be the first ones to have a go, Sirius. Why are you just standing there and doing nothing?"

    Harry had activated his Mana Armour and  twisted Wormtail's hands into an unnatural angle with his bones sticking out. Wormtail had been screaming nonstop in pain and pleading Harry to stop with tears in his eyes.

    "Silencio!" said Harry and Wormtail immediately went silent. "Seriously, the torture session hasn't even started yet and you're already begging us to stop. Alright, who wants a go?"

    Harry looked around to see Lupin, Snape and Sirius with pale faces staring at him and at Wormtail.

    "What?" asked Harry with a confused look.

    "Potter, I think you already broke him!" said Snape, looking at Wormtail who had already fainted.

    "Hmm, I was going to ask you to heal him with your potions, Professor, but that would be a bit of a waste," said Harry.

    "I agree," said Snape. "In all my life, I have seen many tortures, but this is the first time I have seen one this gory!"

    "Well, I've vented out my anger," said Harry. "Decide amongst yourselves whether you want to continue torturing him or you want to kill him. We don't have to worry anymore since Sirius' name has been cleared now."

    "Avada Kadavra!" shouted Snape as a jet of green light shot out of his wand and engulfed Wormtail.

    Wormtail lay on the ground, his limbs broken and twisted into odd angles, dead. Everyone was silent as they stared at the dead body, each deep in their own thoughts. Slowly, seconds trickled into minutes and nobody spoke.

    "I'm going to get rid of the body," said Snape, finally breaking the silence.

    "I think all of us need some time to reflect," said Lupin.

    "I'm going back to the castle," said Harry. "My friends are waiting for me. Sirius, Remus, send me an owl if you want to meet up. We could always meet in Hogsmeade."

    "I'll definitely need to sort things out now that I'm a free man again," said Sirius. "We will definitely need to catch up on lost time, Harry, Remus."

    "I look forward to it," said Harry with a smile. "I'll see you guys around."

    Harry made his way back to the Gryffindor Common Room to find Ron and Hermione waiting for him. They also found Daphne and all four of them headed to the Room of Requirement.

    Harry had shown the room to Daphne a couple of weeks ago. She was surprised to find out about the room and happy that Harry had trusted her enough to share the room with her. Their friendship had grown considerably since they first met.

    Harry then told them about his parents and the Marauders at how they had been very close friends. He then went on at how Wormtail had betrayed his parents to Voldemort and had gone into hiding as a rat in Ron's family. When they asked how he could recognise an Animagus, Harry told them that he could recognise them from how the Mana Particles behaved around the Animagi and how he could sense something like their aura feels like a human's. Of course, he kept silent about fooling the Ministry of Magic about impersonating Wormtail and having him killed in the Shrieking Shack. They did not need to know.

    Harry also lied about the aura sensing since he could not do that at the present time. But the lie convinced them as they had already seen his other abilities.

    Harry also told them about Sirius Black being his Godfather. They were surprised at first. They were also angry at the Ministry for sending the wrong person to prison.

    The day ended and each of the four friends returned back to their respective dorm rooms.

    Harry lay in his bed in deep thought as Ron, Neville, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan were playing with Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

    "Guys, listen up," said Harry suddenly as he sat up. "Do you guys want to get stronger?"

    Everyone looked at Harry curiously.

    "What do you mean, Harry?" asked Seamus.

    "You guys have seen the improvements that Ron has made," said Harry to which everyone nodded. "How about we all train together? Once there are more of us doing better at classes, we will be awarded with more points! That way, winning the House Cup will be set in stone! That is not to mention we will be getting high marks on our end of year exams!"

    "That is a good idea, Harry," said Dean. "Gryffindor hasn't won the House Cup the last couple of years."

    "So how about it?" asked Harry.

    "I'm in," said Neville nervously. "Ron, I've been meaning to ask, how did you get so good at spell-casting?"

    "It's thanks to Harry, really," said Ron. "He's been teaching me every day since September."

    "Harry, what's your secret?" asked Seamus.

    "I'll tell you guys if you agree to keep it a secret," said Harry. "If you can master the training me and Ron are going through, you can easily win any duels even with those in years above us."

    This got them hooked. He explained to them his theory of Mana Particles and they were all keenly listening to him. Neville, Seamus and Dean started with their meditation. At first they were all frustrated that they could not sense anything. However, after Ron's encouragement, they resumed their Mana Sensing.

    When it got to nine o'clock, Harry told them to sleep as they would be getting up early in the morning.

    Harry lay back in his own bed and had the Mission Window open in front of him.

    [Mission Alert: Gather Information

    Reward: Shadow Clone

    Status: Completed - Reward Claimed!]

    [Mission Alert: Innocent Man

    Description: Reveal Peter Pettigrew's betrayal to prove Sirius Black's innocence.

    Reward: Body Transformation.

    Status: Completed - Reward Claimed!]

    [Mission Alerts: Army Building

    Description: You need an army to fight against an army. Train your roommates Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnegan and to master Stage 5: Mana Shield.

    Progress: 0%

    Reward: Unlocking Mangekyou Sharingan Abilities!]

    [Mission Alert: Army Building.

    Description: You need an army to fight against an army. Train your Quidditch team to reach Stage 5: Mana Shield.

    Progress: 32%

    Reward: Unknown!]

    "System, why add a progress bar now with the missions?" asked Harry in his mind.

    [It's to help you keep track of their improvement instead of having to ask them. As for the Quidditch team progression being 32% is due to Fred and George Weasley being on the brink of a breakthrough and rest already mastering Mana Sense and Mana Control!]

    "I see," muttered Harry with a smile on his face before falling asleep.
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