27 Deal & Zombie King

    On Monday morning, Harry had received a note from Dumbledore asking for a meeting. He had been correct in his assumption that it had something to do with Pettigrew. After receiving, Dumbledore's note, Harry had also received a copy of the Daily Prophet in which Sirius' name had been cleared as innocent. The newspaper report had gone on to talk about Peter Pettigrew being a spy for Voldemort and how he had betrayed everyone. Harry was glad that the Ministry of Magic had still not found out his clone was impersonating Pettigrew. He figured the spell would last until that night and it would be funny to see old Fudge's expression when he finds out his 'prisoner' suddenly disappearing into a puff of smoke.

    During his classes that day, Harry started getting the second year materials from his teachers. He was happy to know that his exam had been given to him. As per his expectation, he had aced all of ived his results from his exam. He had expectantly aces all of them.

    Once his classes were over, he made his to Dumbledore's office. Upon entering that old Headmaster's office, he also found out Fudge was already sitting there with Dumbledore.

    "Ah Harry, I trust you've had a good day?" asked Dumbledore.

    "Yes I have, thank you Professor," replied Harry.

    "Mr. Potter, I trust you've already read this morning's issue of the Daily Prophet?" asked Fudge.

    "I have, though I don't understand why you didn't release the information yesterday," said Harry as he sat next to Fudge.

    "Ah that was because I was being interviewed all day yesterday and the Daily Prophet couldn't make it in time for the evening release," said Fudge with an awkward smile. "But that's not why I'm here today. I have examined the protective gear you have made. I still find it quite difficult that a first year could produce such high level charmed items."

    "As I said, Cornelius, Harry is very talented in Charms," said Dumbledore confidently. "I can personally vouch that it was young Harry that made them."

    "If even you are vouching for Mr. Potter, then I have no choice but to believe it," said Fudge, chuckling. "How many of them can you produce on a weekly basis?"

    "Let's talk about the pricing first," said Harry with a sly smile. "Depending on how much you value them, the production speed will vary. Do you want quality or quantity? If you want quality, I promise you they'll be on the same level as those prototypes I provided you."

    "If I want quantity?" asked Fudge.

    "Then I'll have to ask you to find someone else," replied Harry, shrugging his shoulders.

    "Let's talk business then," said Fudge, finally taking Harry seriously.

    Harry and Fudge spent the next few hours finalising their deal. Dumbledore acted as the medium to ensure that no party took advantage of the other and that the agreed pricing of each item was equivalant to the quality of the product.

    After four long hours, they finally finished, each party fully satistified with their results.

    "Mr. Potter, now that the contract has been signed, when should I expect the first batch of the products?" asked Fudge excitedly.

    "At the end of the month," replied Harry. "You've made quite a large first order, Minister. Rest assured, what I'm providing you is quality."

    "I can't wait," said Fudge his smile heavily plastered in his face.

    "I'll take my leave then, Professor, Minister," said Harry, greeting up from his seat. "It's quite late and I still have classes in the morning."

    "Goodnight, Harry," said Dumbledore.

    "Good night, Mr. Potter," said Fudge happily, waving at Harry as he left.

    "That's a remarkable young boy, there, Albus," said Fudge, returning his attention to Dumbledore.

    "Naturally, Cornelius," replied Dumbledore, smiling. "He's got a future that is brighter than all of us."

    "Albus, you've never praised anyone like this before," said Fudge, surprised.

    "That's how much his talent means," said Dumbledore seriously. "He's got the kind of talent where he'll thrive wherever he goes. What I wish for him when he grows is to either become the next Minister for Magic or Hogwarts Headmaster."

    Harry used his Time Turner and went to the Room of Requirement. He used his Shadow Clone technique to produce four clones. Tasking them with studying the second year materials, physical training, and sparing amongst each other, he finally entered his Dungeon World.

    "Cast On!" muttered Harry.

    Harry's surroundings was instantly changed as he entered the Empty Floor of his Dungeon. A moment later, Whitecloud appeared in front of him.

    "Good morning, Master," said Whitecloud with a slight bow.

    "Good morning to you too, Whitecloud," replied Harry. "What's with the 'Master' title?"

    "You are the master of the System I'm part of," said Whitecloud. "What else should I call you if not Master?"

    "Alright, I'm ready to challenge this floor's boss now," said Harry, looking around. "Where do I find him?"

    "Your strength now is considerably above this floor's boss, Master," replied Whitecloud. "You can head straight onto the Zombie floor."

    "How do I do that?" asked Harry.

    "Just picture yourself going to the first floor and you will teleported immediately," replied Whitecloud. "You can leave the floor anytime you wish. Once you have cleared all the Zombies in the first floor, the Zombie King will appear. Once you have defeated him, you will have cleared the floor and the next floor will be unlocked."

    "How many floors are there now?" asked Harry curiously.

    "There are 100 floors available," replied Whitecloud. "However, the second floor and above are locked and will only be unlocked once you defeat the previous floor's ruler."

    "Very well, let's get this started then," said Harry, smiling as he pictured himself going to the first floor.

    Harry felt his mana gathering around him and he was immediately teleported to the first floor. He found himself in an abandoned metropolitan city. There were buildings that were in ruins with smashed windows. The streets had had cracks in the shape of spider webs. The entire city looked like a ghost town.

    "Where are the zombies?" muttered Harry to himself as he started walking the empty street. "I was expecting to be attacked as soon as I apeared in this place."

    Harry continued walking down the street until he reached a small lake. He checked the railings and found it to be quite sturdy. He leaned at the railings carefully as he stared into the lake, enjoying the scene.

    "This is quite beautiful, even if the whole city is abandoned," thought Harry as he let out a small smile.

    "Grrr ...," came a voice from behind Harry.

    Harry span around and found four zombies approaching him. They were all moving slowly with arms raised.

    "Wow, what a typical zombie behaviour," said Harry, withdrawing his wand. "System, why are they so slow?"

    [There are four types of zombies in this floor: the strength type, speed type, defensive type and elemental type. Aside from the speed type and lightning type zombies, the others share about the same speed. The zombies in front of you are of the strength type. I advise caution as their attack power is quite high.]

    "I see," said Harry with a smile. "This Dungeon System of yours reminds me of the manga, The Gamer."

    [The concept was adapted from the manga. After all, what was considered fiction in your old world is quite real elsewhere.]

    Harry flicked his wand as a jet of scarlet light stream out of it, hitting the zombie on the far left. The force flung the zombie onto its back as it flew about a meter before landing on the ground.

    "Hmm ... it doesn't knock them out completely," thought Harry as he watched the zombie getting back up to its feet.

    Harry flicked his wand again as four blue lights flew in four directions, hitting the four zombies. All four of the undead creatures were turned into piles of ash as Harry moved towards what was left of them.

    "So the Reductor Curse it is then," mumbled Harry.

    [Host, please collect the zombie drop.]

    "The what now?" askdd Harry, slightly stunned.

    [The monsters within this dungeon has the posibilities of dropping items upon their defeat.]

    "How reminiscent of a game," mused Harry.

    Harry waved his wand over the piles of ash as they parted ways for two small translucent crystal shards.

    "What are these?" asked Harry as he looked at the two crystal shards curiously.

    [It is a low grade Life Crystal. They have the function of mana particles and purifying them, allowing them to be more easily absorbed. The difference between a purified mana particle and a normal mana particle is like the difference between raw steak and a  cooked steak.]

    "That's very handy," said Harry, placing the two Life Crystals in his inventory. "Since you said they are low grade, there must also be a higher grade Life Crystals too."

    [There are. However, they are only dropped by high level monsters found in the higher floors.]

    "So how much mana particle can this low level Life Crystal hold?" asked Harry as he started walking to another street to find more zombies.

    [If the amount had to be quantified, it would be around 500 units of mana particle.]

    "That doesn't seem a lot," said Harry in a slightly disappointed tone.

    [Host, you are forgetting these are low level Life Stones. The highest grade of Life Crystal is able to contain 100,000 units of mana particle. Before you ask, such Life Crystals can only be found in floor 100 and above.]

    "Wait! Didn't Whitecloud say there are only 100 floors?" asked Harry in confusion.

    [There are floors beyond the 100th floor and can only be unlocked after you have fulfilled their Hidden Requirements.]

    "Well, it'a not like I currently have any use for them," said Harry, as he found a second group of zombies. "Are they always going to be in fours?"

    [Yes. These four zombies are the speed type. Their speed stats has already reached 150 points. They can also learn to coordinate with each other so don't give them the time to do so.]

    "Right," muttered Harry.

    Following his previous experience, Harry quickly sent out a barrage of spells at the Speed Zombies. As their names would have it, they were very speedy. Despite being under Harry's constant assault, they managed to evade majority of Harry's spells. It was not that Harry's spell casting speed was slow or that his accuracy was poor. The Speed Zombies were just highly agile.

    Despite their high speed, Harry still managed to make quick work out of them. Harry was still faster than them.

    Harry continued with his search for zombies and the next group he came across were defensive zombies. They had a higher resistance to spells, however, after increasing the mana output behind his spells, Harry also cleaned them out.

    Harry was curious to encounter the elemental zombies and as luck would have it, he quickly came across them. However, they were not what he was expecting at all.

    "System, care to explain these things?" asked Harry, dark lines appearing on his forehead.

    [They are the elemental zombies.]

    "They look a little too much like regulat zombies."

    [If they manage to attack you, that's when their elements play out. If you get hit by a fire zombie, you get burnt, electricuted by a lightning zombie, blown away by an air zombie and get wased away by a water zombie. What were you expecting?]

    "The zombies looking like their elements, what else?"

    [Sorry to disappoint, then.]

    "Sigh ... no matter, let's get this over with then."

    Harry contiued with blasting the zombies away and soon he lost count of how many he had killed. However, he had kept an eye on the Life Crystals and he found out there was a 25% chance of them being dropped.

    [Host, prepare yourself. You managed to kill all 100 Zombies and the Zombie King is about to appear.]

    The sky suddenly turned dark and clowds appeared and condensed together. The condensed cloud grumbled as it changed into that of a thunder cloud. It flashed like lightning as a stream of thunder descended, hitting the ground.

    Upon witnessing the sight, Harry quickly made his was towards where the lightning had descended. Upon reaching the location, the figure of a young boy appeared before Harry. The young boy's appearance on the other hand was just like a zombie. It opened its eyes and stared straight at Harry.

    [The Zombie King. It has all the abilities of a speed zombie, strength zombie, defence zombies and lightning zombie.]

    "That makes it one overpowered zombie," said Harry, looking at the young zombie.

    [It is. Be careful, even if your level is still higher, it doesn't guarantee you a win.]

    "Obviously," said Harry.

    [One more thing; it is able to use its lightning to increase its speed even further.]

    Just when Harry was about to prepare an attack, Harry suddenly received a new notification from the system.

    [Mission Alert: Defeat Zombies King

    Description: Zombie King has appeared after you have slain his underlings. Zombie King is made up of all 100 Zombies of the zombie floor.

    Reward: Observe Skill.]

    "You like giving out missions don't you?" asked Harry.

    [My job is to make you stronger. What better was to receive skills than through mission rewards?]

    "True that," said Harry, smirking.

    Just then, the Zombie King launched an attack. It aimed a first covered in lightning at Harry. Harry lightly sidestepped, dodging the powerful punch.

    "It's almost as fast as I am," thought Harry as he activated his Mana Shield. "But I'll take serious damage if I get hit by that punch."

    The Zombie King continued sending a flurry of punches at Harry, which he kept dodging.

    "This Zombie King can also use feints," exclaimed Harry as he dodged an elbow strike.

    [Naturally. You didn't expect them to be some dumb A.I., did you?]

    "I actually did," admitted Harry. "This is going to get exciting."

    Harry activateted his Sharingan and paid close attention to the Zombie King's movements. Holding his wand tightly, he quickly flicked it as it released a stream of blue light hit the Zombie King's arm before it could retract it.

    The hand quickly disintegrated into dust as it was hit by the Reductor Curse. As if not even feeling the slightest pain, the Zombie King sent another punch at Harry with its other, intact hand.

    Not expecting the sudden assault, Harry instinctively launched another Reductor Curse  a the Zombie King with his free hand. However, the Zombie King's arm did not fully disintigrate this time. Not having enough room for manneuverability with his wand, Harry, focused his mana on his feet and quickly jumped back.

    "That was strange," thought Harry, watching the injured Zombie King's glare.  "Time to end this."

    Harry focused his mana into his wand and increased the amount he provided it. With a deep breath, he pointed his wand at the incoming Zombie King and shouted, "Reducto!"
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