28 Breakthrough

    As Harry's curse fired at the Zombie King, it exploded into a pile of ash. Seconds turned into minutes as Harry stood there, frozen on the spot.

    "What on earth!" breathed Harry finally. "That was so shocking!"

    [Dexterity have increased by one.

    Agility have increased by one.]

    [Mission Alert: Defeat Zombie King

    Status: Complete

    Mission Reward: Observe Skill - Claim - Yes/No]

    "Yes, claim," said Harry.

    [Observe Skill Claimed ... learnt.]

    As soon as the message disapeared, a flow of information entered Harry's mind, giving him a cool refreshing feeling. Not bothering with the skill at the present moment, Harry turned his attention to the pile of ash that was the Zombie King. He waves his wand and the ash parted to reveal a red coloured crystal pendant in the shape of a twisted teardrop with a siver chain.

    "How beautiful," said Harry, admiring the beauty of the pendant.

    [You are very lucky to get such a drop. As long as you wear that pendant, it will purify your magic. It will also amplify your your regenerative abilities and increase your training speed.]

    "This is an incredably overpowered pendant," exclaimed Harry.

    [Naturally considering it is an S-Rank artifact.]

    "If I'm to get this kind of drops, I should have used this Dungeon World sooner," said Harry in awe.

    [You should not expect this kind of drop every time. Luck will not always be on your side.]

    "I understand," said Harry. "Even if I were to simply get the regular Life Crystals, it will still be worth coming here. That included with the fighting experience will more than enough. Anything else is simply a bonus."

    [Would you like to advance to the next floor?]

    "No, that's enough for todat," replied Harry. "I need some sleep. I may be fine physically but I'm mentally exhausted. Cast Off!"

    Harry returned to the Room of Requirement once more. He found his clones still hard at work. As soon as he released them, his mind was instantly bombarded with new information as his clones' experience rushwd into his mind. Harry was left lightheaded with an intense headache as his knees gave way as if they had turned into jelly.

    "Note to self, never release more than one clone at a time," said Harry through grittes teeth.

    Upon desiring for a bed to lie on, the bed Harry had used previously appeared next to him. Grabbing the food he has brought from the kitchen earlier, Harry quickly ate until he was full before falling into a deep sleep.

    The next morning, Harry rose at the usual time of 5.00AM. Upon following his usual routine of morning workout, Harry made it for breakfast.

    "Hi guys," chimed in Harry happily as he sat next to Ron, Hermione and Daphne.

    "Someone's in a good," said Hermione smiling.

    "When good things happen to you one after another, you would be full of smiles too," said Harry, biting his toast.

    "I know that Sirius Black's release was one good news, but care to share the following ones?" asked Daphne, staring curiously at Harry.

    "Oh I just secured a major deal with the Ministr for Magic yesterday," said Harry casually. "Nothing major."

    "What kind of a deal?" asked Ron with a mouth full of food.

    "Ron, talk with a full mouth again and I'll personally be hexing your mouth tightly shut!" said Daphne with the sweetest smile that caused Ron to instantly close his mouth.

    "Wow, this girl is crazy about table manners," thought Harry as he gracefully ate his breakfast. "I love it. She could actually pass for Royalty."

    "So, Harry," said Ron once his mouth was empty. "What kind of a deal did you strike with the Minister for Magic?"

    "Oh simply the kind that that allows me to offer the three of you jobs if your willing to aaccept," said Harry.

    "What will the job be, Harry?" asked Daphne.

    "Enchantment magic," replied Harry. "Remeber when I was enchanting those clothes two weeks ago? I sent them to the Ministry of Magic through Dumbledore and the Minister loved them. He now wants a steady of them. So how about it? Will you work for me?"

    "Will we get paid?" asked Ron seriously.

    "Naturally," said Harry. "However, I'll be paying you based on quality. It has to reach my standards before I am OK with them."

    "Count me in," said Ron happily before returning his full attention to his food.

    "Me too," said Hermione. "This will be good for increasing my skills in Charms."

    "I as well, Harry," said Daphne. "This should definitely help raise my mana control."

    "But, Harry, as much as we want to do this, aren't we too swamped with preparing for the exams?" asked Hermione with a worried look on her face.

    "Don't worry, I've got a spell that will allow to seriously multitask on a whole new level," said Harry. "The only drawback is that it uses too much mana. I'll teach it to you once you've reached Stage 5. By the way, have any of you seen Fred and George?"

    "They practiced with us at school grounds but haven't - oh my bad - they're with Lee Jordan at the end of the table," said Ron as he pointed to where the teachers table was placed.

    "I suppose a Weasley's red head really is hard to miss," muttered Harry subconsciously. "I have some things to do with Fred and George if ladies could excuse me."

    Without waiting for a response, Harry made his way towards the teachers table where Fred and George were in deep conversation with Lee Jordan.

    "I hope I'm not interrupting," said Harry with a smile.

    "Ah, Harry, maybe you can help," said Lee. "Who do you think will be the runner up for the Quidditch match at the end of the year?"

    "My bet is on Ravenclaw coming second," replied Harry.

    "Wow, no hesitation at all," said Fred and George in unison.

    "Of course not," said Harry. "After Gryffindor, they're easily the best team. But Quidditch aside, Fred, George, the Minister for Magic accepted the deal and has given his first order. When can you guys help me with the production?"

    "Whenever you need us mate," said Fred.

    "What's this deal with thr Minister you're talking about, Harry?" asked Lee.

    "Just a small business deal," said Harry with a mysterious smile.

    "Think nothing of it, Lee," said George.

    "Lee, how would you like to train with us?" asked Harry.

    "What do you mean train?" asked Lee.

    "I'm sure you must have noticed the improvements in Fred and George," said Harry with a smirk. "That's the result of the training we've been doing together."

    "So that's the reason behind their sudden improvement," said Lee in realisation. "Hey, Harry, what kind of a monster are you? You're excellent in Quidditch, I've heard you're very good in your classes and you even have that Slytherin running after you."

    "Lee, that 'Slytherine' is my friend and and her name is Daphne!" said Harry angrily. "Be more respectful towards my friends. And forget about the offer to train together! Fred, George, I'll see you both later."

    With an angry look, Harry turned around and walked off. However, before he could go far, he was stopped by Fred and George.

    "Harry, mate, stop," said George. "Lee didn't mean it like that. He's just surprised that a Gryffindor and a Slytherin are friends since its not common."

    "Yeah, Harry, you don't have to get too angry, I'm sorry," said Lee walking up to Harry.

    "I'm not convinced yet," said Harry, still looking angry.

    "Harry, common on bro, don't hold a grudge over a small mistake," said George. "Lee's a really good guy. Gryffindor and Slytherin haven't really seen eye to eye for as long as we can remember so it's been difficult for our two houses to become friends. In fact, you guys are the only ones I know amongst our two houses to have become friends."

    "Well, since you're vouching for Lee this much, I suppose I can let bygones be bygones," said Harry.

    "Are you OK with bringing him with us to the training sessions?" asked Fred.

    "Sure," said Harry, walking back towards his seat. "I'll see you guys in the morning."

    "Fres, Geoege, I know he's the famous Harry Potter, but aren't the two of you placing too much importance on him?" said Lee, staring at Harry's receding back.

    "Lee, my friend," said George, placing a hand over Lee's shoulder. "You're only saying that becauae you haven't realiased Harry's real strength yet. But you'll realise it when we progress with our training."

    With the help of his Shadow Clones, Harry's training progressed smoothly. He continued challenging the zombie floor for the rest of the week and both his dexterity and agility reached 300 points whereas his strength reached 295 points. He was sure that given another week, he would be able to level up to Level 31.

    As his training continued, Harry's sensing abilities increased as well. He was  now more sensitive to his surroundings and able to communicate better with the mana particles in the air. Upon this discovery, he spent more time in meditation.

    While meditating with Ron, Hermione and Daphne the following Saturday morning in the Room of Requirement, Harry's body jolted as he inhaled sharply. He felt an abrupt change in his mana network as his mana pool started to furiously absorb the mana particles in the air. However, it was not like it had happened at Halloween where he was not in control and felt agitated.

    On the contrary, he felt calm, collected and at peace. Harry allowed the mana particles to nourish his body as he observed the changes that was taking place. He noticed his mana vein that was covering his entire body slowly condensing and shrinking as it glowed brighter and brighter. His shrinking mana vein was slowly became round as it settled in his lower belly, just below his naval.

    "This must be what's known as Dantian," thought Harry. "It's so bright but so colourless."

    As Harry continued observing his newly formed Dantian, Harry noticed a slight fluctuation. A small energy formed in the size of a kidney bean that was creamy white in colour. It slowly rotated in the middle of his Dantian as it radiated a calming energy, revitalising him.

    Harry switched his attention to where the energy that was given off by the kidney bean sized little ball that had just formed in his Dantian. He observed as the creamy white energy travelled through his body, healing him, strengthening him. He noticed how his body contained specs of dirt he could only assume to be impurities. However, as soon as they were touched by the creamy white energy, they were simply washed away and disappeared as if they did not exist.

    [Congratulations, you have levelled up to Level 31.

    Congratulations, you have awakened Spirit of Purification.

    Congratulations, you have levelled up to Level 32.

    Congratulations, you have formed your Dantian.

    Congratulations, you have repelled impurities from your body.

    Congratulations, mana vein, mana network, mana pool strengthened.

    Congratulations, you have levelled up to Level 33.

    Congratulations, you have levelled up to Level 34.

    Congratulations, you have awakened Eye of Magic.

    Eye of Magic is compatible with the skill Observe.

    Eye of Magic and Observe skill have merged.

    Congratulationa, you have awakened Eye of Insight.]

    Name: Harry Potter   |   Age: 11   |   Level: 34

    HP: 3,400     |     MP: 3,400     |     Vit: 340

    Str: 340        |     Dex: 340        |     Agi: 340

    Int: 340        |     Wis: 340

    Attribute Points: 191


    Sharingan - Magekyo Sharingan - Rank: S-

    (Allows user to perceive motions as well as be able to copy the motions perceived motions. Mangekyo Sharingan Abilities currently locked.)

    - Aura Sense - Advanced (A+)

    (Allows user to sense and see the auras of those around the user. Also able to see Aura Affinity.)

    - Mana Sense - Advanced (A+)

    (Allows user to sense Mana in the air.)

    - Eye of Insight - Beginner (C]

    (Allows user to see target's aura and its colour of affinity as well as target's strengths and weaknesses. When Eye of Insight have advanced enough, user is able to see more details.)

    - Regeneration - Intermediate (B+)

    (Allows user to recover recover from fatigue and light injuries at  4x normal speed).

    - Mana Regeneration - Intermediate (B+)

    (Allows user to recover 750 Mana Points per minute.)

    - Mana Absorption - Intermediate (B+)

    (Mutiplies the speed of Mana Regeneration by four.)

    - Mana Circulation - Intermediate(B+)

    (Multiplies the effect of Regeneration by four.)

    - Physical Endurance - Intermediate (B+)

    (Increases the body's durability, allowing for less damage to be taken.)

    - Mana Armour - Intermediate (B+)

    (Allows user to create a coat of armour using Mana to increase both attack and defence.)

    - Mana Affinity - Advanced (A+)

    (Allows user to become more sensitive to Mana and handle it better)

    - Mana Control - Advanced (A+)

    (Allows user to have better Mana control than the average wizard.)

    - Dungeon Creation - Basic (D+)

    (Allows user to create an alternate dimension that only user can enter with a set number of floors in accordance to users strength. Number of floors corresponds with users strength. Current floor number: 17 Floor.)

    - Wing Chun Kung Fu - Advanced (A+)

    (A traditional Southern Chinese Kung fu styles in close range combat. Increases user's user's attack and speed powers. Mana strikes can be used when actively combined with Mana Infusion.)


    Charms - Mastery: Beginner (B-)

    Transfigurarion - Mastery: Beginner (B-)

    Potions - Mastery: Beginner (B-)

    Dark Arts - Mastery: Beginner (B-)

    Herbology - Mastery: Beginner (C+)

    Duelling - Mastery: Beginner (B)]

    Harry slowly opened his eyes. He found he had a considerably sharper eyesight and could see a lot more details. He turned his head to find Ron, Hermione and Daphne looking at him with faces filled with curiosity and amazement. It took Harry a little bit of time to start getting used to his new vision. The amount of information and the speed that his mind was registering was tremendously greater than before his breakthrough.

    As he slowly started adjusting to his sharpened eyesight, Harry, for the first time, noticed the auras of his friends. Ron's Aura was a deep shade of red. Hermione's Aura was the colour of rocky brown and scarlet red. Finally, Daphne's Aura was the colour of emerald green and deep sky blue.

    "What's wrong, guys?" asked Harry, slightly puzzled at the way they were looking at him.

    "Harry, what happened to you?" asked Daphne who looked like she was about to bite him.

    "I just had a breakthrough," said Harry with a smile.

    "What! Another one?" exclaimed Ron, his face filled with shock.

    "What do you mean, another one?" asked, puzzled. "Last time I had a breakthrough was beck in Halloween!"

    "Exactly! We haven't even entered Mana Shield stage yet, but you've asked gone ahead to the next stage!" said Daphne, getting slightly emotional.

    "Then train harder," said Harry, narrowing his eyes. "You're so close to a breakthrough but none of you are pushing for it. You have no sense of urgency."

    "You're right," said Hermione with a sigh. "The only ones we're competing with are each other. But we're all at the same stage and progressing at the same speed so we're not really feeling much pressure from each other."
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