29 Wandless Magic

    "I've noticed, that is why I'll be including a surprise in tomorrow morning's training at the grounds," said Harry with a foxy grin.

    ----- Next Morning School Grounds -----

    "Good morning, guys," said Harry smiling brightly.

    "Good morning," came a number of grumbles.

    "Let me do a roll call since I have do everything for everyone," said Harry, taking out a desk from his inventory. He also took out the Life Crystals that he got from the zombie floor of his dungeon. "These are called Life Crystals. They store mana particles and purifies them, making it easier for us to absorb."

    There was a loud murmur between everyone present as they curiously looked at the little crystals.

    "When I call your name, I want you to come and take five of them," said Harry. "Katie, Alicia, Angelina, Daphne, Hermione, Oliver, Fred, George, Neville, Seamus, Dean, Ron and finally, Lee. Everone has their crystals? Good. Keep them with you and allow them to absorp the mana particles in the air. Let me know when you only have one left. I'll give you more.

    There's one more announcement I'd like to make. Starting today, every Monday evening from 6.00PM to 9.00PM, we will host our own Duelling Club. At the end of every month, we will hold competitions to see who is the number one duelist among us after me."

    "What do you mean after you?" asked Angelina.

    "I means I'm the number one duelist amongst us," said Harry with a foxy smile. "Of course you're more than welcome to challenge me, if you feel you deserve the number one slot better. As for this evening, we will meet in the training grounds. Dress warm. Now let's start with our morning workout."

    The rest of the day went by without anything new happening. That evening, Harry finally paid attention to everyone practicing and learning new spells. Every morning everyone met, Harry only had enough time to teach everyone his Kung Fu, help them build their physical bodies as well as mana control. The only ones that he had actually taught actual spells had been Ron, Hermione and Daphne. That was only due to spending their evenings together.

    Harry had managed to transfigure a few chairs and tables into adult sized statues. He had also enchanted them so that they'd be moving targets to practice on. Satisfied with his masterpiece, he shifted his attention back to everyone where he saw them staring at him.

    "The first spell we will be practicing is the Disarming Charm," said Harry. "First we'll practice it on these statues and then on each other. I know some of us may already know the spell, I'll teach you another one."

    "Since when did you become so good at Defence Against the Dark Arts?" asked Oliver.

    "Since I came to Hogwarts," replied Harry. "I don't just practice Quidditch and attend classes, Oliver. Now let's see your mastery level over the Charm."

    With that, Harry started his own Duelling Club in his very first year. Slowly, everyone's teamwork had skyrocketed as they helped each other out. However, what made Harry exceptionally happy was everyone's competitive spirits. Once one saw just how close they are to surpassing their friend, they tried that much harder. Those who slightly ahead tried harder to stay ahead, resulting in their improvements to skyrocket.

    As the days rolled by, Fred and George had a breakthrough to Stage 5, followed by Ron, Hermione and Daphne. About two weeks later, Oliver, Alicia, Katie, and Angelina followed through with their breakthroughs. This made them extremely happy as it meant Harry would teach them them how to do the Shadow Clone. This had made theit imptovements to further skyrocket.

    The only ones who had not reached Stags 5 were Seamus, Neville, Dean and Lee. This was to be expected as they started considerably later than everyone else. However, Harry was still pleased with their improvements as they were reaching closer and closer to fully mastering Stage 3. He felt, given another week's worth of practice would allow them to reach Stage 4.

    Stage 3: Movement was an important stage for everyone. At this Stage, one's mana control would skyrocket, allowing them to cast spells with more ease. This was the main reason why everyone who reached this Stage would have drastic improvement in learning spells.

    The next big Stage for everyone was Stage 4: Mana Infusion. Not only was this an upgrade on the mana control, but also it helped everyone with their mana output as to maximise its effectiveness. This applied to both spell casting as well as hand-to-hand combat.

    Everyone had different speed at which they progressed and they were all finding their own unique style and pace at which they're comfortable with. Hpwever, non were allowing their comfort to be the reason to slacken their efforts. They all wanted to be a role model for the other and be the leading figure. This was especially so for those like Oliver who was already a fifth year, yet he was taking lessons from a first year. He was not the kind who felt ashamed at learning something from someone younger. No, it was the feeling of standing in the frontline and the strong urge to lead. This resulted him in trying harder and harder at each session.

    It was now the third Monday of March and Harry had asked Oliver to stay behind after their practice in duelling.

    "Is something wrong, Oliver?" asked Harry as he put all the props away. "You've been very distracted lately."

    "I'm just stressed out, Harry," replied Oliver with a sigh. "I've been working harder than  before. I guess that's catching up with me?"

    "I know how hard you've been working," said Harry. "Take a day off to relax. We're going to Hogsmeade this Sunday. Come with us and enjoy yourself. It'll help you calm down."

    "Harry, first years aren't allowed to go Hogsmeade," said Oliver, slightly shocked.

    "You think I'm going to allow something like rules to stop me from helping my friends?" asked Harry, raising an eyebrow. "I'm not going to take no for an answer."

    Later on in the week as Harry had most finished from another completely clearing the zombie floor, Harry stood in the Room of Requirement, deep in thought.

    "I use the same amount of magic when I use my wand and when I don't use it. When I used my wand, the spell had more power. But when used wandless, it had more speed," muttered Harry, deep in thought as he stared at his wand.

    He ran his mana through his wand again to cast a spell, however, he noticed a another step being added to the whole process of spell casting.

    "So that's what it is!" exclaimed Harry in excitement. "The whole reason behind this difference in speed and power are that wands helps to stabilise the magic before it's cast. This process of stability helps to increase the strength of the spell. But if you have sufficient control over your magic, you can do wonders, regardless of whether you had a wand or not."

    The main aspect to duelling, whether between wizard or Muggles, was speed. By cast a spell, or delivering a strike, a fraction of a second faster can overturn the result of a battle. With this thought in mind, Harry adjusted his training plan accordingly.

    Harry had decided to use wandless magic against opponents who were faster than him and when he was dealing with multiple opponents at the same time. However, this did not mean he had completely abandoned his wand. On the contrary, he would still use it, however, with increased efficiency.

    What Harry had noticed was that there was an intrinsic mana arrangement in his wand that would rearrange itself accordingly to the pattern of mana arrangement of the spells used. If he could replicate that effect without the use of a wand, he would no longer need it to replicate the increased power of spells that came about with the usage of wands.

    Unfortunately, Harry soon realised that the entire reason wands could stabilise the magic of tyre caster and amplify it was due to the wand's core. This was much like how the broom's core allowed one to fly with its usage. This left Harry slightly disappointed.

    However, this disappointment did not last too long as he focused on his adjusted training plan to increase his profficiency with his wand to allow him to cast spells faster. He was always in favour of speed and strength and he was training in accordance to that. This allowed his strength to skyrocket in the following weeks.

    March arrived and with it, it brought the time for Gryffindor Quidditch team to face Hufflepuff's Qudditch. Harry had informed Oliver that he would be ending match quickly as he wanted to get back to studying. Everyone was in favour of that since the exam season was just around the corner and homeworks were piling up.

    This was extra difficult for Ron, Hermione and Daphne as their workload was double that of everyone else's. However, their persistence and tenacity had truly gained the respect of Harry. This was more so in the case of Ron as Harry always  remembered the red-head as lazy.

    As soon as the match against Hufflepuff started, Harry immediately activated his Mana Sense and covered the entire Quidditch field with it. Ever since his breakthrough to Stage 6: Dantian stage, Harry's senses had skyrocketed. They were now keener and sharper and could extend his senses to cover a larger radius.

    Not even thirty seconds had passed when Harry felt a familiar mana fluctuation appear in front of him. Out of reflex, Harry extended his hand and immediately grabbed the Golden Snitch.

    Standing on his Nimbus 2000, he posed once again, juat like he had done after he had caught the Snitch during his match against Slytherine.

    It took everyone almost a full minute to realised what had just happened. The Gryffindor House burst into a cheer like never before as they won the match. This Quidditch game had finished even before it had properly started. Even Oliver was shocked at the speed at which Harry caught the Snitch.

    Back in the Gryffindor Common Room, everyone was celebrating. Fred and George had managed to convince ever everyone to party their quickest win in their history of playing Quidditch.

    "I suppose we can change our day off," said Harry as he looked at his friends. "Oliver, today we're going to Hogsmeade instead of tomorrow. We'll go after lunch."

    "Who else are you bringing?" asked Oliver, smiling.

    "Not many, just us lot who train together," said Harry.

    "That's not a lot?" asked Oliver, shocked.

    "It's alright, relax yourself," said Harry with a sigh. "When you're working as hard as you are, you also need to relax as hard as you can. Otherwise, you won't get anywhere if you break down due to exhaustion."

    "Sigh ... I suppose you're right," said Oliver with a sigh.

    That day, Harry and friends had the best time since they had started they had started their school term. Using the money he had received for the Ministry's order of their enchanted items, Harry treated everyone to whatever they wanted to buy. They happily accepted without any reservations and shamelessly splurged all of Harry's money, especially the girls.

    "You girls are monsters," said a tearful Harry. "Do you feel no shame at burning such a hole in my pocket?"

    "Hmph, who told you to act like such a gentleman?" asked Angenlina teasingly.

    "Fine, I will discard my gentleman manners," said Harrt with a foxy smile as he smoothly glided behind her. "I shall have to take some liberties like a bad boy."

    Harry quickly squeezed Anglina's buttock as he spun her around in his arm. He slid his hand and held her by the waist with one hand and gently placed his other hand on face as he pulled her close.

    "So my dear Angelina, do you still wish to takae advantage of me?" asked Harry as he brought his face closer to Angelina's.

    "Un-unhand me, H-Harry," muttered Angelina, blushing.

    "Answer me and I will," said Harry in a smooth voice.

    "N-no, I won't," muttered Angelina, as she tried to free herself.

    "Very well, I believe," said Harry as he released Angelina after looking deep into her eyes.

    "Bro, that was hot," said Fred, with hid mouth hanging open.

    Harry turned and looked at his friends as their mouths were also wide open in the shape of an O. The boys were staring at Harry with a jealous look on their face while the girls had a deep shade of blush.

    "I could do with a hot chocolate," said Harry as he ignored everyone's reactions. "I'm going to the Three Broomsticks. You guys keep standing in the cold."

    Back in Hogwarts, Harry received an owl from Sirius asking him if he would spend the Easter break at his house, to which Harry had responded with an immediate yes. It was now the week before the holiday began and Harry had finally caught up with his studies. Completing an entire year's worth of studying in simply three months was a new record. What he needed to do now was to fully internalise the new knowledge and make it his own. By teaching Ron, Hermione and Daphne, Harry was doing just that.

    "Professor McGonagall, I just came to let you know that I'll be visiting Sirius for the holidays next week," said Harry as he stayed behind for his usual Advanced Transfiguration lessons.

    "Very well, Mr. Potter," said McGonagall. "I will note it down. I must also congratulate you on your increased skills in Transfiguration. In the span of a few simple months, you have acquired skills on the same level as any advanced second year. Given a few more years, there will hardly be any student in Hogwarts to be your match in the subject."

    "Than you for the praise, Professor," said Harry. "But this level of skill is hardly enough to do what needs to be done."

    "You're progressing at a fine pace, Mr. Potter," said McGonagall with a smile. "It has also come to my attention the level of progress your friends have shown, especially Mr. Weasley."

    "He is a hard worker," said Harry, smiling. "Talking about Ron, I would like to request for Ron, Hermione and Daphne to be allowed to take both, first year as well as second year exams. I have been studying with them and they are more than ready for their first year exams. By June, they will also be ready to take second year exams with me."

    "Are you sure, Mr. Potter?" asked McGonagall in a serious tone. "You should know it's not everyday we allow students to take early examinations."

    "You said it yourself, Professor, they have shown great improvement," said Harry. "Besides, a brilliant student should be nurtured with more deligence, no?"
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