1 Fate

    Logan was in the middle of a special assassination mission. He was hired to assassinate one of the most notorious mafia mob bosses in Tokyo. They called him 'White Whale' For how tall and fat he was, but also because that fat bastard was strong as hell. It was said that he could crush a human skull with his bare hands!

    Logan stealthy walks towards White Whales five-story fancy apartment mansion building. Logan was a 21-year-old male with long dark brown hair and silver eyes.

    'Damn that's one huge ass building. How much money does this bastard have?' Logan puts on a black mask and unzips a large black bag that was filled to the brim with an array of weapons. Katanas, Wakizashis, Shurikens, battle-ax, hammer, chainsaw, Glock 50. Caliber, .44 Magnum Revolver, FN SCAR, Rope, brass-knuckles, and a bat with spikes on it for ** sakes.

    'Shit this really is overkill.' Logan takes out the Katana and swings it around in a precise highly trained way. He had trained with bladed weapons and firearms since he was 8 years old! He had also learned a variety of mix martial arts when he was only 5 years old. His father was a General in the U.S Army and he was one badass dad. He taught Logan all about weapons and combat moves, he even talked to him about military strategies. He also trained with all types of swords and bladed weapons. His father was born in Japan and later moved to the States at a young age of 14. He was always a hard worker, but secretly he was in a long line business of being a part-time assassin. Logan's mother, on the other hand, was never there for Logan. She had left him when he only was 4 years-old.

    Logan had picked up on his father's footsteps. Let's just say his father was in a lot of trouble and one day they found him...

    Logan brushed off his past memories. Right now all in his mind was to kill this fat rich corrupt bastard.

    Logan looked at the White Whales picture on his Iphone. "Tch. This guy looks like a fat greedy goblin." He said aloud to himself as he camouflages with the bushes near the apartment building. It was late at night around 11:30 p.m and he was wearing all black clothes. Black skull mask, black leather biker jacket, and black jeans.

    'Let's get this show on the road.' He cocks his back Glock 50 and then looks back at the katana. 'Eh, maybe I will take that."

    Logan slowly creeps to the mansion apartment. There was a party going on inside. The White Whale was laying back in his golden chair as three sexy Japnese female models were grinding on his cock. He was smiling like a cocky bastard.

    'Tch good for nothing filthy human." Logan clenched his katana and storms towards the apartment building with his senses heighten to its peak. If he was a cultivator then he would be at the highest layer of cultivation.

    'After I am done killing this fat bastard I am going to read and watch some Goblin Slayer that anime is badass,' Logan lunges forward then he spots something in the corner of his eyes. It was a little girl in the middle of oncoming traffic!

    Suddenly a large UPS truck zooms towards the little girl!

    'Shit!!!' Logan sprints towards the little girl and tackles her out of the way of the zooming truck. He had actually saved a little girl when he was about to kill someone!

    *REEEEEEEEE!!! BANG!!!* The truck slams onto another truck and hits Logan. His body is sent flying in the air.

    "FUCCCCCCK!" He screams out in pain as he falls down to the cement floor. 'Is this how die? Just by saving some random girl? I thought my death would be more epic and badass... Wait am I still alive?" Logan tries to get up, blood covers his entire face, mask, and black biker jacket as he stands up.

    "GET DOWN!" Screams out a business women as she frantically points ahead.

    The White Whale and his gang all point their weapons at Logan and shoot at him. A hellstorm of bullets strike Logan, his blood splatters all over nearby cars and into the floor, "Gaaaaaaah!" He roars out as he falls into his knees. The White Whale had a hunch that Logan would be here to kill him. He also saw the commotion when Logan saved the girl. Logan had exposed himself.

    "You **ing bastard! I will kill you all!!!" Logan lifts up his katana and slashes one gang members arm off. "AAAAH! WHAT THE FUCK!" The gang member's blood splashes all over Logan's angered face that was filled with rage and hatred. He knew deep inside that the White Whale was responsible for killing his father! His firey rage had consumed his soul, much like the hatred and rage, the Golbin Slayer felt when the goblins destroyed his village.

    "Come at me! I can take all of you on!" Logan thunders as he lifts up his bloody katana.

    "Poor choice of words," The White Whale runs over Logan with his golden Lamborghini Veneno. He was killed by Lamborghini-Kun.
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