4 The Village

    [Rise up and become a legend... Echoes an angelic women's voice.]

    Logan opens his eyes wide open "What the ** just happen?" He holds up his hands in the air with confusion in his eyes.

    'Why are my hands so small? Where am I?' Logan stands up with a wobble. He was laying on a large patch of emerald green grass.

    He was in some sort of wild forest. 'No way I got reborn! But which world did I get reborn into?' Logan steps over a puddle of rainwater and looks down to see a young boys face with dark silver hair and bright silver eyes.

    "Is that me!? Why do I look like an 8-year-old kid!?" Logan said aloud as he jumped back at his own reflection. 'Just calm down man. You are a top tier assassin. I have seen and done weirder **,' Logan breathed and mediated on the thought that his body was transformed into a little kids body!

    'Actually, this is pretty **ing weird! I have to hurry up and find a weapon to protect myself. God knows what lurks in this new world. I may have been reborn into some RPG world like the ones in the Light Novels I read. Now that I think about...This world looks awfully familiar.' Logan looks ahead and sees a village crowded with village people. They were all wearing medieval gowns and shirts.

    'Just as I thought. Now I remember. I was reborn with an RPG system-'


    [Chose your selections for your RPG System!] (Logan: Alright alright. Damn loud system)

    >[RPG System]<

    [Name: Chose*] Logan: Hmmm I need to think of a cool name.

    Level: 1

    Race: Chose*- [Elf, Lizardman, Dwarf, Demon, Human] Logan: Tch. Screw being full-human. If I was reborn into another world I want to be a fantasy race. I think Elf, Demi-god, and Demon sound right up my alley. But idk which one to chose! Maybe all three?

    Can only choose two Races, however, your bloodline will reflect your choices.

    Elf + Demigod = Demigod( You will still have human features. However, you will be faster and heal faster than humans. You also live longer.)

    Features: Ears will be pointy, but not super long(Not like anime elves). A more divine and handsome face. Very well-built muscles and psychical peak look.

    [Logan: Alright I chose both the Elf and Demigod Race.]

    Class: Chose*-  [Archer] [Knight] [Healer] [Mage] [Necromancer] [Warroir] [Slayer*] [Hero*]

    Bloodline: Demon[ Hidden Form]

    Mana: + 20 after choosing Hero Class

    [You can boost only 3 attributes by 10+ points]

    Note: Can cultivate and become stronger and earn higher tiers in your class as you gain levels.

    STR: 20[ This is an easy one]

    DEF: 10 [Got to have some defense. I might go for the Tank or Assassin RPG type]

    AGI: 17 [Every assassin needs to be quick on their feet]

    STM: 7

    INTEL: 10

    KAM: 1

    [STR- Strength,DEF- Defensive, AGI- Agility, STM- Stamina, INTEL- Intillegence, KAM- Karma]

    Logan's body begins to change in form. A bright thunder wave of sparks formed around his body as a surge of mana enters his body. 'Woah I am feeling stronger by the second! This must be the demigod's powers entering my bloodstream!' Logan clenched his fist and took in the pain and power entering his young body.

    "Brother! There you are!" A young boy about Logan's age runs over to him. He looked exactly like Logan except with dark white hair instead of silver.

    'No way... Is that who I think it is!?' Logan's eyes widen as he sees a gorgeous young girl with long sakura colored hair behind the other boy who looked like him. It was a young 'Cow Girl' from Goblin Slayer! And the young white-haired boy must have been Goblin Slayer himself!

    Logan's adventure was just beginning. Or should I say his nightmare was about to begin...
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